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    Future proofing my new house

    Hello, I am building a new house and plan on putting in a wall mounted tv with in-wall speakers in my living room. I want to run some kind of flex tube in the wall or something like that from the TV to a place where the components are going to be. I would like to use something like a 2" flex...
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    building a new home, would like to install Dolby Atmos

    Hello, I am building a new home. I would like to install Dolby Atmos in my living room(it will be pretty small living room). Since it is new, i will have the chance to put in in-wall speakers. Would love some suggestions on speakers from anyone that has done this. I do not want $$$$$$...
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    moved to temp housing, need wireless rear speakers

    Hello all, I have had to dismantle my theatre room and move to an apt for a year or so. I am using my front speakers from the old setup, but the rears were build into the walls so i could not take them with me. I would like to do wireless, so i could just drag them out on stands for movie night...