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  1. JGiampa

    HD-DVD help

    When I hooked up mine via VGA it looked awful.
  2. JGiampa

    HD-DVD help

    I probably just bought my last HD-DVD. I purchased my XBOX 360 last year for titles like the Bourne Ultimatum. Thing is the movie won't play! I have gotten two copies, and have the latest firmware. Still won't play. i can't even return it because of "copyright laws". That is pretty much it...
  3. JGiampa

    HTF HD DVD Review: The Bourne Ultimatum (Combo)

    I just returned it for a new copy....still does not play. Does anyone have any advice? Bestbuy refuses to give me my money back, they want me to buy the standard DVD. I refuse to buy standard DVDs...
  4. JGiampa

    HTF HD DVD Review: The Bourne Ultimatum (Combo)

    So I updated the firmware on my XBOX 360 add on....now the disc wont play AT ALL. Ironic isn't it?
  5. JGiampa

    dlp vs. lcd vs. plasma

    I have the "Sharp Aquos 65" LCD -- LC-65D90U -- $6700" and it is simply amazing. I have it in a very large family room with windows from the floor to the ceiling on almost all ends. No matter what time of the day the set is still spectacular from any angle. You can literally stand on the side of...
  6. JGiampa

    HTF HD DVD Review: The Bourne Ultimatum (Combo)

    I just picked up and watched it tonight. I did not see it in the theatres because a lot of people told me the camera was too shaky and it made them sick... After watching it I didn't think it was any different then the first two. I actually thought the fighting scenes were easier to see. I...
  7. JGiampa

    Who's using component?

    Ok thanks- then I wont even bother with it.
  8. JGiampa

    Receiver suggestion with Klipsch speakers

    Warm sound is something that you can only tell through actually listening to the receiver. Some receivers give off a cold, sort of I like to say tinny sound (I have a SONY like this and hate it). While other receivers will give you a rich warm sound. I am currently using a YAMAHA that I love...
  9. JGiampa

    Who's using component?

    How did you upconvert on your PS3? - I have my PS3 hooked up via HDMI and the DVDs look pretty damn good (not compared to bluray of course)
  10. JGiampa

    PS3 Remote Problem

    Ok so committed a sin. I opened the PS3 remote and threw out the package. Problem is how do you get it to work? I'm sure you need to set it up to the system but i cant figure out how. Normally you just put batteries in a remote and the thing works...no such luck here with the blu ray. Joe
  11. JGiampa

    Best for $1K, no FP

    I am looking at the Samsung website...and notice they only have 1080p DLPs and 720p DLPs. Why no 1080i? BTW I have a Samsung HLS5688W and agree that the all black shiny finish is damn sexy, especially with black towers on the side of it! I would put in a vote for a Samsung DLP, I am very...
  12. JGiampa

    Buying new 1080i TVs?

    Ok so I purchased a new 1080p Samsung DLP. And to be honest I feel like I paid way too much money for "1080p", and now that I have it I feel like it was all hype. Obviously all broadcasts are coming in at 1080i, also my XBOX360 add-on (1080i) looks better than my PS3, my PS3 also looks better in...
  13. JGiampa

    PS3 looks better in 1080i than 1080p, also anyone try component?

    Dan, The 1080p is definitely not similar to 540p. I just noticed that there is less background grain with 1080i than 1080p. If you get around to it put your set up into 1080i and compare and let me know (Sopranos is a good BD to test this out). When I have the PS3 set for 1080p the...
  14. JGiampa

    No Sound from Center Channel

    Are you getting all 5 speakers when watching non HD channels? I've got some obvious suggestions you might be annoyed with that they are so simple but sometimes we overlook things you know... Is the receiver in stereo mode? Try selecting a "movie" mode or or another mode like Dolby Digital...
  15. JGiampa

    PS3 looks better in 1080i than 1080p, also anyone try component?

    I think my PS3 looks better in 1080i than in 1080p. Why is this? and does anyone else notice the same thing? Also has anyone compared component vs. HDMI on a PS3. I ask this because my XBOX add on looks significantly better (King Kong, Superman Returns, V for Vendetta) than my PS3 (Sopranos...
  16. JGiampa

    Which do you prefer - and why? DLP, LCD, Plasma or Projection?

    Is the pixelation you guys are talking about caused by the signal your getting from the cable box or is it because the sets are LCDs and Plasma? In my apartment my signal is very weak and whenever there is a fast moving scene (an example of a flash from a camera in Aviator) I get terrible...
  17. JGiampa

    LCoS vs DLP

    I have a Samsung HL-S5688W and absolutely love it. I can't see the RBE if I try. I think that the new DLPs that are out have diminished the RBE siginificantly. I can definitely testify for Samsung. I have no experience with LCoS so I can't help you there. There are some differences in...
  18. JGiampa

    Changed from Samsung DLP 50" to 61" now "Grainy" picture

    Can't go wrong with a 60-65 inch 1080p! I second Alon's choice number 3! Joe
  19. JGiampa

    70" Plus TV: Sony, Toshiba, or Mit?

    I dont think I would have a problem putting my PS3 on a new plasma... I was under the impression that the burnout problems have been worked out for the most part. And when you watch a baseball/hockey game etc on tv that score box is up there the whole time anyway... Or is it not because of...
  20. JGiampa

    Changed from Samsung DLP 50" to 61" now "Grainy" picture

    Yea. the problem is with the size/viewing distance. You didnt notice it before because the screen was smaller.
  21. JGiampa

    70" Plus TV: Sony, Toshiba, or Mit?

    "I have read that Toshiba advertising is misleading and they do not have 1080p but their "engine" is called a 1080p is there any truth to that?" YES there is truth to that. I brought my PS3 to my buddies house today who owns a 63inch Toshiba that he thought was 1080p because the salesman at...
  22. JGiampa

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Sopranos -- in BD & HD

    Ok, So I watched The Sopranos on a few of my friends HDTVs with my PS3 and there is not as much grain on their sets. After tweaking my monitor for when I watch Sopranos specifically it does look pretty good. So I take back some of what I said about the pic quality. Im just trying to figure...
  23. JGiampa

    Standard tv on HD sets

    I feel like standard tv looks bad on my HDTV. I don't think it's because I am comparing it to the HD channels. Why is it that standard tv looks better on non HD tvs? Joe
  24. JGiampa

    Blown Sub? Receiver??

    My Kenwood receiver and my Definitive sub blew at the same time.... hmmm Joe
  25. JGiampa

    70" Plus TV: Sony, Toshiba, or Mit?

    I would go with the new Samsung 71 inch. It looks gorgeous and I thought it blew away the other screens in the same size category including the Mitsubishi and the Sony. The Sony and Mit looked washed out in comparison to me. I did see them at the store...but still the Sammy looked amazing. I...
  26. JGiampa

    OLDer PLASMA??

    I have my XBOX 360 HDDVD (1080i) add on hooked up through the component cables that came with the xbox and I have a PS3 blu ray(1080p) hooked up via HDMI. So far I can see no difference, if anything I would say that the few HDDVDs I own look better than the few BDs I have. I dont think its...
  27. JGiampa

    Vizio T.V.s- any thoughts?

    Does anyone have any experience or opinions on Vizio tvs, especially their Plasmas and LCDs? Thanks guys
  28. JGiampa

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Sopranos -- in BD & HD

    I agree with some titles that I have on HD or BD that they do look better than the HD broadcasts. Take King Kong on HDDVD, Superman Returns on HDDVD, and Talladega Nights on BD. Obviously I havent seen those same movies on HD broadcast but comparing them to other movies they look amazing. I...
  29. JGiampa

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Sopranos -- in BD & HD

    I purchased the BD version... While most of you are talking about price and packaging I would like to change the focus to the quality for a bit. I must say that I'm not very impressed. I dont think it looks much better than season 1 or 2 on DVD. The picture quality is grainy most of the time...