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  1. Tom Ryan

    2005 at the Box Office

    Well, I don't quite win since I predicted around $80 million it looks like it will achieve more around $70 million :). It's lower than I expected, but then again it is possible that more people will be seeing it Saturday and Sunday. Incidentally, I actually saw the film at a 9:15 a.m. showing...
  2. Tom Ryan

    2005 at the Box Office

    I predict double that for the opening weekend, and probably more than double that for the overall run. Don't underestimate this film, it's got an enormous built-in audience from the books (85 million copies sold, the second-biggest selling series in history), and the Christian factor cannot be...
  3. Tom Ryan

    Top 100 DVD Census (2005 Edition) - Vote Now For Your Top 10

    1. The Lord Of The Rings - Extended Editions 2. The Ultimate Matrix Collection 3. The Ultimate Toy Box 4. The Godfather Collection 5. E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial - Ultimate Box Set 6. Fight Club 7. Terminator 2 - Ultimate Edition 8. Se7en - Platinum Edition 9. Citizen Kane 10. The...
  4. Tom Ryan

    Merged Seinfeld DVD Thread (includes announcement discussion)

    With MSRP's of $49.95, these should end up costing about the same as the Simpsons season sets, $30-$35 apiece, which is great news.
  5. Tom Ryan

    Matrix Megaset - First details from R2 retailer

    I heard the same thing from Moriarty of Ain't It Cool News, he said that there would not be an extended cut of Reloaded on this set.
  6. Tom Ryan

    2004 Box Office Predictions And Discussions

    Personally, I don't believe there to be a double standard concerning violence at all. The only standard is that, if violence is present, it shouldn't be gratuitous. Gratuitous, wanton, pointless violence is what gets complained about by conservatives. I don't recall much complaint over the...
  7. Tom Ryan

    2004 Box Office Predictions And Discussions

    Tino, I feel great that this film is: A. A very well made film, and very in line with actual Christian beliefs B. Being so widely embraced by the Christian audience out there that would never put up these kinds of numbers for films like Megiddo and Left Behind Let's hope this ushers in...
  8. Tom Ryan

    *** Official 2003 Academy Award Winner Prediction Thread

    Performance By An Actor In A Leading Role Sean Penn - Mystic River Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role Tim Robbins - Mystic River Performance By An Actress In A Leading Role Charlize Theron - Monster Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role Renee Zellweger - Cold...
  9. Tom Ryan

    2004 Box Office Predictions And Discussions

    Kevin, what I meant by a TRULY objective figure is one that takes into account all the special situations like re-releases, home video, national pastimes, etc. Something that could take EVERYTHING into account to truly gauge the ultimate popularity of a film. I just...don't know how you'd do it.
  10. Tom Ryan

    2004 Box Office Predictions And Discussions

    Regarding inflated box office figures...it's true that there are factors affecting box office today that didn't exist in the past, but really all of that is irrelevant if you're just concerned with butts in seats. In that regard, older films reign supreme. Inflation adjustment is not a...
  11. Tom Ryan

    2004 Box Office Predictions And Discussions

    Interestingly, ROTK only has to make about $6 million more before it breaks into the top 50 inflation-adjusted box office grosses of all time. To me, this is more significant, since the current grosses are basically meaningless if not compared to inflation, and puts ROTK more in the perspective...
  12. Tom Ryan

    *** Official 2003 Academy Awards Discussion Thread

    Lin, I think the easy answer here is that since FOTR already won for cinematography, the Academy decided not to nominate ROTK. Going with the "reward the films as a trilogy" thing, you'll notice they didn't nominate it for sound editing either, an award TTT won last year. There are a few...
  13. Tom Ryan

    *** Official "2003 Box Office Prediction and Discussion" Thread

    FYI, all of the LOTR films grossed more worldwide than Spider-Man did.
  14. Tom Ryan

    Oscar season begins

    It's probably been noted before, but as rare as the picture/director split at the Oscars is, it's happened every other year since 1998. 1998 - Spielberg director, but Shakespeare In Love picture 2000 - Soderbergh director, but Gladiator picture 2002 - Polanski director, but Chicago...
  15. Tom Ryan

    Missing X-Men 2 Scene, or am I nuts?

    I just checked my X2 disc, and the one scene that I definitely remembered was on there. After Pyro blows up the policemen at Iceman's house and they've all gotten into the jet, Wolverine looks at Nightcrawler and says "Who's this?" Nightcrawler says "My name is Kurt Wagner, but in the Munich...
  16. Tom Ryan

    Kill Bill Dvd 2/3 04

    Even if this Vol. 1 set is pretty well loaded (and just because it's two discs doesn't mean that's true...Matrix Reloaded anyone?), I think I'm going to hold off and wait for the eventual combined set of both volumes. This movies were really meant to be one film, and that's how I'd like to see them.
  17. Tom Ryan

    Seinfeld is coming next year!

    I'd have to disagree with anyone who thinks the ninth season is subpar...some of the best episodes are from that season (like "The Frogger"), and I'd personally rank it at least fourth or fifth best season overall.
  18. Tom Ryan

    The Shield Season 2??

    I think originally the new season was meant to debut earlier, and the DVD set was supposed to come out a little bit before that, just as it happened with season 2. Now that season 3 doesn't start until January, I guess the S2 DVD has been pushed back a bit.
  19. Tom Ryan

    Which Top 5 Movies you most looking forward to this year?

    Movies: 1. LOTR: ROTK 2. The Matrix Revolutions 3. Kill Bill 4. Intolerable Cruelty 5. Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban (ok, so it's 2004...sue me :) ) DVDs: 1. Indiana Jones Trilogy 2. TTT: EE 3. The Matrix Reloaded 4. Finding Nemo 5. X2
  20. Tom Ryan

    The Legacy of Led Zeppelin

  21. Tom Ryan

    For Metallica fans ... re: new record!

    This is one of the worst albums I've heard in a long time. It was actually painful just getting through the whole thing. I had no idea Metallica COULD sound so bad. There are a lot of older fans who've rejected all their stuff pretty much after the Black album (or even after ...And Justice), but...
  22. Tom Ryan

    Directors Box Office Kings - How many repeat viewings?

    LOTR - FOTR - 3 LOTR - TTT - 2 (want to see a 3rd time) XMEN - 2 X2 - 2 Matrix - 1 Matrix Reloaded - 2 (will probably see a 3rd time) Die Another Day - 1 Star Wars Ep1 - 5 Star Wars Ep2 - 2 Spiderman - 1 DareDevil - 0
  23. Tom Ryan

    2004 Oscars - How will the Academy handle The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions?

    Chad, except if Godfather 3 had been only half as bad as it was, it probably would've won. The problem with that movie was that it fell about several hundred miles below its predecessors in terms of quality...it's a testament to the strength of the first two films that the third received any...
  24. Tom Ryan

    Barton Fink/Miller's Crossing Blockbuster Availability

    Just curious...Barton Fink showed up as 1.66:1 on my computer screen, but on my friend's DVD player on a regular 4:3 TV it looked like 1.85:1...is that an anamorphic expansion or what?
  25. Tom Ryan

    Barton Fink/Miller's Crossing Blockbuster Availability

    I've seen Barton Fink but not Miller's Crossing and I'm buying them both so one is blind. Barton Fink is amazingly great, so I'm assured with that one, and with the other Miller's Crossing is hailed by many to be the Coens' (some of my favorite filmmakers) best film, and I also love gangster...
  26. Tom Ryan

    Matrix Trailer

    Actually, on a related note, what's the cool song playing during the "Jack In" spot? It's the one that starts with Hugo Weaving's great delivery of "I'm looking for Neo...you see, he set me FREE."