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  1. Jim A. Banville

    Cheap HDTV receivers

    Don't know if this has been mentioned, but my local Sam's has the Samsung HDTV receiver for $289. Seems pretty cheap to me :)
  2. Jim A. Banville

    Glass toslink

    Anyone used one of the glass toslink cables? Opinions?
  3. Jim A. Banville

    Impossible to buy Athena C.5 center speaker only?

    I bought four S.5 bookshelf speakers a while back. Now I want the matching center speaker. The place I bought my S.5's from doesn't sell it, and it looks like everyone else only sells it as a package with four S.5's. Anyone know of a dealer that sells only the C.5? thanks Jim
  4. Jim A. Banville

    Safe to "lift ground" on projector?

    After hooking up my new Panasonic XP30 DVD player to both my 53" RPTV and my Z1, I got horizontal rolling lines. They went away after unhooking the XP30 from the RPTV, but I want to be able to use it with either my projector and TV. I currently "lift the ground" on my subwoofer's three prong...
  5. Jim A. Banville

    Safe to "lift ground" on projector?

    After hooking up my new Panasonic XP30 DVD player to both my 53" RPTV and my Z1, I got horizontal rolling lines. They went away after unhooking the XP30 from the RPTV, but I want to be able to use it with either my projector and TV. I currently "lift the ground" on my subwoofer's three prong...
  6. Jim A. Banville

    Which Panasonic DVD player to get?

    Looks like the RP-82 and XP-30 are nearly identical and are top rated by hometheaterhifi.com's progressive scan DVD player shotout. Problem is they both seem to be discontinued. What is the current version of these players?
  7. Jim A. Banville

    My DIY Sanyo PLV-Z1 LCD projector mount...

    http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/attac...achmentid=9119 Cost me about $20. Climbing around the attic wasn't fun :frowning:
  8. Jim A. Banville

    Which of these is "better" for a 6' wide screen?

    Proxima DP2000s Native SVGA (800 x 600) resolution, 1000 lumens bright, 5.7 lbs. $1,049.00 InFocus LP240 SVGA (800 x 600) resolution, 1000 lumens, 5.7 lbs. $1,099.00 Thanks!
  9. Jim A. Banville

    What's this projector worth?

    "InFocus LightPro 550, w/155 ansi lumens, onboard audio, and accepts computer, s-video, and component inputs, and 640 X 480 resolution". Is this a "good" starter projector? Isn't the resolution good enough to display full 480p DVD video? I want to have a screen about 6 ft. wide. Thanks :)...
  10. Jim A. Banville

    Downloadable images from the web?

    Do High Definition images exist on the net that can be downloaded and viewed on my laptop's display? I'm seeking images that appear as if I'm looking out a window! Thanks! Jim
  11. Jim A. Banville

    Stuffing touching amp internals? Fire hazard?

    Do any of you all with open backed plate amps worry about stuffing touching the circuitry on the amp? Can it start a fire?
  12. Jim A. Banville

    Athena Speakers S.5 mini-bookshelf speaker review

    Well, my suck-butt dial-up connection killed my lengthy, detailed review :frowning: Suffice to say that I've had speakers that cost over $1000/pair in my home and these little Athenas are GREAT mini-bookshelf speakers. They definitely need a sub and are a little bright, but are great for $150/pr...
  13. Jim A. Banville

    Which 10" or 12" driver for 1.5 cubic ft. box?

    I cut my ported 12" Shiva box down to make it into a 2 cubic ft. sealed design. I now have not only a sealed 12" sub, but another empty 1.5 cubic ft. box with a cutout for a plate sub. It only lacks a baffle. I would like to put another 250 watt plate amp and a hard hitting 10 or 12" driver in...
  14. Jim A. Banville

    Who sells pre-fab sub boxes?

    Looking for them in the size of 1 to 2 cubic ft. thanks Jim
  15. Jim A. Banville

    Smallest box possible for Shiva?

    What are the dimensions for the smallest sealed box I can make for a Shiva 12" driver that has a Q around 7? thanks Jim
  16. Jim A. Banville

    Cicuit City ROCKS!

    I took an 8 year old Sony 32" TV to Circuit City for repair about a month ago. They contacted me that it was ready and would be $150. I went to the store, but they couldn't find it! Then then found a note that it may have been sent back to the repair dept. in Atlanta. They said they'd give me a...
  17. Jim A. Banville

    Anyone ever audition these speakers...

    Athena S.5? It is made by the folks who make Energy and Mirage. There are some glowing reviews at www.athenaspeakers.com . thanks Jim
  18. Jim A. Banville

    Downsizing HT. Need your suggestions...

    I currently have a pair of Mirage OM-10's (the older style), an OM-C3 center and a pair of OM-R2 surrounds. These speakers are too big for my living room and the fronts, being omni-polar, require to pulled out away from the wall, taking up more room. I want to replace this system with another...
  19. Jim A. Banville

    FS- PSB Alpha bookshelf speakers

    These are the original PSB Alphas, black in color. They are approx. 2 years old and are in MINT condition! They are a Stereophile Magazine recommended component! It is a two-way bookshelf design priced at $199/pair(MSRP), it combines a reflex-loaded 6.5" woofer using a plastic-doped paper cone...
  20. Jim A. Banville

    PSB Alphas for sale

    I'm going to sell a pair of black MINT condition PSB Alpha bookshelf speakers. We don't remember what they paid for them. What would be a fair price to ask for them? thanks
  21. Jim A. Banville

    Adding HD to PS2?

    I've seen refernces to adding a hard drive to PS2 systems. Can someone give me the info for this? Will any HD work? thanks! Jim
  22. Jim A. Banville

    Suggest wireless controller for PS2

    Has anyone tried one? Is there a "lag" in repsonse? What about battery life? What I'd like is a "wireless" controller that plugged up to the wall outlet for power! thanks Jim
  23. Jim A. Banville

    FS: Star Wars - Phantom Menace DVD *MINT*

    Watched once. $15/shipped in US. I only accept Paypal. thanks Jim
  24. Jim A. Banville

    I need resistor values for PE 250 watt plate amp :)

    Like a fool, instead of testing out the deafault NO BOOST setting on my Parts Express amp, I switched the resistors to give a rumble filter starting at 21Hz (I'm using a vented Shiva). I want to go back to the default resistor settings. I switched R26 to 39K and R27 to 150K. I need to go back...
  25. Jim A. Banville

    Pre-amp board glued in on plate amp. Please help with bass boost/fumble filter mod!

    I removed the nuts and screws holding the pre-amp board in place on my 250 watt Parts Express amp, but it appears that the board is glued to the rubber gasket, which itself is glued to the main faceplate :frowning: I don't want to damage it by trying to force it. Can someone post a pic of the...
  26. Jim A. Banville

    Just received Parts Express 250 watt plate amp and...

    ...it doesn't have a "box" covering the internal electronic components. Isn't this the same basic amp as the Adire AVA250? I could've sworn I saw a picture of that amp with a box sealing the internal parts on that amp. I also don't see anything on either Parts Express website or the paperwork...
  27. Jim A. Banville

    Can you guy's check my sub box calculations? And a 12" driver choice question...

    My sub box's internal dimensions are 13x23x22.5", which is 3.89 cubic ft. The port is 4" in diameter x 17" long, which is .12 cubic ft. The amp I will be getting (PE 250) is 9x9x2.5" (actually 3.25" deep, but subtract .75" for the thickness of the box's rear panel), which displaces .11 cubic ft...
  28. Jim A. Banville

    Problem w/ Behind Enemy Lines DVD audio?

    Listening to the 5.1 DD track, the center channel dialogue seemed low and distorted (yes, my speakers have been calibrated with AVIA) compared to the other channels. This was mainly near the beginning of the film. I had to turn it WAY up to understand what they were saying and then then FX blew...
  29. Jim A. Banville

    Excellent but possibly impossible suggestion for "software for sale" forum :)

    I really get tired of wading through each and every thread in the "software for sale" forum for titles I'm interested in. What would be great is if an application existed on this forum where there was a list of every DVD title (perhaps they could be cut and pasted from a list already in...
  30. Jim A. Banville

    Box is just about finished - I have final tuning questions, re: shiva + port

    The inside capacity of my box is 3.8 cubic ft. (how many liters is that?), minus the space that will be taken up by the 12" driver and 4" port. Now, I haven't bought the Shiva yet, but I was planning on using it in a ported box. Does the size of my box fit within the parameters of the Shiva...