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    Classic TV on DVD- The Lists: British TV

    I watched The Bill Series 1 recently.Was that shown in America?.First few runs were 50 minute episodes then they changed it to twice weekly 25 minute editions.Anyway it ran about 20 years so it was a big British tv institution.
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    Cagney & Lacey Complete Series Limited / Standard Edition Box Sets

    I bought a German release of this recently.Has the pilot and 6 episodes with Meg Foster as Cagney.Don't think it has later tv movies,which is fine.Wanted to see the origins of the show as only the first complete season with Sharon Gless ever got a British release.Interesting seeing the short...
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    Actor Yaphet Kotto has passed at 81

    Watched Live And Let Die DVD again last week.One of those Bonds I watch happily each year and especially as Yaphet passed away recently.That means all the main villains from Roger Moore's first 4 Bond films are dead now alas.
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    Star Trek: The Next Generation: Seasons 1-4 (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I watched season 2 of Next Gen recently,first time on blu ray.The prints are very good but in some cases it's polishing a turd if the episode itself was rubbish.Most of season 2 are good or very good but some howlers there.Like The Child,Manhunt and Up The Long Ladder for example.Every run had a...
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    B&W Seasons of Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie on DVD -- Colored Versions or Urban Legend?

    I watched the black and white Season 1 Bewitched version recently.And I prefer that version to the always pale looking colours version,after all it was never in colour that run.When a show was made in colour and only black and white version exists,then it's a good idea to colour it if...
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    Barbara Shelly R.I.P.

    She was good also in a season 4 Blake's 7 episode,was it Stardrive.And Doctor Who Planet Of Fire,even though she wasn't given much to do in it sadly.