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  1. TylerZ

    I need a line conditioner/surge protector

    I know there are several types/brands out there, Monster, Panamax, Furman are the ones I've heard about. One hi end store dropped their Monster line in favor of Furman. Salesguy said the Monster were sacrificial, and that if it does it's job as a surge protector I'd be back to buy a new one...
  2. TylerZ

    Denon AVR-3806 or Rotel RSX-1057 ?

    Upgrading the family room HT. Anybody want to comment on the 2 receivers on my shortlist? I've got a Denon now and like it, but it doesn't have HDMI switching which I want to go with my new TV and DVD player. I've seen/heard the Denon, but the closest Rotel dealer is an hour away and keeps...
  3. TylerZ

    Which LCD - Toshiba or Sony?

    I'm thinking of going LCD instead of plasma. Looked at the 47" Toshiba Regza and 46" Sony Bravia. They both looked great. Any input on either?
  4. TylerZ

    Numbers wearing off on remote.

    The numbers and words are starting to wear off the buttons on the Sat remote for the kids downstairs HT. Do any of you guys have any suggestions besides investing the $ for a universal learning remote for them. I was wondering if one of those paint pens would do the trick followed by a light...
  5. TylerZ

    Avia, S&V, VE/DVE calibration discs

    Does anybody have a link that compares the features of these calibration discs? Or which one would suggest? And why. Thanks in advance for your input.
  6. TylerZ

    2 game systems, 1 AV input on TV, what to do?

    My kids have their own HT set-up downstairs in the recroom. They have a Nintendo 64 hooked up to the only RCA set of AV inputs on their 27" Mits. The S video is for the DVD/VCR/Sat. Yesterday they decide to pool their resources($) and buy a Gamecube. They would like both game systems hooked up...
  7. TylerZ

    1975 Pioneer Amp & Tuner, anybody know what they're worth?

    Pioneer SA-8100 Integrated Amp & TX-7100 Tuner. Anyone know what these are worth? Purchased them in 1975, moved them downstairs in 1988 and they haven't seen much use since. Both still look and work fine. I have the manuals but no boxes. Thanks for the help.