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  1. AJ Johnson

    *** Official SUPERMAN RETURNS Review Thread

    Review/rant has potential spoilers so read at your own risk... There are so many things wrong I don't know where to start. The pacing of the film...there's no flow to it. The first hour feels rushed. There's no time given to anything. The movie just jumps back and forth between...
  2. AJ Johnson

    *** Official BATMAN BEGINS Review Thread

    This movie was the first Spider-man all over again. Great set-up with the character scenes in the first hour only to become a generic action movie in the 2nd half. What BB got right... I liked how Bruce's story was told through flashbacks and seen through the different periods of his life...
  3. AJ Johnson

    ***Official STAR WARS Episode III: REVENGE OF THE SITH Review Thread

    I didn't really give a damn about the prequel characters because they were so bland in the first 2 movies so I just went for the space battles and the lightsaber duels. You would think that wasn't too much to ask for but EP3 even managed to screw that up. The opening space battle sequence was...
  4. AJ Johnson

    Movies that You Know are Bad/Cheesy, but Can't Resist Watching

    Deep Blue Sea is one of mine as well. Also add Cobra to the list. The movie is beyond terrible but the Marion Cobretti character is cool, love the car, love Brian Thompson's psycho performance and his knife. I've seen this movie far too many times than I'm willing to admit.
  5. AJ Johnson

    Friday the 13th by Quentin Tarantino

    How is anyone going to discover that "gem" if the plagiarist doesn't even give any credit to his source in the first place? Yeah, Tarantino speaks of his sources now but did he ever credit City on Fire BEFORE someone finally noticed the similarities? I guess no one gets hurt but the original...
  6. AJ Johnson

    Friday the 13th by Quentin Tarantino

    I don't mind filmmakers being influenced by the technical side of filmmaking like transitions, camera angles, etc. What I can't stand is copying another movie scene frame for frame and passing it off as yours. For example...Bad Boys 2, the demolishing of the village scene near the end of the...
  7. AJ Johnson

    Friday the 13th by Quentin Tarantino

    I don't think Tarantino could do a better Friday movie than Part 6 and there's only so many times you can call something a "tribute" or "homage" before you start looking like a high end hack. It's time for Tarantino to come up with something original for a change. It's nice to see some share...
  8. AJ Johnson

    Scenes That Gave You A Chill...

    Good chills.... Spider-man - the final sequence of Spider-man swinging through the city. Tombstone - the whole Doc Holiday vs. Johnny Ringo sequence. Return of the Jedi - Luke finally defeats Vader and has him at his mercy. Superman - first time Clark becomes Superman and saves...
  9. AJ Johnson

    *** Official THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS Review Thread

    Much worse than Reloaded. To sum it up quickly... Cardboard characters you could give a damn about. Rehashed/overkill action sequences. First set action piece at Club Hell is nothing more than the lobby shootout from the first Matrix with people running on the ceiling. The Zion battle...
  10. AJ Johnson

    *** Official KILL BILL VOLUME 1 Review Thread

    I'm not sure what to make of this movie. I was entertained during parts and I loved the music used during some scenes but I don't think the good outweighs the bad. Kill Bill was very bland until Sonny Chiba livened it up when he banters with his subordinate. Sadly his scenes were the highlight...
  11. AJ Johnson

    *** Official FREDDY VS. JASON Discussion Thread

    That's not cool. That's freakin dumb. Freddy vs. Jason should be a stand-alone movie. We've seen them battle already, what more can they do to each other? I can only imagine what kind of dumbass story they would come up with to include Ash, Michael Myers or even Leatherface. And then you have to...
  12. AJ Johnson

    *** Official FREDDY VS. JASON Discussion Thread

    I actually agree with a lot of what the Chud.com review had to say but I was entertained regardless. No Friday/Nightmare film was ever high art but FvJ did take it to a whole new low. The movie was just heavily flawed with no continuity in either series, HUGE plot holes, and the worst acting...
  13. AJ Johnson

    Irritated by excessive Wire- Fu !

    It's ironic that Jackie's next movie The Medallion will feature heavy wire-work so we'll see how good he'll be when pulling it off. It could be a nice advertisement for his school. Jet Li's next movie Danny the Dog is in the same vain as Kiss of the Dragon in which it will barely use any...
  14. AJ Johnson

    Question about "The Hidden" (spoilers)

    Thanks Walter. I almost thought maybe I was reading too much into the ending but I agree with everything you said and it reaffirms what I think.
  15. AJ Johnson

    Question about "The Hidden" (spoilers)

    The ending of a sci-fi "B" movie called The Hidden has caused years of argument between me and my girlfriend. We just watched it again recently and we still don't agree. When the cop (Michael Nouri) dies in the end I think the good alien (Kyle MacLachlan) in the movie took over the cop's...
  16. AJ Johnson

    *** Official BAD BOYS II Review Thread

    I love my share of violent, brainless action movies but this movie has no plot whatsoever. It was beyond dumb. To sum this movie up in one sentence..... Action, forced dialogue trying to be funny (failing most of the time), action, forced dialogue trying to be funny, action, obligatory slo-mo...
  17. AJ Johnson

    *** Official "THE HULK" Discussion Thread

    I wasn't planning on seeing Hulk until tomorrow but a friend found a theater that was having a midnight showing and convinced me to go. I would say the experience was underwhelming. I liked the characters and I didn't find the build up all that slow as the reviews made it out to be, probably...
  18. AJ Johnson

    *** Official "THE ITALIAN JOB" Review Thread

    I saw Italian Job last night also and enjoyed it a lot. The characters were very good, my favorites being the supporting characters played by Seth Green, Jason Statham and Mos Def. It's a very good action/heist movie sprinkled with comedy. It reminded me a lot of The Big Hit except they're...
  19. AJ Johnson

    Freddy vs Jason vs. Jeepers Creepers 2!!!!!

    I saw the FvsJ trailer on Matrix Reloaded and my crowd reacted in shock and actually cheered. It was the biggest positive reaction of the night.
  20. AJ Johnson

    *** Official "THE MATRIX RELOADED" Review Thread

    I'm not pulling any punches here. Anyone that wants to stay upbeat about this movie I suggest you skip what I have to say right now and go on to the next post..... That movie took forever to end. I was bored out of my mind. This is nowhere near the first Matrix in terms of "fun". The...
  21. AJ Johnson

    "Freddy vs. Jason"- Test screening the 16th in Cali!

    I'm shocked at the movies' high budget glossy look. I'm not used to seeing that in a Friday or Nightmare film. And seeing Jason in the trailer crushed my fears immediately. He looks :emoji_thumbsup:
  22. AJ Johnson

    "Freddy vs. Jason"- Test screening the 16th in Cali!

    The trailer is now online. http://www.apple.com/trailers/newline/freddy_vs_jason/ I liked it for the mostpart except the last 5 seconds with the voiceover and the "place your bets" line :P
  23. AJ Johnson

    *** Official "X-MEN 2" Review Thread

    I liked it a little better than the first movie which isn't saying much. You could see the difference in production values this time around. I thought the character development was excellent, the acting was good, had some nice comedic moments, and the pace was ok. However, the big flaw in both...
  24. AJ Johnson

    What is the first movie that introduced you to Hong Kong Cinema?

    I grew up on HK cinema with Kung Fu theater, Black Belt theater, and video bootlegs while living in Japan. Through the 90's I lost interest when I got into college until Lethal Weapon 4 came around which introduced me to Jet Li. I started hunting for Jet's HK movies and picked up some old...
  25. AJ Johnson

    *** Offical "X-MEN 2" Discussion Thread

    You think so? I figured the NBA playoffs would cover the male demographic from 18-40+.