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    New HDMI Cable Required?

    Hi Gang I have a few older HDMI Cables (more than 6 years old) .... Keeping the discussion away from 'eARC' - With the new ARC Ports in Yamaha Receivers and TV's is there a need to purchase a newer HDMI Cable to connect from ARC to ARC between reciever and TV? As Always Thank You!

    Buying a reciever with one less optical port .... um?

    Hi Gang Everyone here are helpful, courteous and professional - that's what makes a discussion forum a great place in which to post questions freely :cheers: (thank you)! I've owned two Yamaha recievers over the years (enjoyed them), from an HTR-5835 to an RX-V467. But I was a bit behind the...

    New Smart TV With ARC - Older Reciever With Only HDMI Out

    Hi Gang Would I still need to use 'Optical Audio' out from a Smart TV to an older Yamaha reciever (no ARC), if I ran an HDMI cable from the Smart TV ARC port back to the 'HDMI Out' of the reciever? Although the reciever was produced in 2009-2010, (approx. same year as ARC), there is no ARC...

    Older Yamaha RX-V467 - No ARC - Configurations

    Hi Gang I have a few questions regarding an older Sceptre TV and an older Yamaha RX-V467 reciever: The reciever has 4 HDMI ports including an 'HDMI Out' Since there's no combined audio & video 'ARC' port, I'll have to use the Optical Audio port from both the TV output to the 'TV Optical...

    Yamaha RX-V467 - Adjusting Separate Channel EQ

    Hi Gang I'm an older Yamaha person - just picked up a mint condition RX-V467. Please bear with me as I scroll through the extensive manual. Wondering how/if I can separately adjust the EQ on the mains; (the 2 front channels), and the center channel independently of the other channels? I'm a...