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  1. Mike-Gr

    HSU STF-2 Setup Help Needed

    I just received my STF-2 the other day and am ready to calibrate my speakers and subwoofer and need some help with the initial settings for the STF-2. My main question is what should the controls on the back of the STF-2 be set to initially. Controls are: Phase switch: 0 degree or 180...
  2. Mike-Gr

    Denon DVD-1930CI

    I am considering this DVD player to go along with my brand new Denon AVR-3806 but have read that there is sometimes Macroblocking issues with the Faroudja chip. Does anyone know if this is an issue with DVD-1930CI. Thanks....
  3. Mike-Gr

    DVD player for my new Sony KDL-40XBR2

    Take a look at the Oppo DV-970HD http://www.oppodigital.com/dv970hd/dv970hd.html
  4. Mike-Gr

    Just bought a Denon AVR-3806.....

    it may be a little overkill for my setup, but I think I made the right decision, plus I got a pretty good price from a local authorized reseller. Still have to buy a few more components... HDTV, DVD Player before I setup the Denon. This receiver will be located in the living room and will...
  5. Mike-Gr

    SVS PB10-NSD, is it too much sub...

    for my other speakers to where they would get drowned out???? The room is roughly 2500 cubic feet, I'm not really looking to fill the whole room with bass or looking to rattle the windows out, but do want something that will provide clean deep bass for a system that will be used primarly in a...
  6. Mike-Gr

    SVS PB10-NSD - Which color????

    Curious as to which color owners of this sub prefer..... black, silver, white????
  7. Mike-Gr

    Infinity PS-12 Subwoofer

    I guess so far no one has the Infinity PS-12 sub to provide any user info on this sub. Was curious about this subs performance for a HT setup. I have read good things about the Bic H-100. The Inifinity PS-12 is 12 " 300 watt RMS and the Bic H-100 is 12" 150 watt RMS. Comparing the...
  8. Mike-Gr

    Infinity PS-12 Subwoofer

    The room is a T shape.... and roughly maybe somewhere between 2500 and 2800 cubic feet. I really didn't want to spend more than $300.00. I am about all researched out from all the reading I have done on the web and this forum.
  9. Mike-Gr

    Infinity PS-12 Subwoofer

    Need opinions about this subwoofer..... people have gave it good reviews at crutchfield.com This sub would be used mostly for HT. I was considering this sub since I have Infinity in-wall/in-ceiling speakers already..... plus electronics-expo.com has it for $250. Thanks in advanced for any...
  10. Mike-Gr

    Carpet Floor - Downfiring or Frontfiring subwoofer

    Thanks for the responses.....
  11. Mike-Gr

    Carpet Floor - Downfiring or Frontfiring subwoofer

    Which type would be best for a carpeted floor. I'm thinking the frontfiring since the carpet would probably absorb the bass from a downfiring sub. Thanks...
  12. Mike-Gr

    Center Speaker Suggestions

    Any opinions are welcome. First off I am limited to doing in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Also a friend of mine has the JVC RX-D702B which he highly recommends, so that is the A/V Receiver I am buying. I have been looking at these in-wall speakers from Pro Acoustics...
  13. Mike-Gr

    Need Opinions - In-Wall Speaker Wire

    Yes... It all makes sense. Thanks....
  14. Mike-Gr

    Need Opinions - In-Wall Speaker Wire

    Hello all..... I am placing some in-ceiling speakers in my living room and am using 14 guage CL2 speaker wire. I will be terminating all the speaker wires into a 7.1 wall plate. The wall is your standard 2x4 studs but I will be crossing some electrical wire in the wall at a 90 degree...
  15. Mike-Gr

    In-ceiling and soundproofing

    Hello there....... I have searced and read many of the recommendation on this forum, but I guess every situation is different. So I figured I would ask for opinions. New construction of house still on-going, no drywall up yet. I am placing in-ceiling speakers in the ceiling of the...
  16. Mike-Gr

    Aluminum, Kevlar, or Polypropelyn

    Hello.... I am in the process of creating my own home theater setup using in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and was looking for other peoples preferences and opinions on speaker material. Which material... aluminum, kevlar or polypropelyn do you prefer and why? I understand that poly is a...