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    My very specific needs for a new DVD player

    Hi all, My Panasonic DVD-S35 finally conked out after four years of reliable service, and I just came home with a Panasonic DVD-S43. I was disappointed to discover, however, that the player doesn't have any kind of "resume" function (ie I want to be able to take out a disc and come back to...
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger - Comedy Favorites Collection

    Has anybody spotted any reviews of this yet? I'm specifically wondering if all three of the titles contained within the set - Kindergarten Cop, Twins, and Junior - are indeed anamorphically enhanced... Thanks!
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    YCbCr vs YPbPr

    Hi all, Okay, I just bought a 32" ViewSonic 16:9 television and it has two component inputs: YCbCr and YPbPr. My HD terminal only works on YPbPr, but my Panasonic DVD player works on both (as a side note, I'm only able to get 480i on both inputs - though my player supposedly possesses...