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  1. JGiampa

    PS3 Remote Problem

    Ok so committed a sin. I opened the PS3 remote and threw out the package. Problem is how do you get it to work? I'm sure you need to set it up to the system but i cant figure out how. Normally you just put batteries in a remote and the thing works...no such luck here with the blu ray. Joe
  2. JGiampa

    Buying new 1080i TVs?

    Ok so I purchased a new 1080p Samsung DLP. And to be honest I feel like I paid way too much money for "1080p", and now that I have it I feel like it was all hype. Obviously all broadcasts are coming in at 1080i, also my XBOX360 add-on (1080i) looks better than my PS3, my PS3 also looks better in...
  3. JGiampa

    PS3 looks better in 1080i than 1080p, also anyone try component?

    I think my PS3 looks better in 1080i than in 1080p. Why is this? and does anyone else notice the same thing? Also has anyone compared component vs. HDMI on a PS3. I ask this because my XBOX add on looks significantly better (King Kong, Superman Returns, V for Vendetta) than my PS3 (Sopranos...
  4. JGiampa

    Standard tv on HD sets

    I feel like standard tv looks bad on my HDTV. I don't think it's because I am comparing it to the HD channels. Why is it that standard tv looks better on non HD tvs? Joe
  5. JGiampa

    Vizio T.V.s- any thoughts?

    Does anyone have any experience or opinions on Vizio tvs, especially their Plasmas and LCDs? Thanks guys
  6. JGiampa

    Saw on Blu Ray

    I just purchased and watched Saw. Looked very grainy, I wasn't very impressed at all. Anyone else watch Saw on BD? Joe
  7. JGiampa

    Are any of these VGA inputs?

    I want to get a VGA cable for my XBOX HDDVD player in order to upconvert standard DVDs. But I cant tell if my TV Samsung HL-S5688W has that particular input. Here are the connections for the tv... Connections (Video Terminals): AV in 2 rear/ 1 side S-Video In 2 RF In 1 rear...
  8. JGiampa

    Why does the picture get blocky sometimes?

    I have a new Samsung DLP http://www.samsung.com/Products/TV/D...S5688WXXAA.asp Sometimes on HD channels when the scenes are going fast the picture gets blocky. My tv claims to have a "new smooth engine" or something to prevent "screen door" appearance. Could this be because of my connection...
  9. JGiampa

    How do I kjnow if my TV supports 1080p through components?

    I want to get the XBOX HD DVD player but only if I can take advantage of my TVs 1080p capability. I cant figure out if my TV is capable of 1080p display through components. It is a new TV. http://www.samsung.com/Products/TV/D...S5688WXXAA.asp ^ thats it. Thanks guys Joe
  10. JGiampa

    Are these glorified white van speakers?

    http://www.overstock.com/?page=proframe&prod_id=738472 All of the SDAT speakers is what I am talking about.
  11. JGiampa

    Difference between Yamaha lines HTR and RX

    What is the difference between the HTR and the RX-V, RX-Z, and RX-N series? I am interested in purchasing the HTR-5960 but it seems to be difficult to find a dealer that carries the HTR line. I want this receiver because it does not have HDMI ( I have bought receivers with HDMI and they were...
  12. JGiampa


    You guys have any experience with outlaw subwoofers? http://www.outlawaudio.com/products/lfm1.html I am thinking about getting a LFM-2 because I do have a small apartment and it is only 300$. Any thoughts? Do you think there is enough power in it for really loud music? Joe
  13. JGiampa

    Digital Audio with XBOX 360

    Hey Guys, How do I get digital audio with the XBOX360? The connection I have now is the blue/green/and red going to the back of my tv and the red and whites going into the receiver (thats the only way I could get any audio at all). I went into the XBOX360 set up options and choose the...
  14. JGiampa

    No audio with DVI/HDMI

    Hey guys I just got my tv in and I hooked up the cable box (Motorola) which has DVI only no HDMI, so i hooked it up DVI-HDMI. I get real good video but no audio. WHen I hook it up through the components it works fine. Should I go out and get an optical cable and hook it up in conjuction with...
  15. JGiampa

    Which Upconverting Receiver Should I Get? DENON VS. PIONEER

    I want to get a quality receiver that upconverts video. I have only come up with two receivers in the 1000-2000 dollar price range that do video upconversion. 1. Denon [AVR-4306] 7.1 CH Home Theater/MultiMedia A/V Receiver ($2000) - 130 Watts per channel - .05 THD - 40.8 lbs - 3 HDMI...
  16. JGiampa

    Comcast and HDMI

    Does anyone use Comcast as their cable prodivder and have a box that uses HDMI? I am moving into a new apartment and I would like to know whether I will be able to use the HDMI cables that I recently ordered. Thanks
  17. JGiampa

    Receivers that upconvert

    I am going to use my XBOX 360 as my dvd player until the PS3 comes out. If I were to purchase a new receiver that upconverts video to 1080i (thinking about the Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi or VSX-82TXs) would this upconversion give similar results in comparison to buying an upconverting DVD player...