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  1. John Morgan

    Does Kino understand stereo sound?

    I am really getting tired for stereo films now becoming mono films on Blu Ray. Just received LINK, which I had previously on DVD, which was stereo, but this new release is mono. I think Kino Lorber needs to find out what format (sound) the film was made and make sure they have the correct...
  2. John Morgan


    I have various episodes of these three in old transfers from 16mm. How I wish these would come out in nice full-length transfers that contain all the episodes. CIRCUS BOY is 49 episodes and BUCKSKIN is only 39 episodes. Fury lasted a reasonably 5 seasons and 116 episodes. Circus Boy is running...
  3. John Morgan

    My last 3 Holy Grails for 50s television series

    THE REAL McCOYS. It came out on DVD, but every episode except the pilot was the syndicated version of 22 minutes instead of 26 minutes. LASSIE series. I would be happy with the first 4 seasons (Jeff years). FURY series. I don't know who owns this, but I saw a few episodes on an Alpha disc...
  4. John Morgan

    Samson & Delilah coming to Blu ray

    ClassicFlix sent me an email stating DeMille's Samson and Delilah is coming to Blu ray March 11 from Paramount.
  5. John Morgan

    A question about scans

    I keep reading in reviews about scans and have a question. When any vendor does a quality scan of a negative or fine grain or whatever, is that scan supposed to replicate the source material as is, rather than doing any "fixing" during the scan" And all fixes, color timing, repairs are now done...
  6. John Morgan

    Amazon's "placeholders"

    I don't know if that is the correct term, but I recently did a search on Amazon for classic films on Blu-Ray and was astonished at what titles came up. I was wondering if these listings reflect some official hint from the studio, or just fans wishful thinking...Among the films, which all would...
  7. John Morgan

    What Abbott & Costello Universal films would you like to see next on Blu-ray?

    If BUCK PRIVATES and ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN do really well on Blu-ray, I would hope Universal would prepare some of their other classics for Blu-ray. next year. My expectations tell my that MEET FRANKENSTEIN will outsell BUCK PRIVATES by a fairly wide margin, but I also hope that...
  8. John Morgan

    Universal Classic Monsters Blu Ray announcement

    Classic Flix has announced the Universal Classic Monsters Blu Ray Collection coming on October 2, 2012...
  9. John Morgan

    Why the variable quality from Universal?

    I am quite shocked and disappointed in some of the recent Universal releases, both in Blu Ray and standard DVD. Some releases are stunningly good from new transfers done with care. Other new releases seem to be ancient masters that lack quality that would be hard to fathom on VHS. I am aware...
  10. John Morgan

    Universal's WOMEN IN DANGER set

    Just received this TCM Vault Collection for these 1950s Thrillers. They were touted on the TCM Vault site as being newly remastered. I just had time to scan the titles, and I think it is a mixed bag. WOMAN IN HIDING (1950) looks gorgeous and have no qualms with it. The black and white...
  11. John Morgan

    Pursued coming to Blu Ray

    Olive is releasing Walsh's great western-noir PURSUED August 21st. This should look and sound terrific on Blu. I have the "restored" version on DVD that I think UCLA did sometime back. I remember Martin Scorsese name was attached. It looked great except for one reel that was a dupe and wasn't as...
  12. John Morgan

    Nothing Sacred (1937) coming to Blu-ray

    Kino Video is releasing the Selznick Technicolor comedy NOTHING SACRED on December 20. From the blurb from Classic Flix suggests that this version is not the Disney restoration Scott MacQueen did several years ago. I was lucky to attend a screening of this film and the restoration was superb...
  13. John Morgan

    Question about some recent stereo Blu-ray films

    I am a bit confused about some recent Blu Ray stereo films. I am no expert, but I assume most stereo films were at least 3-track stereo (LCR) with a fourth track, if used, for the mono surround. And 70 mm, more often than not, had 6 track stereo with 5 front tracks and one mono surround...at...
  14. John Morgan

    Legend and Paramount Blu Rays

    With CRACK IN THE WORLD coming, and May 3 for two double bills THE SKULL/THE MAN WHO CAN CHEAT DEATH and HOUDINI/THOSE DARING YOUNG MEN IN THEIR JAUNTY JALOPIES and at a great price, it seems catalog Paramount titles are coming fast and furious due to licensing.
  15. John Morgan

    CRACK IN THE WORLD (Blu, July 5th)

    I just received notice that Paramount's CRACK IN THE WORLD is coming to blu on July 5th from Olive Films. I bought the recent standard DVD and it looks very nice, but of course will upgrade to the Blu version. I just wish they would release these together, but I guess they had to see how sales...
  16. John Morgan

    Quality of Universal releases

    Some years ago, during the laser disc years, Universal seemed to really care and spend time releasing wonderful transfers of their catalog titles. I still think the laser of DRACULA (1931) is the best all round version we have on video. I also think the laser transfer of the technicolor Karloff...
  17. John Morgan

    Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films coming to Blu Ray

    Amazon has listed the 14 restored Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films coming to Blu Ray March 29 from MPI. The discounted price is $90.99, which I think is less than MPI first release of the all films. Count me in.
  18. John Morgan

    Sony Archive MOD

    Sony has listed 100 films on their website on a Made-To-Order basis.   http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/columbiaclassics/the-films/?filter=mod   The pricing is rather high for DVDr's, but I am hoping there will be coupon offerings coming, similar to the Warner Archive.   There...
  19. John Morgan

    Another Universal Backlot Series coming

    Coming from Universal in early November: The Bing Crosby Collection - Universal Backlot Series (College Humor / We’re Not Dressing / Here Is My Heart / Mississippi / Sing You Sinners / Welcome Stranger) Glad to see another W.C. Fields getting released.
  20. John Morgan

    PSYCHO to Blu Ray

    According to ClassicFlix, PSYCHO is coming to Blu-Ray on October 19th.
  21. John Morgan

    The Red Shoes

    This morning I was notified by Amazon UK that THE RED SHOES is now available in blu ray from ITV. I have a couple of other British Blu Ray's from this company (BOYS FROM BRAZIL and CAPRICORN ONE) and was wondering if anyone can confirm if, like the others, this release is region free and will...
  22. John Morgan

    Any news on Warners continuing the Popeye cartoons?

    I was hoping we would have had some news by now. Anyone hear anything about the next release? I am sure the very best Popeye's are the black and white ones and I have enjoyed them very much in the fantastic restoration Warners has done. I hope they continue through the color shorts...at least...
  23. John Morgan

    Is THE GREAT RACE DVD soundeffect sync now fixed?

    Recently I viewed THE GREAT RACE on one of the HD networks. It looked great. (I hope a BluRay is under consideration at Warners.) They fixed that sync problem during the credits where the boos and cheers were under the wrong characters. But when we get to the beginning of the actual race...
  24. John Morgan

    The Great Race

    I couldn't find an old thread on this film, but I recall a discussion of the sound problems the 5.1 remix had...namely the opening titles having the "boos" and "cheers" in the wrong positions. Also some missing sound effects in the start of the race section where the whoosh sound was missing...
  25. John Morgan

    BluRay suggestions to Warners

    Somehow, my post didn't show up. Anyway, I wanted to throw some titles I would like to see on BluRay... THE GREAT RACE WHERE EAGLES DARE HELEN OF TROY THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS. I hope some of these are in the works. And gosh, I wish Warners owned IT'S A MAD MAD...
  26. John Morgan

    Black vs. White border bars

    I don't know if this is the correct forum to bring this up, but I have a question. I have upgraded to a 16x9 screen and BluRay player. Almost all the older 4x3 films I viewed, they have the proper black bars on the right and left of the picture. However, I am run across a couple of instances...
  27. John Morgan

    DVR-550H-S (USA problem)

    I live in California, USA and recently purchased Canadian model DVR recorder DVR-550H-S to replace my American Pioneer DVR-420H with the hard drive. I called the Long Beach, California Pioneer service, but since it is a Canadian model, they suggested I email them. Maybe someone here can help...
  28. John Morgan

    DOCTOR X's color

    I heard a rumor that Warners will be releasing DOCTOR X later this year. I hope they don't make the same mistake as they did with MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM and get the color wrong. Since these films were done in the old two-color Technicolor process, I believe there should not be a blue hue to...
  29. John Morgan

    DVDr quality with VHS, laser and cable....

    I recently got a Pioneer DVD-R recorder and am in the process of converting VHS tapes, and lasers that are not out yet on prerecord DVD to DVDr. Anyway, I know there is a general issue of bit rate and quality, but I was hoping to get some feedback from this forum on length of programming before...
  30. John Morgan

    New Laurel & Hardy

    I noticed that a new Laurel & Hardy DVD is being released. It includes WAY OUT WEST and BLOCK-HEADS, two of their best features. The link to Deep Discount is: http://www.deepdiscountdvd.com/dvd.cfm?itemID=LGE017100 I can't really tell who is releasing this, but both films are still...