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  1. TylerZ

    I need help, please

    Paradigm makes some good quality speakers, but so do many other companies. I imagine the local high priced audio store you mentioned probably had them set up in a listening room. That can be a better environment to audition speakers than in an open environment like Best Buy or Circuit City where...
  2. TylerZ

    Vintage Pioneer Help!

    Couldn't find anything on the 990, but here's some info on the 980 Legendary Audio Classics: Pioneer Model SX-980 Receiver
  3. TylerZ

    No sub output from Denon AVR-1802

    You are correct.
  4. TylerZ

    Onkyo 605 or Panasonic SA-XR57?

    Onkyo 605 over the Panasonic SA-XR57, no question. The $160 difference is well worth it.
  5. TylerZ

    Need advise on HT AVR

    You can add Pioneer Elite to that list too. The trouble is you can audition all of those at a store except the Emotiva. They're all good, and have their strengths and weaknesses. Not to pick on the Onkyo (it's a great reveiver), but just as an axample, the higher line of Onkyos are reported to...
  6. TylerZ

    Reading Material?

    Other reading material includes this, and other forums, that can give you first-hand knowledge/experience with different brands, models, etc.
  7. TylerZ

    What have I done!

    Speakers will not sound exactly the same in different rooms, period! Any speakers you listened to in a store aren't going to sound the same at home. Notice I didn't say they weren't going to sound good, just not the same. You can take speakers from your living room, put them in your bedroom and...
  8. TylerZ

    Fans / Coolers for Onkyo 705

    A couple links: Buy Cooling Products Single 120mm Fan Cooler Kit for Cabinet / Home Theaters w/Thermal Control
  9. TylerZ

    denon avr 1200

    I did a search on Denon's site under archives, strangely enough they didn't list the 1200. I did find an AVR 1100. Here's the link. Denon USA | Archived AV Receivers
  10. TylerZ

    LCD Decision..request for help..

    I agree, IMO you'll have a hard time telling any difference between a 60hz & 120hz. I was in the same situation as you 11 months ago going between a 46" Sharp D62 series and a Toshiba 47LZ196. I'm very glad and satisfied with my choice to purchase the Toshiba.
  11. TylerZ

    which free standing loud speaker?

    I read your other thread and must say, for $25K your going to get one heck of a home theater. As far as the speakers go, take along some CD's that you are familiar with and audition as many speakers in your budget as you can. Like Alon said 'audio is very subjective', what sounds good to you may...
  12. TylerZ

    What is the difference between these onkyo receivers?

    FYI - it has been reported by users that the 875 runs very hot so if your going to put it in a rack/cabinet make sure it gets plenty of ventilation.
  13. TylerZ

    What have you done with your VCR?

    Got 3: one in the family room system, one in the kids basement recroom system, and one VCR/DVD recorder in the kitchen. Gotta agree with Andrew Pratt, the clock has been the only thing that is used on the FR and RR systems. I guess I'm too lazy to move the racks away from the wall and disconnect...
  14. TylerZ

    Point me in the right dirrection please..

    Here's a link: http://www.partsexpress.com/webpage....TOKEN=92124316
  15. TylerZ

    SVS PB13-Ultra First Impressions

    That is one sweet looking sub!!!
  16. TylerZ

    Need reccomendations for replacement of Polk CS1 center channel

    Check out GTZ's response at AVS.
  17. TylerZ

    is bose speakers worth it?

    How can you mention Bose and Martin Logan in the same post? Two totally different kind of speaker technologies and price points. What's your budget? Seriously, I agree with Jon Liu, buy what sounds good to you. In this case I wouldn't let the '50% off' deal sway your decision. Keep in mind that...
  18. TylerZ

    Selling/Talking Points

    Don't overlook the dreaded WAF (wife acceptance factor) when discussing systems with potential customers.
  19. TylerZ

    Building first HT

    Forget the EQs and put that $$ into your receiver budget.
  20. TylerZ

    Final Decision

    I looked at the Sharp 46" too, nice set for the $. But Sharp has had some banding issues with their new 62 series, especially on some of the 46" and 52" sets. Some sets have banding, some don't, so you roll the dice and hope you get one that doesn't. They have been replacing defective sets, but...
  21. TylerZ

    Has anyone seen the new Sharp LC-46D62U?

    oops, double post, sorry.
  22. TylerZ

    Has anyone seen the new Sharp LC-46D62U?

    There have been some banding issues with the 46" Sharp that I read about on another site, see below. It's a long thread, 93 pages, but makes for some interesting reading. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...5&page=1&pp=30 CC had the 46" Sharp, Samsung, and Mitsubishi displayed next to...
  23. TylerZ


    Agree with frogpond about them signing a release. They would be much better off taking the gear out and storing it inside during the winter. It ain't that hard considering the potential damage.
  24. TylerZ

    HELP!!Plasma vs LCD tv

    If you have alot of light coming in the room reflection off the glass screen of a plasma could be a concern. LCD panels reflect less light.
  25. TylerZ


    Living in southern Wis too I can understand your concerns about the cold weathers effect on HT gear. How open is 'open'? Looking at the pic I assume there will be windows put in. Any insulation in those walls? If so then he could just install some electric baseboard heating. It could be set to a...
  26. TylerZ

    will a 42 inch tv be big enough

    FWIW, just a thought about mounting over the fireplace. I was thinking the same thing - free up some floor space, one focal point area for TV and fireplace, sexy up to date look, etc. A salesperson told me to go home and look at the picture we have hanging over our fireplace for an hour. It...
  27. TylerZ

    Wife and TV shopping

    Marty, I had the same 'problem'. I was recently looking to upgrade our 7 year old Toshiba 36" CRT and started looking at 42" plasma and LCD sets. Wifey said '"I like the 46" better." Hell, when they're right why argue.
  28. TylerZ

    Sharp LC-52D62U vs. Samsung LN-S5296D

    The Sharp is brand new, here's a link to another board: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...=1#post8606557
  29. TylerZ

    Just bought a Denon AVR-3806.....

    Nice reciever! My daughter still enjoys my old Denon 1801 that I bought in '99. She has it up in her bedroom. Outdated, yeah, but it still works great and sounds good.
  30. TylerZ

    Any vintage soild state fans here? Post pictures inside. I'll start first.

    I still have my Pioneer SA 8100 integrated amp and TX 7100 tuner (circa mid 70's IIRC) in my basement workshop. They still work flawlessly right down to the sexy blue lights on the tuner. That tuner will pull in stations my Denon won't even begin to tune in. Back in those days tuners were just...