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  1. Frank_S

    I need a DVD player with excellent video....

    I want to buy a DVD player that has excellent video, I don't want or need DVD-Audio or SACD, just a solid DVD player with the best video reproduction. I currently have a Toshiba SD-5109(1st generation)and Toshiba TW40x81 RPTV. What player would you recommend? I am only interested in buying a...
  2. Frank_S

    Need advice configuring PC for teenager...

    Hi, I'm buying my 18 year old son a Desktop PC in a couple of weeks so that he can familiarize himself with it and/or get all the bugs worked out before he leaves for college in September. I'm going to use Dell as a source, I've used them before and although it was a p.i.t.a. I still think they...
  3. Frank_S

    Drive Image, anyone using it on their PC?

    I have Windows 95 OS on a computer I've had for several years with Applications software on it that I can no longer reload should my hard-drive fail. I have a Jazz drive in my system so could I clone everything (using Drive Image) including applications from my C: drive to my Jazz drive and...
  4. Frank_S

    If you could be a fly on a wall..........

    Who's or what wall would you choose to be on, and why? I would have liked to have been in the O.J. Simpson trial jury room to hear those deliberations, I'm still wondering what went through their heads to acquit him. :)
  5. Frank_S

    Bowie-Hunky Dory

    I've always thought Bowie was one of the greatest songwriters and recently I was re-assured of that. I've been buying a lot of used vinyl lately and at 1 of my used record stores I came across one of Bowie's hidden treasures(at least to me). I actually picked up 3 other Bowie albums which also...
  6. Frank_S

    Neil Young disses the CD medium in USA Today

    Here's a snippet from an article in USA Today. Preserving his legacy is a priority, yet Young finds the mechanics frustrating and unsatisfying. The problem, he says, rests in the music industry's self-destructive decision to switch from vinyl platters to compact discs. Young dismisses music's...
  7. Frank_S

    Dell Effed up my computer.

    Well Dell seems to make it their business to screw up. I had an issue with my Dell system so I called Tech. Support. The techie has me delete some files and voila, my system is fucked up beyond repair now. I have spent 8 hours on the phone in the last 2 days trying to fix his fuckup, but I am...
  8. Frank_S

    If you had to give up CD or DVD, which would you keep?

    I read an article in Sound & Vision explaining how CD revolutionized audio and how easily it trounced the LP, blah,blah,blah. Anyway the author posed an interesting question. He thought that most people would rather give up DVD and go back to VHS rather than give up CD and go back to LP's...
  9. Frank_S

    SVS driver, can it be used in front firing enclosure?

    I would like to make use of my old SVS driver since the new one is on the way. I was wondering if it would work in my B&W AS6 enclosure. It also uses a 12" driver but the B&W is only rated to go to 40hz and is front-firing. Is the 40hz rating a byproduct of the ported enclosure or is it simply...
  10. Frank_S

    Inexpensive speaker isolation platform! (less than $5 pair)

    Every pair of speakers I've owned come with spikes that are too short. If you add up the padding and carpet pile thickness, it more than likely exceeds the spike length. When you use these short spikes on your speakers, they simply don't do the job they were intended to, they rock back and...
  11. Frank_S

    Mad Max missing charred face scene?

    I could have sworn when I saw Mad Max years ago that in the hospital scene they showed the charred face of his mate, but when I watched it last night, it was'nt there, no charred face. All they showed was the charred arm falling from the bed. Am I right on this?
  12. Frank_S

    Panasonic 47" hdtv, owners comments wanted, please.

    My brother just bought the new PT47????(don't know all the digits)RPTV along with an RP-56 DVD player. He is having major problems with Red push, artifacts, and really just a poor image as far as I'm concerned. We've tried using Avia to clear up the Red push but it's going to take some service...
  13. Frank_S

    Panny RP-56 and artifacts!

    My brother just purchased Panasonics 47" HDTV along with the RP-56 DVD player. I went over to view a movie and noticed horrible artifacts and even pixelazation frequently while watching the 5th Element. There is also a definite red push problem, while running avia and the color decoder section...
  14. Frank_S

    AC/DC DVD for Region 1?

    Does anyone know if AC/DC is available on Region 1. I see that Amazon has a Region 2 DVD, "No Bull" but I can't find a Region 1 release. Please help me, I have to have AC/DC in my music DVD collection! :)
  15. Frank_S

    Losing video on Tosh. 5109, help!

    I've had my 5109 just over 1 1/2 years and just recently it has started losing video signal on the progressive connection while watching a movie. If I just barely touch the Monster component cable, the picture re-appears. These cables, as you all know are very heavy due to the fact that all 3...
  16. Frank_S

    Rock 'n' roll high school, opinions?

    I saw this movie during its theatrical run and did'nt come away overly impressed but it's funny how some movies that did'nt sway you the first time around,given a few years, they appear much more enjoyable. Anyway, has anyone purchased this DVD? What do you think? How is the audio/video?
  17. Frank_S

    ABC says DD 5.1, but it's not!

    Watching ABC primetime movies over the weekend I noticed that I got NO center channel information. All dialogue came from my main speakers. My pre/pro said it was receving a 5.1 DD signal but it did'nt output what it should have. I know CBS transmits DD 2.0 which also has no center channel info...