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  1. Gary Murrell

    James Bond Blu-Ray Steelbook Collection for sale!

    I have here the complete James Bond Steelbook collection, I love collecting Steelbooks but these must go and I know I will regret this down the road and will be looking for them again, but bills must be paid this is all 9 films released so far, Dr. No, FRWL, Goldfinger, Thunderball, Live and...
  2. Gary Murrell

    FS: New Onkyo DV-HD805 (XA2) HD-DVD Player!

    I here a Onkyo DV-HD805 HD-DVD player that was purchased as a 1 year warrantied refurb directly from Onkyo like most people think with their orders from Onkyo, this player is in my opinion brand new not a refurb I have used this to watch exactly 4 movies and that is it, the only reason I...
  3. Gary Murrell

    HTF Special Review: Upcoming Oppo BDP-83 Profile 2.0 Universal Blu-ray Player

    Special Review Of Upcoming Oppo BDP-83 Blu-Ray Player My System Used For This Review I have to admit, being in this hobby and having the privilege to be in the position I am in does have its perks. As a reviewer and beta tester for various companies I get the chance to see and experience...
  4. Gary Murrell

    HTF Hardware Review: Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD Blu-Ray Player

    [img]https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/2/27/images_pioneer05FDBD.jpg"> [b]
  5. Gary Murrell

    Blu-ray Review HTF Blu-Ray Review: Monsters Ball

    PQ could have been better, AQ was certainly up to the job with DTS Master, there are a few extras there for those that enjoy them. Not too bad of a release all around
  6. Gary Murrell

    Blu-ray Review HTF Blu-Ray Review: Maximum Risk

    I love this disc overall mostly due to the amazing video image and the audio is not to bad itself. Anyone that is a fan of this movie would be very pleased to own this in my opinion.
  7. Gary Murrell

    Official HTF Hardware Review: Panasonic DMP-BD50 2.0 Blu-ray Player

    [img]https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/c/cd/images_panbd50.jpg"> [b]
  8. Gary Murrell

    Brand New Toshiba HD-A3 HD-DVD with free movies!

    I have here a new Toshiba HD-A3 HD-DVD player that was purchased brand new from amazon about 3 weeks back, the box was opened and the unit was used for 2 movies, 100% perfect function, 100% perfect cosmetics, 100% same as brand new item will come to you with everything the same as a brand new...
  9. Gary Murrell

    18 HD-DVD's for 100$ shipped

    I have here 18 HD-DVD's(the last of my collection): Fugitive Blazzing Saddles Beans Holiday Jerk Derailed Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Hitcher King Kong Van Helsing Rundown Bruce Almighty Watcher Backdraft Inside Man Big Lebowski Aeon Flux Superman II Goodfellas these...
  10. Gary Murrell

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Rambo

  11. Gary Murrell

    HTF Official Hardware Review: JVC DLA-HD100/RS2 D-ILA Projector

    [img]https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/9/9f/images_jvchd100.jpg"> [b]
  12. Gary Murrell

    perfect condition Toshiba HD-A35 player with latest firmware, Free HDMI & Ship!

    SOLD!! I have here a perfect condition Toshiba HD-A35 HD-DVD player, this is the best HD player to date bar none, the cleanest 1080i video output of them all, in addition you have 1080p/24 and direct bitsreaming of all advanced audio codecs via HDMI 1.3 player never had so much as one...
  13. Gary Murrell

    Entire HD-DVD Collection for sale, tons of boxsets and imports, 175+ titles

    **available separate now** ***Please EMAIL To Purchase*** [email protected] thanks for looking, I have a serious crunch here and that is a big time bill due right now and no work to pay it, so something has to go and go quick, it is going to have to be my HD-DVD collection sadly my...
  14. Gary Murrell

    Huge Load of Sealed HD-DVD Combo Releases, Single Titles, International Welcome!

    Guys, I have here a huge load of sealed HD-DVD's that I got for Christmas, of course me being a obsessive buyer, I already have them all!!! Again these are all sealed brand new and came from various vendors, all are 100% perfect same as if bought new, no slashes thru bar codes or etc., just...
  15. Gary Murrell

    HTF HD-DVD REVIEW: The Getaway (1994)

    [img]https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/2/2e/ronsreviews_covers_87703.jpg"> [b]
  16. Gary Murrell


    [img]https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/5/5e/ronsreviews_covers_85244.jpg"> [b]
  17. Gary Murrell

    High-end Powered 1x2 HDMI 1.2 Splitter/Distribution Amp (2)

    SOLD! I have here two high quality HDMI splitters that can be used for a host of applications, connecting a DVD player etc. to 2 displays or even better a game console to 2 displays or etc. this is a high-end powered splitter that has one input and two outputs, both outputs have led lights...
  18. Gary Murrell

    The new enemy of the HD Formats is Noise Reduction!

    I have been meaning to make a post here about this for a long while now, it seems my negative comments on films are not acceptable any longer at my previous long time hang-out. ;) We have a serious knew problem with the fabulous HD/BD formats that if not corrected will utterly kill the format...
  19. Gary Murrell

    Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-Ray player, Free 24AWG HDMI cable and Shipping

    SOLD!! I have here the wonderful Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-Ray player that was purchased about 3 weeks ago from a top name authorized dealer, this player was special in that it is fully HDMI 1.3 capable and allows bitstreaming of all advanced audio via the HDMI output this player has been...
  20. Gary Murrell

    Demo DVDO Iscan VP50 with SDI input, Silver front panel, SDI cables, Free Ship!

    SOLD!! I have here a 100% perfect condition DVDO Iscan VP50 scaler, this was a personal demo unit of mine, used personally only but will be covered thru my company Custom HT as a authorized DVDO dealer this unit is in 100% perfect working order and includes all original cables, box, papers...
  21. Gary Murrell

    HTF HD-DVD Review: For Love of the Game

    [img]https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/6/69/ronsreviews_covers_87554.jpg"> [b]
  22. Gary Murrell

    The full apprectiation of Fox is now at hand and it rocks! (DTS-Master)

    I have had a few people PM me and a few buddies of mine beg for some feedback on DTS Master decoding, so here it is :) today I decided to sit down with Alien vs Predator from Fox and enjoy the film at it's finest with DTS Master audio as of late last week I had completed a fully HDMI 1.3...
  23. Gary Murrell

    HTF HD-DVD Review: Bulletproof

    [img]https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/0/09/ronsreviews_covers_83393.jpg"> [b]
  24. Gary Murrell

    HTF HD-DVD Review: Nutty Professor II The Klumps

    [img]https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/0/05/ronsreviews_covers_85327.jpg"> [b]
  25. Gary Murrell

    HTF HD-DVD Review: Billy Madison

    [img]https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/6/6d/ronsreviews_covers_85242.jpg"> [b]
  26. Gary Murrell

    HTF HD-DVD Review: Meet the Fockers

    [img]https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/3/34/ronsreviews_covers_86089.jpg"> [b]
  27. Gary Murrell

    HTF HD-DVD Review: Meet Joe Black

    [img]https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/7/7b/ronsreviews_covers_83395.jpg"> [b]
  28. Gary Murrell

    Perfect Sony BDP-S1 Blu-Ray player + Freebies

    I have here my trusty Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray player, this is a super high-end BD player that will please the most obsessed videophile, the direct 1080p/24 output is freakin amazing the Sony S1 also features audiophile construction and build quality with amazing Analog audio outputs of the...
  29. Gary Murrell

    Complete Buttkicker Mini LFE setup, Free Cables

    SOLD!!! I have here a 2 week old Buttkicker setup that I don't need any longer, items were purchased brand new from a authorized dealer around 2 weeks ago, they were shipped directly from Guitammer to me and of course the original receipts will be included I am selling because I don't need...
  30. Gary Murrell

    Rare Region Free Black Panasonic DVD-RP91 DVD player with SDI mod and more!

    SOLD!!! time to clear out more of my personal SDI players, I recently sold my last 2 Denon 1600's, I will miss them, but I need the cash, I have here my last 2 Panasonic RP91s, after this I will never have anymore RP91's personally (or for that matter thru my business), so this is it, the end...