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  1. CharlesD

    Montoya to NASCAR!!!

    No this is not a joke. Formula One driver Juan Pablo Montoya will drive for Chip Ganassi in Nextel Cup next year!!! SpeedTV news story If its true that he turned down a seat at Williams, they must be offering him a TON of money. JPM is very skilled and maybe his driving style will suit...
  2. CharlesD

    Monaco GP

    The Monaco GP is tomorrow. Unfortunately it will be tape delayed on CBS and will overlap with the start of the Indy 500. This morning Michael Schumacher won pole position, but made an apparent mistake at the last corner at the end of the session and left his car partially blocking the track...
  3. CharlesD

    Deadwood: Cancelled (?)

    According to a post by W Earl Brown (Dan Doherty) on the HBO.com Deadwood message board, Deadwood will not be back for a fourth season: Having not slept for much of last night, I sit staring bleary-eyed at my computer. That phone call last evening floored me. Never, in my wildest dreams, did...
  4. CharlesD

    Dr. Robert Moog

    Sad news: Dr. Bob Moog, the synthesizer pioneer died this weekend from a brain tumor, he was 71. Moog invented the first practical electronic synthesizer, the Moog Modular, a large rack mounted collection of voltage controlled oscillators, envelope generators, amplifiers, filters and mixers...
  5. CharlesD

    How not to remove a car from a snow bank

  6. CharlesD

    Winston Churchill's Foul Mouthed Parrot

    Winston Churchill had a parrot that he taught say things along the lines of "F**ck Hitler". The amazing thing is that, apparently, this bird is still alive! Churchill's Parrot
  7. CharlesD

    Rotel RSX 1055 Problems

    I just got a Rotel RSX 1055 receiver and am trying to get the thing set up. I did manage to get the on screen menu to come up once and even tried to select a few things but it stopped responding almost immediately. I know everything is hooked up OK because I do see the on screen menu when I...
  8. CharlesD

    B & W Speakers / Upgrade path

    I recently bought a house, which meant that I could finally get a surround sound system (already have a Toshiba Widescreen TV) with out my apartment neighbors wanting to kill me. So I go down to my local high end audio store and price out an "entry level" system. Came out to around $3- 4 K...
  9. CharlesD

    United States Grand Prix

    The United States Grand Prix (USGP) is this weekend in Indianapolis, IN. Anyone else going? I've been to the three previous USGPs in Indy. I've been there for all three days previously but that won't work out this year, instead I'll be driving Friday afternoon & Saturday morning and hope to be...
  10. CharlesD

    Brazillian GP results change?

    Well last Sunday's wet and weird race just gets weirder. The FIA is now reviewing whether or not Fisichella had crossed the start finish line when the Red Flag came out. IF he had, then the race ended on lap 56, not 55 as was previously assumed. In this case the positions would revert to lap 54...
  11. CharlesD

    300hp WRX STi!!!

    Subaru announced that a special version of the WRX STi will go on sale in the US this year! It will have a 2.5 turbo flat 4 good for 300hp/300lbs-ft, 6 spd, driver adjustable electronic center diff... it's a mass-produced WRC car, just the thing for screaming through Sisteron later this month...
  12. CharlesD

    Bernie to Buy CART?

    The rumors that have been swirling around for weeks about F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone buying the CART series are gaining some substance: Link Removed IF this is really true it will be very interesting to see how it develops. Bernie was absent from last month's USGP (it is rare for him to...
  13. CharlesD

    The Far Side of the World

    Filming is now under way for a film adaptation of Patrick O'Brian's The Far Side of the World. Aubrey is played by Russel Crowe, and Maturin by Paul Bettany. I don't see Crowe as Aubrey, but by all accounts Crowe takes his parts very seriously, even going so far as to take violin lessons for...
  14. CharlesD

    WRC Alert: Safari!

    Just a heads up for the WRC fans on the board: its off to Africa this time for the "Safari" Rally in Kenya. Should be a good one, very tough on the cars and not all of the Special Stages are closed! A Helicopter flies ahead of the cars to warn of other hazards on the roads trucks, buses...
  15. CharlesD

    The West Wing 5/22/02 Season Finale

    "And in case you're wondering it was at 'crime, boy, I don't know' when I decided to kick your ass." I love this show :D
  16. CharlesD

    WRC Alert: Argentina

    Attention WRC fans: the Rally of Argentina is this weekend. As usual, the coverage will start tonight (Thursday May 16) at 11pm Eastern on Speed Vision/Channel/Whatever with a pre-view show. One hour same-day highlights of each leg will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11pm EST and an...
  17. CharlesD

    Race car driver Ayrton Senna da Silva--8 years ago today....

    Today is the 8th anniversary of the death of Ayrton Senna da Silva, perhaps the greatest race car driver ever. Senna was killed at Imola during the Italian Grand Prix. That weekend also saw the death of popular Austrian Rookie Roland Ratzenberger the previous day, and a massive crash during...
  18. CharlesD

    Time Warner Cable (Long Rant)

    I don't know whether this belongs here oor in the TV section, but I just have to publicly rant about the crappy service I am getting from Time Warner Cable in Johnson County, KS. I have digital cable from them, and it is terrible. They cram more and more niche channels into it with ever...
  19. CharlesD

    WRC Alert: Cyprus

    For those that are interested: the WRC Rally of Cyprus starts tomorrow! Don't forget to tune in tomorrow night for the first leg highlights... this is a gravel rally so the cars will spend as much time sideways as they do pointed down the road. Should be fun! :)
  20. CharlesD

    WRC: Gilles Panizzi

    Did anyone watch the WRC Rally Catalunya this weekend? Gilles Panizzi is something else, and that donut at the Viladrau Bridge hairpin was absolutley fantastic! I love the in-car shot with him waving to the crowd and the confused look on his co-driver's face. Many race dirvers will do...
  21. CharlesD

    FOX: Futurama R1 DVD?

    Now that the maroons over on the FOX TV side have cancelld the excellent Futurama, and given that DVDs are already out in R2, is there any reason not to release this show on DVD in R1?
  22. CharlesD

    Jack Briggs, Jack Briggs, egg, bacon and Spam

    Mr. Briggs appears twice in the list of moderators for the TV forum.
  23. CharlesD

    Subaru WRX: Opinions?

    I'm thinkking about buying a Suburu WRX. I have had a Miata for the last 10 years and its getting a little old (110,000+ miles) so its about time to get a new car. The Miata corners and brakes just great but isn't exactly fast. The WRX sounds like a cross between the Miata and my Dad's...
  24. CharlesD

    Singapore Kuala Lumpor Travel tips?

    I am travelling to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur next week on business. I'll be there for a week (probably 2 days in Singapore, the rest in KL) and expect to have 2 full days of business and the rest free. Anyone have any suggestions for things to see/do there? Any cultural dos/don'ts? Any...
  25. CharlesD

    2001 Explained in One Minute

    2001, lego, one minute! A must see: One A Space Odyssey ------------------ -- Will Work for Five Million Dollars
  26. CharlesD

    The West Wing (10/10)

    Another great episode. This show has to be the best written drama on US TV right now. I felt bad for C.J. with her monumental screw-up last night. I hope they don't fire her as she is one of my favorite characters on the show. Any opinions, comments on last night's show? ------------------...
  27. CharlesD

    Neverending Story?

    Well about this time last week we heard about Warner's Willy Wonka debacle, which led to speculation about whether Warner would butcher other "family" titles. Seeing as The Neverending Story is due a week after Wonka, I was wondering if any reviewers out there have got preview copies of NES...
  28. CharlesD

    Holy Grail!!!

    I saw the new print of Holy Grail last night! It was a lot of fun to see this movie with 600 other Python fans! The repetition of lines by the audience was kept relatively under control It was fun though when everyone let out a half-hearted "Yay!" when they were forced to eat Robin's...