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  1. Dennis Ellis

    Teach me about htpc's.

    I searched but didn't find anything too recent on the topic. I am toying around with the idea of building a htpc. First a few of the requirements I have. 1. Case - I want a case that looks more like a receiver/dvd player than a typical computer "case". I prefer black. 2. I want to be able...
  2. Dennis Ellis

    New equipment suggestions?

    I am in the final stages of planning my new HT purchases. I think I have all the equipment picked out so I wanted to run a few questions by the experts. 1. TV Samsung 650 52" 2. Denon 1909 Receiver 3. Comcast HD cable box 4. Wii 5. Old DVD player (Insignia ???) First of all does...
  3. Dennis Ellis

    Help with Onkyo receiver . Pro Logic or 5 Ch Stereo?

    I have been using an onkyo 575x for several years. While watching digital cable I have noticed that the front always displays "Pro Logic" instead of the normal "5 Ch Stereo". First of all, what is the difference? Which is better? I realize "better" may be subjective, just talking in general...
  4. Dennis Ellis

    Help with cable box and s-video.

    I had a digital cable box from Comcast. All was well. Today I switched the box out for a digital box w/s-video out. I have two problems/questions. 1. For some reason the lower channels are now fuzzy. Higher channels seem OK. Cbales all seem to be connected fine. What could have happened...
  5. Dennis Ellis

    Speaker mounts for JBL n24's?

    Looking for 4 speaker mounts for my JBL n24's. I do not have the originals that came with the speakers. One problem I have is that the wall plate for one of the front speakers is very close to the corner so I don't have alot of room. I'm hoping the speaker mounts will enable me to "tilt" the...
  6. Dennis Ellis

    Question about speaker connections for new house.

    I'm sure this has been asked before but I tried searching and couldn't find it. Wiring a new house for 5.1 surround and need to know a few things. I realize that it is not desirable to have "breaks" in the cables or at least minimize the "breaks" but I dn't see any other way to do this with...
  7. Dennis Ellis

    Need help with s-video.

    I will be moving into a new house in the next few months and have a dilemma with my video. I need to run an s-video cable from my reciever to my tv. Looks like it will need to be 35 - 40 feet by my estimate. Now I know they sell cheap and expensive s-video cables. Someone (on another forum)...
  8. Dennis Ellis

    Need pics of JBL n24's wall mounted.

    Currently I have my N24's on radio shack speaker stands. I was considering mounting them to the walls. First I'll have to try and dig up the box they came in with the included wall mounting brackets (somewhere in storage I hope). Anyway, I am looking for pics of the N24's mounted whether using...
  9. Dennis Ellis

    Speaker suggestions again.

    Still can’t decide on a new set of speakers for HT. I currently have the JBL NSP1 package (4 N24’s, N Center) and a Sony WM40 sub. The first concern is that the sat’s be as small as possible. These will be going in a new house and the powers above me have spoken. Next, I want them to be of...
  10. Dennis Ellis

    Help me decide on sat's.

    Looking for a small set of sattelite speakers. I currently have the JBL n24's but I need something smaller. Is there anything out there that is as small as, dare I say, BOSE sat's? I need 4 of them and a small center. thanks.
  11. Dennis Ellis

    Need some set up advice.

    GOing to be moving into a new house in a few months and have some basic setup questions. Right now I have the jbl nsp speaker package(4 sat's and n-center) and a sony 10" sub. I would like to replace the sat's. In all honesty I am not 100% satisfied with them. The new house has a fireplace with...
  12. Dennis Ellis

    Help with strange sound coming from system?

    I am having a problem with my setup. Here's the breakdown. Onkyo 575x. JBL nsp1 (i think that's the model #) It's 4 sat's, n-center. pioneer 302d dvd player. sony 10" sub. Every so often I have a popping in my speakers. As best as I can tell, it's comes through all of them. It happens...
  13. Dennis Ellis

    Still not totally happy w/new setup.

    I bought the nsp1's and think they are OK but not as good as some reviews I've read. Anyway, different people have different ears and they do sound Ok so I think I'll keep them. My main complaint is that I think the 2 fronts should give a little more mid bass. So here goes my question. In...
  14. Dennis Ellis

    Anyone use "B" speaker hookup?

    Just curious if anyone uses the hookups on the back of the receiver labeled "B". For example: 2 sat's on A 1 center 2 surrounds 1 sub 2 bookshelf/tower/floorstanding/etc. on "B". If you have this setup, how is it? DO all of the speakers work in movies, music, tv? Thanks. Dennis
  15. Dennis Ellis

    Please help with n24's and sony sub.

    I'm still not impressed with my new setup. The only thing I can think of is my n24's are just too small for the room. The couch is 24 feet from the n24's. Could that be the problem? They are very clear and detailed but I don't feel like I am getting a good "transition" from the sub to the...
  16. Dennis Ellis

    Speaker wire for rear speakers?

    I will be attempting to hook up my rear speakers within the next few days. Here are my plans. The wire will come out of the back of the receiver and go into a radio shack wall plate. Then I will need in wall wire @ approximately 50ft per speaker. It will then go into another radio shack plate...
  17. Dennis Ellis

    Just bought nsp1/sa-wm40 combo. Need big help.

    Not sure where to start. I purchased a sony 12" sa-wm40 sub along with the jbl nsp1 speaker package. All of this is hooked up to my onkyo 575x receiver. I hooked it up last night (except for the rears) and I am not impressed. I have read numerous reveiws on the nsp1's and the overall concensus...
  18. Dennis Ellis

    Sorry. Another sub placement question.

    THinking of getting the JBL nsp1 speaker package along with the sony sm4o subwoofer. The room this is going is is not quite perfect so I thought I would seek advice with speaker placement. First of all, the sub. Looking at the poor drawing I did, where is the ideal placement of the sub? How...
  19. Dennis Ellis

    Speakers. Polk or Energy?

    Has anyone heard the newer Polk line of the RM6000's? I saw them at my local circuit city and they are close to the price I'd like to spend. I also have read good things about the Enegy take 5's. Can someone please comment on either of these two choices? Any other suggestions around...
  20. Dennis Ellis

    Smaller speakers good for music?

    In my quest to find some small satellites I have read some people mentioning that smaller speakers are lacking when it comes to music. I think I read this regarding the energy Take 5's. Can anyone confirm/dispute this? I know everyone has different ears but I'd like to get a general...
  21. Dennis Ellis

    Need help hooking my xbox up to my onkyo 575x.

    I need help with this. First of all I have a inexpensive 36" tv (not hdtv) with s-video. I had a stand alone dvd player hooked up to the 575x but it died last weekend so it's not currently in the picture. For now the xbox is hooked up to the sound/video on the back of the tv (composite)...
  22. Dennis Ellis

    Recommendations for new speaker setup.

    I need to get new satellites for the front/rear/mid and a new sub. I want the sat's to be as small as possible. How are the Bose Acoustimass 6 Series II speakers? I haven't posted alot here but I've been a member for a while and it seems Bose aren't very popular. I'd like to keep the cost...