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  1. CarlV

    FS ATI Radeon 9800 Pro New

    Got this as a free upgrade from Dell, does not come in an ATI box. Brand new never installed. It is sold. Carl [email protected]
  2. CarlV

    FS: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro

    ***SOLD*** Brand new ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. This came with a Dell computer that I purchased a few days ago. The Dell comes with a one year warranty so I would assume the card would also come with a one year waranty. I've only booted the computer once with the 9800 and it works perfect, XP pro...
  3. CarlV

    ATI Radeon 9600 like new in box

  4. CarlV

    FS: Pronto TS2000 with base charger

    Pronto TSU-2000 Charger base DSU-1000 Great condition, works perfect, never had any problems. Includes manual, CD, serial cable, blank warranty cards, original boxes. Does have some scruffs on the back from nornal wear. Price $200.
  5. CarlV

    FS: Dual SVS 16-46 CS+ (Plus) mint cond.

    Update: SOLD Selling mint condition Dual SVS 16-46 CS+, bought about 5 months ago from SVS. These are awesome subs, unbeleivable bass... if you want to hear the lowest frequencies at very insane levels you need the 16-46CS+. Never bottoms no matter the levels. Only selling to move to a cube...
  6. CarlV

    FS: Philips Pronto TS1000 & DS1000 mint

    I am selling the Philips Pronto TS1000 Touch-Screen remote with the DS1000 Docking/Charging Station. The remote, touch-screen and docking station are in excellent condition not a scratch and looks new. Will guarantee to work like new. Both come with original boxes, manual, serial cable...
  7. CarlV

    FS: Onkyo TXDS989 THXUltra 7.1 brand new

    Bought 4 months ago with intentions on setting up a 7.1 hometheater, but due to room issues I can only setup a 5.1 system. Never opened the box, it is the upgraded model with PLII and DTS ES. Will ship double boxed Price is $1600
  8. CarlV

    Amp for dual SVS 16-46 CS+

    I'm currently driving dual SVS 16-46 CS+ with a Samsom S1000. Due to the fan noise, I'm think about changing out my Samson S1000 amp for a Denon 2400 (Class A 350w X 2 into 4ohms) amp. So my question is, will I notice any improvment in sound (ie. tighter, faster) if I upgrade to this...
  9. CarlV

    FT/FS Brotherhood of the Wolf

    Mint watched only once. Looking for Reighn of Fire Beauty & the Beast make offer Will sell for $16 shipped
  10. CarlV

    FS: SVS 16-46CS subwoofer

    Excellent condition, newer version. Have original box/packaging Price $360 plus shipping.
  11. CarlV

    FS: Panasonic RP-91

    FS: Panasonic RP-91, excellent condition, purchased from One Call. Champange color, comes with remote and manual. Will throw in "TigerLilly" Natalie Merchant DVD Audio. Latest firmware. Price $350 shipped. Carl [email protected]
  12. CarlV

    FS: 4 Marantz MA-700 monoblocks 200watts each

    Great condition, works like new, they have some light scruffs but look great overall and preform perfect. Price $990 for all shipped. email:[email protected]
  13. CarlV

    FS: Sony DVP 7000 mint condition

    Originally sold for $1200. in excellent cond. Great as DVD/CD tranport. component optical/coax digital output. Comes with manual/remote Price $250. plus shipping. Carl [email protected]
  14. CarlV

    JBL pro subwoofer for $216. shipped.

    JBL Pro subwoofer model 4638. I just bought the sub for the price of $216. shipped and it's headed my way. I just couldn't resit the low price. You can find the specs here: http://www.jblpro.com/pages/cinema/lfsub.htm Does anyone have any experience with pro jbl subs. It will be paired with...
  15. CarlV

    FS Denon AVR 2800

    Used very little as bedroom receiver. Looks new. Comes with remote. Price $350. shipped. Carl [email protected]
  16. CarlV

    FS: SVS 25-31CS 22hz tuned plus Soundtech CS800 amp

    Bought the SVS 25-31CS a couple of months ago. I've now upgraded to the SVS plus. It's in perfect condition, used for about 2 months still brand new. Will be shipped in it's original box with receipt showing date of purchase. Soundtech CS800 amp. 400w X 2 (4 ohms) 800w mono (8 ohms) This...
  17. CarlV

    FS: SoundTech PS800 Power Amp

    Perfect match for SVS subs! I have a SoundTech PS800 Power Amp for sale. 400w X 2 (4 ohms) 800w bridged (8 ohms) Very slim design for specs go here: http://www.towerlighting.com/st/zpsamp.html Price is $200. plus shipping. Carl [email protected]
  18. CarlV


    I already have HD STB and Pan RP-91 DVD player. HTPC goes unused mostly, I just don't have enough time to mess with it. Everything is in new condition. Very quiet. $1000. obo Specs: HP Pavilion tower(heavy duty case quite) Asus TUSL-C motherboard AccessDTV Pinical Tuner (cable/satelite...
  19. CarlV

    Need Help from Yamaha owners - especially RX-V2090

    I recently bought a used Yamaha RX-V2090 receiver for the bedroom. I am having trouble getting any sound from it... the sound that comes out is very faint. I can hear sound if I put my ears next to the speakers. When the seller demoed it it worked perfect but he had it connected through his...
  20. CarlV

    FS or Trade: Denon PMA 720 Integrated Amp /TU-460 Tuner

    The Denon PMA 720 Integrated Amp has a very warm and clear sound. Rated at 100w x 2 8ohms - 135w x 2 4ohms. Great condition. Denon tuner is digital and picks up very far away staions very clearly. I will trade both for a hard drive over 30gigs Or I will sell both for $100. plus shipping...
  21. CarlV

    FS: Denon 3801 mint condition

    FS: Denon 3801 perfect condition, with all accessories and box. I used external amps to drive the 3 front channels... Bought less then a year ago. Comes with extended 3 year warranty from the Goodguys. If you want more info, click here: Link Removed If you want to look at this...
  22. CarlV

    FS: Klipsch KSW15 mint condition

    Bought new still under warranty. Excellent for music and HT. 15" woofer with 250 watt amp. Comes with original box and manual. $450 shipped.
  23. CarlV

    FS: DVD's - lot of 10

    All DVDs are in mint condition Princess Mononoke Chicken Run DTS The Abyss SE Very Bad Things Enemy of the State The Professional Dante's Peak Sphere The Big Hit Suicide Kings Will sell the lot for $100 shipped. Carl [email protected]
  24. CarlV

    FS: B&K ST-140 perfect condition

    I bought to set up a stereo only system which never materialized. Price $275. Carl [email protected]
  25. CarlV

    FS: Pioneer DVL 909 combo DVD/LD player

    Pioneer DVL 909, combo DVD laser disc player excellent condition. Component video output,optical digital output AC-3. Region free player. $450 plus shipping Carl
  26. CarlV

    Looking for the Haunting DTS DVD

    Will trade MIB collectors edition 2 disc set for it. Carl