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  1. Mike Knapp

    To my longtime friends here....

    Hopefully there are some old timers that will remember me. Recently, the Hillsborough County (The county I live in) Arts Council sponsored a contest in which the winners would have their artwork displayed on billboards around the county. There were 124 entrants, and there were 7 spots...
  2. Mike Knapp

    Anyone listening to vinyl?

    Just trying to get a feel for this space here. HTF is an old haunt of mine and I am searching to see where I might become more active. I am looking for discussions on 2 channel audio on all media, including vinyl. Any interest here in hi-end audio? Mike
  3. Mike Knapp

    Happy Holidays to my old friends.

    I dont get around here much anymore but I still remember the place fondly. I have many cherished memories of Home Theater Forum. Id like to take a moment to wish everyone here the happiest of holiday seasons. Ron and Parker, all my best to you guys and the site in the new year. To all the...
  4. Mike Knapp

    Sony DVD9000es DVD/SACD player For sale

    Yes it plays stereo only (no multi-channel) SACDs. It is a tank of a machine. Real purty blue light. 1,500 new All yours for 500.00 plus shipping. Send me an e-mail Mike
  5. Mike Knapp

    Modular media rack design

    I finally got tired of keeping some of my records in the house and some in the garage, and all my laser discs inside a cabinet. I also needed to incorporate CD storage into whatever I built because this new rack has to go where my current CD rack resides. So I got the bright idea to make a...
  6. Mike Knapp

    Headphones for sale

    Sennheiser HD565 cans, barely used 75 beans plus shipping. First e-mail gets them. Mike
  7. Mike Knapp

    Sony DVP-NS500V SACD/DVD player

    DVD/SACD player for sale. Only used for music in the evenings! :) First person with 140 bucks and shipping owns it. Shoot me an Email. Mike
  8. Mike Knapp

    Two channel solid-state audio rig for sale

    Interested in some stereo? How about this ONIX P-3000 pre-amp and the ONIX A2150 amplifier? The pre-amp has a phono stage for anyone looking to get into some vinyl. Here is some product info.... ONIX A2150 Amplifier: Featuring a full 150 Watt 2-channel power amplifier, the A-2150...
  9. Mike Knapp

    Antique Sound Labs WAV 8 tube mono block amps

    150 bucks plus shipping for the pair...these have the tube cages. 8 watts each so you will need effecient speakers. Great for entry into the world of tubes. E-mail me if interested. Mike
  10. Mike Knapp

    Outlaw 770 power amp

    Thats right the venerable Outlaw 770 power amp. 7 channels @ 200 watts into 8 ohms and 300 into 4 ohms. About 8 months old. 1800 dollars new....Asking 1400 dollars (plus shipping) OBO. Contact me via Email if interested. This is a fine amp but Im getting the mono amps soon. Mike
  11. Mike Knapp

    A sad loss in the internet Home Theater community

    I awoke to find an E-mail on my computer this morning that has me feeling saddened and in a state of shock. Stu Kobak of the FILMS ON DISC DVD Review magazine, and a good friend of Home Theater Talk since it's inception, passed away early Sunday morning from a heart attack. I had the...
  12. Mike Knapp

    Two channel audio rig for sale

    Onix pre-amp/amp combo Almost never used, total of perhps 5 hours on each piece. Beautiful amp with large analog VU meters backlit in blue...stunning. The pre-amp has a phono stage and some bass control for using a subwoofer in your audio system. Beautiful sounding gear, I just went with...
  13. Mike Knapp

    Internet merchant reputation check?

    Is there a site where one can check the reputation of an on-line retailer? If so....where? Thanks
  14. Mike Knapp

    We are expecting too much from our new equipment.

    I have been reading alot lately about the Outlaw 950 pre-amp. Since I got one, I have been scouring the forums looking for tidbits that I might use. What I see surprises me. The Outlaw is a sub 1K processor that performs like a pre-pro costing double its price, and yet there are those that are...
  15. Mike Knapp

    I built an IB sub...wanna see it?

    Have a look at the entire process http://www.hometheatertalk.com/DIY_Projects/IB_Sub/ib_sub.html Mike
  16. Mike Knapp

    A question for all the tweak skeptics out there.

    Most of the tweaks I use are either very cheap (under 20 bucks) or I will only try them if I can return them and get my money back if they dont work. I suppose most of the other tweakers are the same. So I ask this. What would motivate us to "believe" that something made a difference when in...
  17. Mike Knapp

    Why "testing" for cable differences is ridiculous.

    FRED: Hey Bob, that new Italian restaurant over on 49th street sure has some sweet lasagne. It tastes a lot different than the stuff we get at The Pasta Pot! BOB: Really? Are you sure? Have you done any DB tests? FRED: Hey Bob, see that girl in the red dress over there? She looks different...
  18. Mike Knapp

    How to get the most from your system: Part III...Tweaks

    Tweaks, where to begin. How about let’s start with a disclaimer. The following information is stuff I have discovered that worked for me. It may not work for you, hell, it may not even work at all. I may just be imagining it all together. But I believe it works and so I will report on it. Keep...
  19. Mike Knapp

    So....what wires do you use?

    This is a poll, NOT a request to determine which wires are better or a query about "do wires make a difference" so all skeptics keep your traps shut! No thread farting...I will alert a mod at the first sign of some skeptic trying to preach in here. I will start... I use exclusively Better...
  20. Mike Knapp

    Squeezing the most from your Home Theater (part II) VIDEO

    This is the second segment in a three part series about squeezing the most performance from your Home Theater set-up. It is intended to educate and stimulate discussion so that others may benefit. Lets have a look at the video portion of our Home Theaters. First we will look at TV’s in...
  21. Mike Knapp

    Squeezing the most performance out of your Home Theater (part 1)

    I have been working on this essay for many months. Putting it away when I didnt feel like dealing with it and then after the events in September I put it on a kind of hiatus. I decided it would be good for me to finish it up and post it now, in the spirit of helping others get what they can from...
  22. Mike Knapp

    Thank you for the honor

    I see that Turkey Knapp is back. I would like to thank all my friends at the academy....but since I dont have any there I will thank my friends at Home Theater Forum instead. I appreciate the honor of adorning your pages for the month of November. Thanks to all my friends here. Mike
  23. Mike Knapp

    I noticed from the word association thread that....

    ....according to Sebastian_M I am an Arrogant Prick. I just didnt want you to think I couldnt "feel the love". Mike [Edited last by Mike Knapp on September 11, 2001 at 06:14 AM]
  24. Mike Knapp

    The new look of the Knapp theater.....

    As some of you my know I have been building a "wall" around my equipment to hide the unsightliness. The wall is really just a frame with speaker grille cloth stretched over it. What this does is allow my soundstage to remain un effected (I was happy with it and didnt want to corrupt it with...
  25. Mike Knapp

    Is your soundfield up to snuff?

    I visit a lot of Home Theaters. Most of them look beautiful even when turned off. But alas, most of them are set up poorly where the audio comes into play. Room configuration is pretty basic where video is concerned but for audio it is much less forgiving. One of the most common mistakes made...