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  1. NathanP

    Ok, Cone Tweeters suck! Will it screw up my speakers if I replace them?

    I've got some Sony & Kenwood 3 way tower speakers for my HT (see my long-needed-to-be-updated website for more details). That serve me very well and I'm very much in love with them. Now, the cone tweeters are *ok* and pretty un-noticed with movies, but in music, they suck. I was listening...
  2. NathanP

    Hmmm.... I think I want to build a logo for my theater. Suggestions?

    I was just thinking (wow!!!). I've got some picture frames laying around and a nice printer, why don't I just make an entrance sign/logo for my theater? Thing is, I have no idea what mine should look like.. Can you dudes show me your so that I can have references? I'm thinking: "The...
  3. NathanP

    PVR newbie needs advice and answers.

    Hey, Been looking around at some PVR's and really like Tivo. Thing is, it charges monthly! Are there any pvr's out there that don't charge monthly? Maybe I'm mistaken and tivo doesn't charge. Nathan
  4. NathanP

    Composite/Component/S-video to VGA?

    Well, instead of waiting to save up for more cash, I bought an interim projection panel that places over an overhead projector. Thing is, it only has VGA inputs. Are there any CHEAP cables out there that'll remedy my problem? I want to go out from a dvd player or video game console to the...
  5. NathanP

    Say, what would the perfect (most expensive)1980's HT be?

    The reason I'm asking is that I plan to write a little essay on the history of Home Theater.. Would be be the most hi-tech, expensive, HT from the 80's? I'm talking "Pre-DPL" timeline. Nathan
  6. NathanP

    I have a rabid and sickening case of upgraditis. PLEASE help.

    I have one more space on the rack... one more... It's tortureing me! Can you guys suggest one more thing? Maybe there is something I'm missing????? There has to be such a component out there! What I have on the rack- Kenwood Receiver 75x4 Audiosource SS5 DPL processor Panasonic...
  7. NathanP

    Need help with OFA Cinema 7 codes!

    Well, I purchased a Cinema 7 because I was told it would work with my late 80's Kenwood KVR-A70R whose remote broke a few months back. So I've tried every single code I could find and NOTHING! Have any idea what I should do? Also: I'm looking for the codes to my Audiosource SS5 surround...
  8. NathanP

    This is just the coolest episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun!

    No, this TV show is not about Patrick Sun :) So, I'm sitting around late last night watching re-runs and I'm seeing this episode of 3rd Rock about of all things: Home Theater & Electronics! It all starts when they go to an Electronics store and see a nice (19') TV.. They get that and a VCR...
  9. NathanP

    WOW! I just got a gig playing guitar at a coffee house.. How do I tune this thing??

    Just kidding, I know how to tune a guitar! Well actually, I use the piano. So, enlight of the situation (I want to tune on the road) I bought a "Quick Tune" Tuner. It sucks! Anyone have experiance with these things? My accoustic doesn't have a line out or internal pickup (I use a...
  10. NathanP

    Interesting question of the day- Are the stereo decoders in all recievers the same?

    Are they? I could swear when listening to music in Stereo with my friends stereo, there was more spearation between the instruments..
  11. NathanP

    How here is gonna go see Britney's movie?

    Any of you dudes plaaning on going to see this new Britney Spears movie? I hear she's got an underwear scene..
  12. NathanP

    For people who've seen TNG on DVD, is it worth getting rid of my laserdisc's?

    This might have been posted already, if so I sincerely apologize and one of them moderators is free to take it off. Anywho, I'm looking to hear (or read) what people think about the TNG dvd's.. Howabout the pros and cons? Are these "must buys" or am I better or just as good buying the...
  13. NathanP

    Is it wrong to sue a PA amplifier with subwoofers?

    I'm using a 600 watt p/a amp to drive my dual subwoofers. I've been told that I won't get the very best out of the subs because P/A amps's are made to play high frequences such as vocals and not to play the very low bass of a movie. A friend I purchased these subwoofers from says that they...
  14. NathanP

    I just found a large supply of records from the 30's, 40's, and 50's. Big find?

    Did I just have a major archeological find? My Dad, a musician, has been in many bands, and when I feel like it, I’ll make a pilgrimage down the stairs and see what kind of music stuff I can find in the basement. Over the past year, I’ve found a few different processors, lots of good...
  15. NathanP

    2 never used/out of box S-video cables. 6 ft long, Free shipping!

    I have 2 no-name brand S-video cables. I never used them as my TV doesn't accept S-Video. Size:6 feet Color: Black Price: $7 Shipping:$0 I've sold many items here on the forum and I believe I'm on the good sellers list. I also have a steller feedback rating on Ebay. So, if you...
  16. NathanP

    Anyone here have your laserdisc player plugged into your computer?

    I tried posting this in another section, but it probably won't generate any more replies, so I'll try here.. Ok, my laserdisc player has a seriel connection on it.. Why reason do I have to plug this into my laptop? What would it do? Please help me! I have terrible upgraditis and want to do...
  17. NathanP

    What is your reference laserdisc?

    I'm going to start a laserdisc collection.. What do you guys use as your reference ld? Nathan
  18. NathanP

    What ways are you preparing your system for a Super Bowl party?

    Well, as St.Louis is expecting another Super Bowl, I'm gonna throw a major youth get togther! I'm going to recalibrate my sytem, add some posters, and am trying to buy a government surplus projector! What are you going to do?
  19. NathanP

    Anyone know where I can get Dolby/DTS/THX print outs that look like these?

    Link Removed Thanks for letting me use this link RAF ;) I've got some frames JUST LIKE RAF's and I would like to put some Dolby/THX logo's in them. My new Lexmark looks like it can do print-outs just as good as that. Also, these signs are no longer sold so it is a MUST that I do-it-myself...
  20. NathanP

    Do you ever wonder what goes on in the "Moderators" section?

    I think they talk about me.. It's like Field of Dreams.. I can't go into the corn and see whats going on!!!! Nathan
  21. NathanP

    Me vs. an SVS subwoofer.. who's better looking?

    I think I've been beatin'.. Not by some gorgeous supermodel, but by an SVS.. A friend of mine just wouldn't stop drooling over that dern subwoofer!
  22. NathanP

    Where do you think Miss Cleo is really from?

    Jersey of course.. Nathan
  23. NathanP

    Hmmmm... Would a DBX 3 BX Dynamic Range Expander improve the sound of my VCR?

    Hmm.. I swore I was done with processors.. Anyways, maybe Wayne Pflughaupt can help me out here. Well, I sold my older model Dynamic Range Expander because I thought I was done using it.. Well, I sorta got into tweaking my VCR (flame suit on) and was wondering what a newer Dynamic...
  24. NathanP

    Ugly Subwoofer? Do this!

    Well, I just finished up building my sub-box and I have yet another subwoofer to look at.. I was so sick of the plain wooden box and the drab-plain looking black sub. So, here's what I did For the sub box-- Bought a huge roll of BLACK CONTACT PAPER. This suff just sticks on your sub box...
  25. NathanP

    Now this is one screwed up Home Theater

    Need I say more? Nathan
  26. NathanP

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  28. NathanP

    Needed Balck speaker grill fabric..

    I just need a few feet.. Don't want to pay store prices... E-mail if you have some for under $6... EDIT--- I wan black speaker grill fabric.. don't need much, just a little. Radio Shack wants to charge me $$$ Nathan
  29. NathanP

    How long will it be until LOTR is released on VHS?

    I LOVE this movie.. Thing is, the dvd won't be out for awhile (2004 if I'm correct) and usually, the VHS copy is out mucho time before the dvd is out.. I can't believe I'm asking this but: When can I expect to see the VHS version of this? Nathan
  30. NathanP

    Am I the youngest person in the world to have a CRT projector?

    Well, I'm 15 years and 3 months old.. does that make me the youngest crt'er out there?? I bought this thing for $125, and it works great! My next buy will probably be an HT PC.. Nathan