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  1. Paul Rehbein

    Receiver to subwoofer connection

    I really hope this topic hasn't been beaten to death here. Anyways, I am wondering if my sub is hooked up for optimum performance. My receiver is a 6-7 year old Technics Dolby Pro-Logic. These are the specs: Amplifier Output Details100 Watt - 6 Ohm - 20 - 20000 Hz - THD 0.09% - 5 channel(s)...
  2. Paul Rehbein

    Jensen sub producing low rumble without a signal

    Hello, I have the Jensen JS-1000 subwoofer which is currently on the blink. A low rumble, distortion type sound is being produced just by turning the power on. The sub is not even connected to my receiver. I know that I did not blow the sub since I do not abuse it but I was curious to know if...