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  1. Donnie Eldridge

    FT/FS: Fifth Element Remastered BD

    FT/FS: Fifth Element Remastered - Blu-ray (sealed) $17 shipped Wants, but open to other BD offers: Dead Man's Chest - BD MI: 3 - BD TMNT - BD AVP - BD Casino Royale - BD District B13 - BD Fantastic Four - BD
  2. Donnie Eldridge

    home ownership and paying off sister

    I need help. Here is the situation. In 1997 my sister and I purchase a home together for the price of $92k which appraised for $97k. We both occupied the home for the six 6 years. I then moved out. My sister continued to occupy the home solely for 1yr afterwards. At the end of that 1 year living...
  3. Donnie Eldridge

    Some Mindless Fun

  4. Donnie Eldridge

    Dvd Ft/fs

  5. Donnie Eldridge

    FS/FT Palm Tungsten E PDA

    I have a Palm Tungsten E PDA FS/FT. I don't have any use for it anymore, so I'm looking to trade or sell it. PDA includes carrying case and usb Hot sync/charging cable. PDA is in great condition $110 shipped. Specs Or, looking to trade for a gamecube or PS2. Paypal accepted. Donnie
  6. Donnie Eldridge

    B&K Ref 50 Update

    I received my Ref.50 back on 5/24 with firmware version 2.03. I'll post just few observations. Coming from version 1.04 menu navigation and overall unit responsiveness seems to have improved greatly. 1.04 seems slow compared to 2.03. B&K has indeed removed most of the relay clicks. During setup...
  7. Donnie Eldridge

    Freeware for you Star Wars Fans

    I just discovered these gems a couple weeks ago. Battle of Yavin Battle of Endor Enjoy!!!
  8. Donnie Eldridge

    Where is Get Smart?

    Is there any chance for a dvd release?
  9. Donnie Eldridge

    Mambo Kings question

    Does Warner Bros. still own the rights to this movie? I watched my VCD the other day, which is god aweful in quality by the way and was curious.
  10. Donnie Eldridge

    Conquest of the Planet of the Apes :(

    I finally got around to watching this movie last night. I'd been meaning to watch it and it's the only movie I hadn't seen out of my POTA boxset. This movie is garbage. What the hell were they thinking when this movie was made? The acting and dialog was bad enough, but they just completely...
  11. Donnie Eldridge

    Home Theater FS

  12. Donnie Eldridge

    La Femme Nikita: The First Season

    Are there any early reviews out?
  13. Donnie Eldridge

    Le Femme Nikita SE

    Does anyone have the details about the re-release? The release date shows 7/1.
  14. Donnie Eldridge

    Speaker calibration at 75db or 85db?

    If I remember correctly THX=75db and Dolby Digital=85db. Will calibration at either setting achieve exactly the same result just at different volumes?
  15. Donnie Eldridge

    Star Wars OST on SACD & DVD-A?

    Will they ever see the light of day? Is this a Lucas issue and who holds the rights? One would think, the format that gets them seriously has an upper-hand.
  16. Donnie Eldridge

    FT: Spy Kids 2

    FT: Spy Kids 2 - Mint Barbershop - Mint Wants: Belle's Magical World The Musketeer - WS Under Siege Anastasia(animated) Traded disks must be in perfect condition.
  17. Donnie Eldridge

    FS: Sony DVP -S7000 DVD Player

  18. Donnie Eldridge

    U2 on DVD-A & SACD

    Any chance we will be seeing them in these formats soon?
  19. Donnie Eldridge

    FS: Nintendo Virtual Boy

  20. Donnie Eldridge

    SACD/DVD-A cables at Accessories4less

    Can anyone vouch for the quality of these cables? http://accessories4less.com/aless4/C...CAB%2DDIG&tpc= Or, would it be better to purchase 3 separate pairs of audio interconnects?
  21. Donnie Eldridge


    What size tech-flex would one use for 12 gauge speaker wire?
  22. Donnie Eldridge

    Homeworld 2

    Is anyone besides myself looking forward to this game? I started to replay the original in anticipation of the sequel. I can't wait!!!
  23. Donnie Eldridge

    Buffy question

    Doe's anyone know how many episodes are left in this season?
  24. Donnie Eldridge

    THX Wings trailer

    Does anyone know where this trailer can be viewed online(pref. avi or mpeg)? I remember sometime back someone had posted a link. Thanks.
  25. Donnie Eldridge

    RPG's on the GBA

    Is there anything new coming out? I'm just about finished with Golden Sun which is a fantastic game, but what's in the GBA's future?
  26. Donnie Eldridge


  27. Donnie Eldridge

    The Spaghetti Western Collection on 1/7

    The collection includes: Django Kill Run Man Run Mannaja: A Man Called Blade Django Does anyone have any details?
  28. Donnie Eldridge

    DVD's FT

    FT: Sixteen candles - mint Waynes World boxset - mint God Father Trilogy - Sealed Dirty Harry Collection - Sealed Sum of All Fears - mint Kung Pow - mint Ghost World - mint John Q - mint Die Hard (5 Star) - mint Fifth Element - mint Star Trek: Insurrection - mint Shipping News -...
  29. Donnie Eldridge

    PowerPuff Girls on DVD

    Does anyone know where to cheaply import the entire series? I've searched places like Amazon.jp ,but honestly can't justify spending over $30 a piece for all 12 dvds. Especially since there are only 3-4 episodes per disk.
  30. Donnie Eldridge

    Band of Brothers on dvd

    I've really enjoyed the latest batch of war movies released on dvd recently and I remember everyone ranting and raving about this series. Though I've never personally seen an episode. I was curious if it's worth purchasing with having seen it?