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  1. Paul Anthony

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Step Up 2 the Streets

    Thanks for the review, I'm ordering 10 copies. :)
  2. Paul Anthony

    Sony BDP-S1 to get Dolby Digital Plus and TrueHD Upgrade

    I just got my Firmware Update Disc Version 2.00 in the mail today! :)
  3. Paul Anthony

    Speed - Defective?

    Just bought the last Sony Blu-Ray player at my local Best Buy, and purchased "Speed". Had no problems playing this disc, but it did take longer to load, and I saw that funny circular thing moving before the disc started. :) The PQ is awesome!
  4. Paul Anthony

    I just got my 100th HD DVD!!!

    I have 33 HD-DVDs (and counting!), plus a merely 2,000 DVDs. ;)
  5. Paul Anthony

    United 93 HD?

    I was lucky enough to find the ultra-rare "Limited Edition" at B & N. A stunning film that deserves the HD treatment, and a Oscar nod for Best Picture.
  6. Paul Anthony

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    I'm sorry, but non-anamorphic discs are a waste of time. That's so last season. :thumbsdown:
  7. Paul Anthony

    United 93

    I pre-ordered the "Limited Edition" from DVDEmpire, and it was later cancelled because not enough copies were made. :frowning: Circuit City, Best Buy, and Amazon are currently out-of-stock, I guess the "Limited Edition" is limited.
  8. Paul Anthony

    HD-(X)A1 Firmware Update now available on Toshiba website. Now version 2.4!!!

    I've tried both PCM and bitstream, and regardless, my Denon 4306 automatically switches to PCM or Dolby Digital (I'm using HDMI connections). Just got me e-mail from Toshiba, I should be getting my 2.0 Firmware disc next week! :)
  9. Paul Anthony

    Mission: Impossible III on HD DVD and Blu-ray on October 30th

    The Digital Bits is reporting that the second disc will be in high definition. :emoji_thumbsup:
  10. Paul Anthony

    Testy Area 51

  11. Paul Anthony

    Should I be worried about HD-A1 freeze-ups?

    After reading the www.avsforum.com it seems that numerous complaints involve skipping, freezing, and audio drop-outs from HD-DVD discs, and this comes from customers who have never had problems before. I think this is a problem that should be concerned, because this happens to me at random with...
  12. Paul Anthony

    Don't bug me

    No update yet, Aaron. Haven't called Toshiba, because of my heavy work schedule. I have noticed on the www.avsforum.com that people are having problems with"Sky Captain" and other HD-DVD discs months later. I'm hoping the next Firmware update will finally solve this disc problem.
  13. Paul Anthony

    Don't bug me

    My player isn't connected to anything, I use the Firmware disc from Toshiba for upgrades. Perhaps the next upgrade will solve more of these disc issues...I hope.
  14. Paul Anthony

    Problems with the Player for Specific Discs????

    I have 1.4 with the HDMI connection, random problems with HD-DVD discs. :frowning:
  15. Paul Anthony

    A different opinion on the launch of Blu-Ray

    From the way I see it, it's Beta vs VHS all over again. But, which format will end up winning? The technical superior Beta, or the popular VHS? In a perfect world, I would like to see BOTH winning. :)
  16. Paul Anthony

    No HDMI on my HDTV. Is an HD-DVD player worth getting?

    I remember a special on CNN, mentioning that the copy protection could take as long as 5 years.
  17. Paul Anthony

    Don't bug me

    I'll check up that, thanks Larry. :emoji_thumbsup:
  18. Paul Anthony

    Don't bug me

    Aaron, pretty much half of the HD discs (only 5 play correctly out of the 13 I own), standard discs have been glitch free. I'm going to call Toshiba next Monday to see if I should get another update, or replace my player.
  19. Paul Anthony

    Don't bug me

    As much as I love my Toshiba A-1 player, it still doesn't play HD-DVD discs correctly. I thought the firmware update 1.4 solved the problem, but it didn't. Strange that my Toshiba player has no problems playing regular DVD discs, but when I pop-in in a new HD-DVD disc, I experience some kind of...
  20. Paul Anthony

    U2 Rattle and Hum, preemptive strike

    But, who wants to see grain? Just kidding! :) To be perfectly honest (as Ed put it), I think when you're watching a music video, the sound should be center stage. Glad to hear that R&H sounds awesome. :emoji_thumbsup: Speaking of music videos, I recently watched 'Spandau Ballet: Live from...
  21. Paul Anthony

    Studios want Bd50s for exhaustive extra content...sez who?

    Well, I enjoy watching deleted scenes and listening to commentaries, I think those are the most important items in a DVD disc (aside from a good transfer and soundtrack). :emoji_thumbsup: I really get annoyed when I don't see a commentary, that's usually a big letdown to me. :thumbsdown:
  22. Paul Anthony

    Problem with "Friday Night Lights"?

    Thanks Terry-A, I'll look into that.
  23. Paul Anthony

    How long till we start getting HD playback screenshots?

    I've never seen SH before, but watching it on HD-DVD for the very first time is going to be fun! I'll especially be looking for that puff of smoke. :)
  24. Paul Anthony

    Problem with "Friday Night Lights"?

    LOL, Ed! I didn't see the standard version of FNL, but now you got me curious of the comparisons. Btw, I was very worried the player was going to spit-up the disc, but it didn't. :)
  25. Paul Anthony

    Blueray Cases are smaller than DVD Cases.

    I remember when the Superbit version of "Panic Room" was released on a very thin cardboard case, I thought it was the coolest case yet, but other's complained about it.
  26. Paul Anthony

    Blueray Cases are smaller than DVD Cases.

    Why not get rid of your girlfriend, and then you can add another bookshelf...just kidding! :) Have you tried the Case Logic cases for DVDs? They can work wonders, I have over $2,000 DVDs, and the Case Logic cases saved a lot of space for me. :emoji_thumbsup:
  27. Paul Anthony

    Blueray Cases are smaller than DVD Cases.

    I like the little feet on the HD-DVD cases too, because they can stand up their own on a flat service, and that's cool! :emoji_thumbsup:
  28. Paul Anthony

    Paramount HD DVD sales surge!

    Of all the studios, Paramount tends to have the best films. :emoji_thumbsup:
  29. Paul Anthony

    Problem with "Friday Night Lights"?

    Well, I was so desperate to watch this disc (I love watching sports movies) that I ended up wiping it with a Baby Wipe. I allowed the disc to dry, then I wiped out any residue, then wiped it again till it was shining like glass. Popped in the disc again, and it played all the way through! I DO...