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  1. Russell B

    upscale player/HDTV prob

    I have a Samsung LN-T3253H LCD HDTV (720p-native, 1360x768 PC) and a Philips DVP3960 HDMI upconvert dvd player. With the HDMI setting on the player set to 720p the picture has scan lines or something on it. The picture looks better with the HDMI set to 1080i. I switched out the HDMI cable for...
  2. Russell B

    Anyone near a Signature Theater?

    The Signature Theater here in Fresno is completely remodelling the concessions area. The old version was self serve with two aisles. How are the concessions at your local Signature? I'm wondering if they are going from self serve to full serve.
  3. Russell B

    ? about HDTV's

    I want this tv for my small bedroom- http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTE...e=tv_hdtv_tube I'm not getting HD programming for awhile yet but how does non HD programming look on a HDTV compared to an analog set? Is this tv compatible with the current DVD resolution? thanks in advance
  4. Russell B

    16:9 enhanced mode on a 4:3 tv

    Never had a 4:3 tv with a 16:9 enhanced mode until now. Not sure when to turn the mode ON and when to turn it OFF.
  5. Russell B

    speakers for mini system

    I have a aiwa mini stereo system and the speakers are blown. I just want to replace the speakers. They are 6ohm rated for 120 watt music power. What replacements can i get for around $150/pair?
  6. Russell B

    Schick Quattro 4 blade razor

    Picked one up tonight. Ran out of blades so instead of buying a 4 pack for $7 i just bought a new razor. I like both my Schick Extreme 3 and Gillette Mach 3 Turbo but wanted to try the new thing. So far i like it better than the other two razors. Nice rubber handle that feels comfortable. Cost...
  7. Russell B

    What are some good tires for about $100 each?

    What are some good tires for around $100 each? I need 225/55-16. I have a toyota tacoma so if anyone else can recommend something for it that would be great. Thanks
  8. Russell B

    How do i get my ribs to be tender?

    How does one cook baby backs or any other ribs at home to get them tender like they do at Tony Romas, Tahoe Joes, or any other restaurant that has ribs? Anyone work at any of these places that can give me tips?
  9. Russell B

    Home Theater System in a box

    What are some great 5.1 DD/DTS systems in a box that includes a reciever w/decoder, right/left speakers, rear surrounds, center speaker, and a sub? I want about 75 watts a channel. I want to spend $700-$800. I just want to get the 5.1 experience without breaking the bank. Thanks in advance
  10. Russell B

    Garbage Pail Kids coming back

    http://www.icv2.com/articles/home/2871.html :)
  11. Russell B

    Tire Experts

    I just bought some new wheels and tires. The tires have a max psi of 44. I have been given many opinions on inflating raging anywhere from 5-15 psi under the max rating. What should i inflate them to?
  12. Russell B

    Any reviews for "They"?

    My local paper didn't review "They" as i would have hoped as it comes out today. Any positive reviews?
  13. Russell B

    American Pie 3 in the works

    I wasn't sure if their was going to be a third flick but now i hear that Adam Herz is scripting another one. He is writing out the girls in this one and will focus on the guys. Not sure if i like that idea or not. I'm glad they are making a third since i'm a fan of the first two.
  14. Russell B

    Anyone lower their ride?

    I am thinking about lowering my tacoma pickup. I have the stock 14" rims and the tires are 215/75/R14. I want to do a 2/3 drop, 2" front/3" back. Do you think i will have plenty of wheel well clearance, especially the front since those wheels turn? What parts are replaced and/or added in this...
  15. Russell B

    Any word on "Married With Children" season DVD's?

    I am hoping there will eventually be some Married With Children season discs announced. Best comedy show of the 80's and 90's.
  16. Russell B

    I must have some kind of post record

    This is my 40th post since Nov 7 1999. Anyone have less posts than me in almost 3 years?:D
  17. Russell B

    No more Jay and Silent Bob?

    Is there a reason why KS will no longer be making movies with Jay and Silent Bob in them? Whats the skinny on this whole thing?