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    Is This a Good Thing for Warner Animation DVDs?

    Please read the item below. It seems to me (fairly or otherwise) that this fellow's name is somehow attached to every unpopular action or policy decision concerning Warner animaiton DVDs in recent times. Will his departure bring some needed change in the unfortunate (for fans) way...
  2. J

    FUTURAMA Question for FOX.

    I’ve got all the prior FUTURAMA DVDs, and perhaps Mr. Finn of FOX could tell us if (…and hopefully when) FOX plans to collect the new series of FUTURAMA that is currently airing on Comedy Central.   Thank you in advance for the info.
  3. J

    Simpsons Season 20 Question.

    Thanks to my wonderful wife I now have a HD TV and Blu-ray player for my birthday! My first Blu purchase was today’s release of The Simpsons Season 20. I knew that the move to HD broadcasts came at some point DURING that season, and they wouldn’t all look perfect, but I was surprised – and...
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    THE SIMPSONS SEASON 12: Any Indication on the Type of Packaging?

    THE SIMPSONS SEASON 12 will be released on DVD August 18, 2009. To this point, does anyone have any details of the TYPE OF PACKAGING it will employ? And will it (hopefully!) be improved over that for Season 11, which was IMHO the WORST DVD packaging I’ve ever seen from a major studio! I opted...
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    When Did TV Shows Shrink?

    Here’s a topic I don’t believe I’ve ever seen addressed. Over the years, TV shows “shrank”! Observing DVD running times of shows from my prime viewing period of the Sixties, an hour-long show ran about an average of 50:00 to 52:00. This would cover the period of Perry Mason, Outer...
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    Max Fleischer’s Superman 1941-1942 – Very Disappointing!

    I don’t know if this is the proper forum for this, as I more frequently inhabit the TV Shows forum, but so far I am totally disappointed with WHV's seeming lack of effort and quality control that it was worth expressing. Before watching anything this set disappoints as there is NO CONTENT...