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  1. Hank Dearborn

    Can Anyone Explain This Amazon TV Download Thing To Me?

    I got this email about TV shows being available to download so I rushed over to check out what they had. Most of it I already have the DVDs of but a couple of things looked interesting like first season Nanny and the Professor, 3 seasons of Lou Grant, etc. So I asked my friend how you go about...
  2. Hank Dearborn

    Mod Squad and Love American Style - More Coming or 1 and Done?

    What do you guys think? They cranked out the first 2 sets of both show fairly quickly but it has gone rather quiet now. The last releases for both came out in March. Paramount isn't like the other companies in that when they intend to release a show they don't screw around and do so in a timely...
  3. Hank Dearborn

    On the topic of alternate pilots, what about The Fugitive?

    I have a version of The Fugitive pilot with different music, different credits, etc. I don't remember what else as it's probably been 15-20 years since I got it but there were some slight variations. Too bad Paramount didn't do anything with it.
  4. Hank Dearborn

    Is Sony out of the TV DVD business?

    I know we read about a year ago about one person leaving and that causing the whole department to be at a standstill. But that's a long time ago and they are still at a standstill. They started all of these shows and left them hanging. They can't even complete All in the Family for crying out...
  5. Hank Dearborn

    Classic 50s cop show on the way from Timeless!

    In the works but not officially announced yet. Think 3 season show, 1950s, half hour, Universal, not set on either coast, with a great jazz theme song. IT'S COMING SOON!
  6. Hank Dearborn

    Laramie is coming!

    Another in the continuing series of shows that Universal doesn't care about because it's before the 1980s. And from what I understand, at some point in time these were remastered to tape so they should be looking pretty good. The first 2 seasons were in black and white and the next 2 in color.
  7. Hank Dearborn

    Cybill - Best of announced

    I'm a big fan of both her and the show. I held off buying the season sets from England, figuring they would come out here eventually. Now they announce a 10 episode best of set. No thanks. Keep it, I'll order from England.
  8. Hank Dearborn

    The more intelligent the show, the worse it does on DVD?

    Is this true? All of the MTM shows have stalled and they are all well written, smartly done shows. Murphy Brown, another one. Meanwhile shows that appeal to the LCD do extremely well.
  9. Hank Dearborn

    Happy Days - future releases may be too musical

    I don't know about season 4, which has yet to be announced but I'm in the midst of transferring to DVD the 5th season from off-network records and I have to say there is so much music in there that I can't see how Paramount could possibly put this out. The episodes where Suzi Quatro guest stars...
  10. Hank Dearborn

    50s sitcoms - Buried Forever?

    I was just thinking about how most of the popular sitcoms from this decade don't appear to have a prayer of getting released. I'm not talking about obscure, short-run series either but long running and successful shows that had a lot of syndication. If we can't get the rest of LITB, what chance...
  11. Hank Dearborn

    Black and white sitcoms - will we ever see them?

    A scant few have made their way out in legitimate releases but there are so many more that we should have. Is it that the people working at these studios see black and white as something they don't want to touch? Look at all of these great shows: Life of Riley, Love That Bob, People's Choice...
  12. Hank Dearborn

    I Spy - Remastered?

    I can't imagine they have gone back to the original elements. All I remember was that when I got the DVDs several years ago, the first episode I saw had a scene cut. When I contacted Image as well as the Peter Rodgers Organization, they were more concerned that I had found their phone numbers...
  13. Hank Dearborn

    Family Ties Question

    Does anyone know how many episodes are edited/music replaced? I would love if someone can post this. The edited episodes I'll transfer from my NBC off-air recordings. Are there a lot in which case I just transfer them all myself and not bother with the DVDs.
  14. Hank Dearborn

    Everyone Loves the King of the Sea - Except apparently MGM & Fox

    Where the heck are seasons 2 & 3 of Flipper? Shouldn't we have heard something by now? I wants my Flipper!
  15. Hank Dearborn

    Genres MIA on DVD

    With the odd exception, the following genres are not on DVD: Medical Shows: Ben Casey Dr. Kildare The Nurses The Eleventh Hour Breaking Point Marcus Welby M.D. Medical Center Bold Ones (The New Doctors) Medical Story Doctor's Hospital Trapper John MD Chicago Hope Lawyer...
  16. Hank Dearborn

    Why are DVD sales figures kept such a secret?

    You hear all of the time in music about how many copies CDs sold. They always write that such and such artist's CD sold xx copies. How come DVD sales are guarded like government secrets? I'm sure everyone here would love to know the sales figures of these so called failures that cause a series...
  17. Hank Dearborn

    What ever happened to Sony?

    Are they still in the TV on DVD business? Other than Barney Miller, I can't think of any announcements they've made since the summer. Have they given up? Are they going Fox on us? Are they trying to surpass Universal as the new kings of one and done?
  18. Hank Dearborn

    Fox - New Kings of abandoned series!

    Let's see, White Shadow, Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Bob Newhart Show, Big Valley. And since they now distribute MGM, let's add Green Acres and Mr. Ed to the pile. Way to go Fox! And we thought they weren't on top in any category. BTW, how's that split season for the...
  19. Hank Dearborn

    Universal - home of great television? Prison is more like it.

    Remember a few years ago when Universal came out with that promotion, saying how they are the home of great television? Yes, that's true. Too bad most of their shows are under house arrest. Even with them starting to license out some shows, look at a small sampling of all of the series they have...
  20. Hank Dearborn

    What else can we get Time Life to put out?

    Since they apparently are doing the same thorough and fantastic job with Man from UNCLE as they did with Get Smart, I'm wondering what other great shows that haven't seen the light of day yet they could tackle next. Just staying in the Warner world, the first show that comes to mind would be Dr...
  21. Hank Dearborn

    Mannix is Coming! (All things Mannix w/spoilers)

    I spoke to a friend tonight who was doing a project over at Paramount/CBS and he told me that they are in the process of restoring the first season of Mannix for DVD release. No time frame known but it is being worked on and should be on it's way soon. You heard it here first. Go Paramount...
  22. Hank Dearborn

    If you don't like music replacement on new shows . . .

    Then why don't you record them yourself to DVD when they air? Time and again all of these shows which insist on using insipid and treacly pop songs get released with songs cut out and we have to read the endless bitching about it here. Record the shows yourself when they air and then you have it...
  23. Hank Dearborn

    New Loretta Young Show - Complete Series already released!

    This one really slipped in under the radar. My friend found this one a few days ago. After a long successful run with Loretta Young Theatre, the star came back with a weekly sitcom in 1962. This DVD set contains the complete series. Here's the link to it at deep discount for a nice price...
  24. Hank Dearborn

    Hawaii Five-O Extra - What about Khan?

    I know that many H5-0 fans are looking for this series and it is one of the rarest series of the 70s. Not one episode exists in collector's circles nor is there even one at MTR, UCLA or Library of Congress archives. Starring Kheigh Dhiegh (Wo Fat) as a private detective, the show only aired for...
  25. Hank Dearborn

    Paramount - Shows still to come (we hope)

    How about a list of what else Paramount still has in the vaults? I pick them because they are the only major that seems to have any interest in their back catalog whatsoever. The other studios older shows will rot before they ever see the light of day. Now even though Paramount has some really...
  26. Hank Dearborn

    Felix the Cat coming!

    But I don't know about this thing being the "Complete" series. There were 260 5 minute cartoons made. They are saying full run on 2 discs. That would mean that 1300 minutes divided by 2, 650 minutes or roughly 11 hours a disc? Not likely. This one needs further investigation. When they put out...
  27. Hank Dearborn

    Ironside Season 2 - Up for pre-order!

    Found this yesterday at deepdiscount. Nothing like speeding up the releases, especially since there's 8 seasons of this one.
  28. Hank Dearborn

    Jim Bowie - Is there going to be a stand alone season 2?

    Or are all of us who bought the first season set SOL? That would be really unfair and I'll tell you right now there is no way I am going to buy the complete set just to get the second season when I already have first season.