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  1. Rick Thompson

    Packaging Complete Series Sets

    I've been amazed at the packaging of some recent complete series sets, mostly from CBS. Recent sets of Numb3rs, The Streets of San Francisco and two of the Star Treks have disks stacked on one spindle, just asking for scratches, etc., not to mention how inconvenient they are to actually use...
  2. Rick Thompson

    The Blu-ray Set That Never Was (So Far!)

    They keep telling us that horror films are a niche that always sells. Well, what about this set: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Return of the Killer Tomatoes Killer Tomatoes Strike Back Killer Tomatoes Eat France Of course, being tomatoes, this would have to be a box set! And if you think four...
  3. Rick Thompson

    Praise for CBS TV on DVD

    Having gone through a pair of new CBS releases (Bull and Blue Bloods), I have to put in a good word for how CBS handles menus. You get their quick logo, followed by the piracy warning and right to the episode list. No fuss, no feathers, no wading through previews of long-gone movies or promos of...
  4. Rick Thompson

    Jake and the Fat Man Packaging

    Just got the set today from VEI, and I'm more than a little disappointed in how it comes packaged. Previous sets I've purchased from them (Cagney & Lacey, The Equalizer, Cannon) were in season cases, but not this one. It's in the now ubiquitous "disk dump" multi-season case. Frankly, I expected...
  5. Rick Thompson

    Nero Wolfe on May 19

    The short-lived William Conrad series Nero Wolfe can be pre-ordered from Visual Entertainment, shipping next Friday (May 19). I liked the series a lot when it came out in 1981, and Conrad is my favorite of the many actors to play Wolfe. Lee Horsley was a very good Archie Goodwin...
  6. Rick Thompson

    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    Does anyone know how this is packaged? The only art I've seen is of a box, saying it's a slipcase. Are the disks packaged as individual seasons (ex: Law & Order, The Fugitive) or several seasons lumped together in one mega-binder (ex: the Blue Bloods multi-season set)?
  7. Rick Thompson

    Am I The Only One Tired of Previews?

    The practice of adding previews to television sets and movies has gotten way behind annoying. The only way to get past them is by hitting the next chapter button, and sometimes you can't even do that. Previews are rapidly outdated and become a real pain in the you-know-what. Is there anything...
  8. Rick Thompson

    Does Anyone Remember . . .

    Many years ago on the late movie, I saw a film -- I believe it was British -- about some men who bought a rundown, money-losing moviehouse and came up with a brilliant idea to make it profitable: They showed only films that took place in the desert, and cranked the heat in the theater as high...
  9. Rick Thompson

    Great For Music, Now How About Blu & DVD?

    New music releases will now be on the same day around the world, except in a few specialized cases. How about the same for video, ending this region stuff and making everything region-free...
  10. Rick Thompson

    News on Three Warner Sci-Fi films

    Asked on the Warner Archive Facebook page: "Are two Warner sci-fi classics -- "Them!" and "The Thing (From Another World)" -- ever coming to Blu-ray? Also, what of 1979's "Time After Time"? Answer by Warner Archive: "One of the trio has just been remastered for Blu-ray release later this year...
  11. Rick Thompson

    Is the original Law & Order coming back!

    Let's hope so! http://deadline.com/2015/02/law-and-order-limited-series-return-nbc-1201367497/
  12. Rick Thompson

    Is the original Law & Order coming back?

    Let's hope so! http://deadline.com/2015/02/law-and-order-limited-series-return-nbc-1201367497/
  13. Rick Thompson

    Operation Petticoat on Blu

    Just finished watching this Olive release and I have to ask: Where did they get this transfer? It's scratch and dust city! Even though it isn't anamorphic, the old Artisan DVD looks much better, even when it's artificially enlarged by the television. The audio is a clean mono mix, but that's...
  14. Rick Thompson

    L&O Criminal Intent flippers

    I notice that Amazon UK shows that Law & Order: Criminal Intent is released there as single-sided disks for season 3 (five disks) and not the flippers (three disks) we got in the US. Anybody have an insight as to why they get better treated than the home country of the show?
  15. Rick Thompson

    Good News on Newhart

    Fox has licensed it out! Season 2 coming February 11! http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Newhart-Season-2/19148
  16. Rick Thompson

    Nativity Story on Blu

    I know I'm not an entertainment industry professional, but I'm having a hard time understanding why Warner Home Video would release The Nativity Story -- a Christmas movie if there was one -- in . . . March. Wouldn't something closer to Christmas make more sense than Easter, which is about...
  17. Rick Thompson

    How Have These Avoided Blu-ray?

    I was looking over my DVDs, and certain films jumped out at me as "How'd THESE pictures avoid being on Blu-ray?" All feature major stars and/or major directors in films made no earlier than the mid-60s. I'm sure everyone has his or her own list of head-scratchers, but here's mine: Always...
  18. Rick Thompson

    The year of the connected TV?

    No plans to ever connect my TV (or Blu-ray player) to the internet. The reasons: 1. Serious broadband is needed. Not available. 2. The "smart TV" services are pretty crummy. 3. Why would I bother with low-rez streaming on a hi-rez 63" screen? I can get low-rez (and hi-rez, for that matter) over...
  19. Rick Thompson

    United 93

    I'm surprised that there's been no notice at all of this film's release on Blu-ray on Sept. 6. It's a brilliant piece of work, filmed in a low-key, documentary manner that makes it all the more powerful. Many of those in the cast are playing themselves, making it even more realistic. As for the...
  20. Rick Thompson

    Tora! Tora! Tora!

    Are there any plans for "Tora! Tora! Tora!" on Blu-ray? It's always been one of the Fox classic war film trio ("The Longest Day" and "Patton" being the other two) and has generally come out at the same time in the various formats. Now it's the only one without a Blu-ray release, while "Battle of...
  21. Rick Thompson

    The Magnificent Seven (4 movies) on Blu-ray

    Doe anyone know yet if this set on Blu-ray is pan-and-scan or widescreen? Amazon has a strange listing that says it's both. Does that mean both versions of all 4 on flippers? Or that some are wide screen and some are P&S? Just wide? Just P&S? I've done Google searches and kept checking...
  22. Rick Thompson

    The Big Country

    Is there anything in the works for a Blu-ray (it's one of those big vista films that would look spectacular in that format), or at least remastered DVD of this? I have no idea who owns the rights to the Gregory Peck-Jean Simmons-Charlton Heston starrer directed by William Wyler, though my DVD...