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  1. ChrisHeflen

    Advise on buying a new road bike, Specialized Roubaix

    I would definitely go with compact. It is getting more and more common as well. As Jay H said, you can change out the rear cassette to a 12x28 and be very close having a triple. If you were doing a lot of hills, then I would say a triple for that last bit of relief, but you will be fine with...
  2. ChrisHeflen

    Advise on buying a new road bike, Specialized Roubaix

    I probably shouldn't be replying to your posts as I'm too opinionated. I think Trek and Specialized make fine bikes. I'm just sick of seeing them. I live in Portland and they are everywhere. There's a shop on every corner selling them. I think people buy them because they are popular and they...
  3. ChrisHeflen

    Advise on buying a new road bike, Specialized Roubaix

    Do you know how much riding your planning on doing? If not alot, then 105 might be enough. When Shimano came out with Ultegra SL it was really close to Dura Ace 7800. A year or so later they released DA7900 and the gap widened a little again. I have heard that they are/have redone 105 and it is...
  4. ChrisHeflen

    Advise on buying a new road bike, Specialized Roubaix

    You do know that there are teams riding Specialized in the Tour as well, and that they "cost as much as a Trek?" The Madone line is started to be "bastardized". Meaning they are bringing the price point lower and thus losing the exclusivity of it.
  5. ChrisHeflen

    Advise on buying a new road bike, Specialized Roubaix

    Quote: He did tell me that Specialized CF frames have a lifetime warrranty. I find that a plus if I go for a CF bike. I would be surprised if the warranty covers crashes. Most likely not.
  6. ChrisHeflen

    Am I overreacting or should I be this upset with my girlfriend? (long read)

    Obviously her feelings for him are more important than for you. Texting at 3am? That's childs play. How can she not know that you are not happy with her relationship with him, but yet she still continues? You need to be done. Tell her it's obvious her feelings are stronger for him than you and...
  7. ChrisHeflen

    Advise on buying a new road bike, Specialized Roubaix

    There are problems with any material bikes are made from. Ti, being the least likely to fail. Sure if you're commuting, your needs are going to be different, and you might want a stouter bike. It doesn't sound like that's the case here. Carbon fiber is the popular choice these days for a bike...
  8. ChrisHeflen

    Advise on buying a new road bike, Specialized Roubaix

    I would go for a whole new bike. It's a good value and you'll be current with the newest in components. Also, unless your racing, I wouldn't worry about carbon fiber being weak. If it's good enough for the Pro's.... I don't know what your budget is, but I wouldn't limit myself to just one...
  9. ChrisHeflen

    *** Official CLOVERFIELD Discussion Thread

    I loved the movie but it sure made me sick. I fought throwing up and several people had to walk out. It's too bad they couldn't have made it easier to watch visually. I was kept from really enjoying it because I was fighting nausea so bad. Also so we know that at the end the "whipser" says...
  10. ChrisHeflen

    Terry Brooks "Shannara " novels

    I don't have any info, but I would love to see these come to film. What's Peter Jacksons number again...?
  11. ChrisHeflen

    *** Official THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM Review Thread

    I dont mean to be a nay sayer, and while I do think it's a good film I don't think it's the best. First there is nothing in this one that we haven't seen in the first two, minus the plot. That $$#% 'n shakey camera work is there along with I don't know how many "over the shoulder of some guy...
  12. ChrisHeflen

    *** Official THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM Discussion Thread

    posted in wrong thread...sorry
  13. ChrisHeflen

    Travel adapter in Cabo?

    I am going to Cabo in April and wondering if I am gonna need a travel adapter? Just going to be charging my Mp3 player and camcorder. Are the plug-ins gonna be different?
  14. ChrisHeflen

    Anna Nicole Smith - RIP (merged)

    I have the same sentiments as DaveM. It is just sad to see a human go through that type of life even if most of the things were self-imposed or whatever. What is truely sad is what becomes of her child? The innocence of that little girl and what she'll have to endure growing up...
  15. ChrisHeflen

    F/S Paradigm Studio speakers

    Sold the rest tonite.
  16. ChrisHeflen

    F/S Paradigm Studio speakers

    Guys, I am so sorry! It had been a few weeks with no responses so I kinda just forgot I had posted here. I have sold the center and have a guy coming by tonite to look at the rest. I will post the outcome tomorrow. Once again I am sorry. Chris
  17. ChrisHeflen

    F/S Paradigm Studio speakers

    I looking to upgrade so I am selling my; Paradigm Studio 60's, 20's, and CC-570. Would like to sell as a set for $2600.00, but would consider parting out. They are all V.3, in black ash. 60's and 20's have consecutive serial #'s. A year and 3 months old, with about 120 hours on them. Have...
  18. ChrisHeflen

    Receiver for Paradigm's

    The experience I've had with the 11's, they thrive in bigger rooms. Plus they need adaquate power to really get the best out of them. I agree with the others and suggest, since you do have a small room, to go with a bookshelf/sub scenario. You can move the sub around for the best bass response...
  19. ChrisHeflen

    a, b, and c OR a, b and c

    I don't mean to de-rail the thread, but I have trouble with apostrophys when denoting ownership. Like; "I'm going to Chris' house". How should that be? Chris's house? Or let's eat at Chris' do you use it properly?
  20. ChrisHeflen

    Portable noob needs MP3 player advice

    My bad, about not having to use Itunes. I had just heard from several people when shopping for mp3 players, a while back that you had too, so, sorry about that. Anyway good luck with your purchase...
  21. ChrisHeflen

    Portable noob needs MP3 player advice

    I think that player would be fine. Although my pick from what they offer would be the Toshiba Gigabeat. Check Cnet for reviews they are usually pretty informative when it comes to those. Too bad they didn't carry Creative... Don't forget with iFraud you have to have Itunes on your computer.
  22. ChrisHeflen

    paradigm studio 100 component help

    You WILL be able to drive the 100's, but you are not gonna get what you can get out of them with an amp. If you are happy with the processing part of the Yam., why not try just adding an amp first, if it has pre-outs? See how that sounds, then eventually up-grade to a pre-pro. The Outlaw is...
  23. ChrisHeflen

    In memoriam: GLENN FORD

    I was so bummed to hear he passed! He was for sure, my favorite male actor. Not the best maybe, but I liked his demeanor. Too bad that type of leading man, i.e. Ford, Holden, Grant, Peck, has never been replaced....
  24. ChrisHeflen

    Audio/Video things that irritate you.

    I totally agree on the digital usage. Very mis-understood and they still use it. I also can't stand when they say, "I have surround sound". Or they ask, "Do you have "surround sound" "? Or they call HT, "surround sound".
  25. ChrisHeflen

    Why can't I ship myself again....?

    You know I probably could fit in someones carry on. I'll just go swimming right before and shrink everything up and "Tada"!
  26. ChrisHeflen

    Why can't I ship myself again....?

    "you've thinned the shallow end of the gene pool even more" Gee thanks kevin for the kind words. Of course guys I am just tossing the thing out for discussion and wouldn't dream of it. It's more of like a "why the hell not"? I mean really what would be the big deal? Maybe if people did...
  27. ChrisHeflen

    What song would you pick if....

    Preface: Music is really important to me. I have at least an hour commute, almost always on at home... So I have had this scenario where everybody in (let's just keep it in the states for simplicity) gets to pick one song and then it is played all across the country. I don't mean on radio...
  28. ChrisHeflen

    Why can't I ship myself again....?

    Well, I am about 153lbs. so maybe they'll let me slide. I won't go UPS. Probably just stick with Fedex. Maybe the fall would be the best time. Not too hot or cold. I mean, I am planning on totally being prepard so it's not like I am just gonna go in naked. Plus I have my mp3 player too...
  29. ChrisHeflen

    Why can't I ship myself again....?

    I have a friend in NY that I would like to go visit, but I don't wanna spend the money. Is it really that bad to ship yourself FedEx or something? I mean, that guy a couple years back did it and would have gotten away with it had he stayed in the box til the dlievery driver left, right? Is...
  30. ChrisHeflen

    Stuck in the '80's..?

    Check this out.