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  1. DanielGM

    Lots of stuff FS: Infinity, Vandersteen, Wharfedale, Paradigm, H/K Citation..

    So I will keep these descriptions fairly brief to save time but please ask questions if you have any. Speakers: I unfortunately do not have the original boxes for any of these so local pickup either in Baltimore or in Leesburg highly preferred, but if you want me to ship something let me know...
  2. DanielGM

    FS: Infinity Interlude 5.1 set, Carver C-1 preamp

    Hey Guys, just a few things for sale: Minty Carver C-1 Sonic Holography Preamp. All lettering completely intact, no brassing on any of the knobs, no oxidation on the RCAs, no blemishes. Even the rubber feet on the bottom look pretty new. I will include 2 copies of the original manual (not...
  3. DanielGM

    WTB: 3 Channel amp or Outlaw 7-Channel Amp

    Looking for a 3 channel amp from a brand such as: parasound, acurus, B&K, etc. Also looking for an Outlaw 7 Channel amp or another 7 channel amp
  4. DanielGM

    FS: Infinity Interlude IL60, IL36c Maple WashD.C.

    I have a pair of IL60's and an IL36c in maple for sale. At this time I would like to only entertain a local sale, the IL60 boxes were pretty badly beat up when they were shipped to me and I threw them out. If you aren't local but want them anyways send me an email and I will get back to you if...
  5. DanielGM

    Question about 1080i projectors

    I will be moving into a house that will be finished a little over a year from now and I would like to know a few things as I spec out the basement (aka theater) Can anyone speculate on the entry price for a full HD (1080 horizontal lines of resolution) DLP (or LCOS if you think it will be...
  6. DanielGM

    WTB: MyHD tuner card

    I'm looking for an HDTV tuner card, I would prefer one of the MyHD cards, either the mdp-100 or 120 is fine. I would also be interested if someone wanted to give me a deal on something else though (dvico?). Finally, I may also be interested if you have the DVI daughtercard or a small indoor...
  7. DanielGM

    Need OTA HDTV tuner w/DVI w/o HDCP

    I want to use an OTA HDTV tuner to output a DVI signal into my computer monitor. I understand that while my monitor most likely won't display a 1080i signal, it should display 720p. (If there is any other input on this it would be appreciated). The monitor obviously is not equiped with HDCP...
  8. DanielGM

    DVD or HDTV tuner DVI signal to a comp. monitor?

    Hey guys, I couldn't find this answered else-where so if it is, please let me know: What is the compatibility of the DVI signal that is prodcued by DVI equipped items like the Bravo D1 dvd player(etc.) and HDTV tuners with the DVI input on my IBM P260 CRT computer monitor? In the past I...
  9. DanielGM

    FS: Harman/Kardon AVR-525

    I'm selling my H/K 525. It's in perfect condition and will ship with manual and remote in the original box, just like new. Great receiver, 7.1 sounds amazing. $450 plus shipping from Fairfax, VA. feedback on ebay under 'ceruleance'
  10. DanielGM

    universal players with headphone jacks

    are there any highly regarded DVD video/DVD-A/SACD players out there with a headphone out? the sony 777 has one but it doesn't do DVD Video, and it's way out of my price range, I'm interested in anything from $200-$1000 or so.
  11. DanielGM

    Experience with Constrained layers

    Has anyone experimented with using some sort of constrained layer between two pieces of MDF when laminating to make a thicker enclosure? Is there a worthwhile improvement (particularly for a subwoofer application)? What type of materials would be suitable for this application? Thanks in advance
  12. DanielGM

    Design my boxes for me please.

    Hey guys, I've got all the parts together for what I think will make an excellent (pair of) sub(s), now I just need a cabinet design. Goal: pair of subs for 2 channel music, I've got a seperate HT, I don't listen to organ music, so extension to and beyond 20 hz is not needed, and I would...
  13. DanielGM

    Behringer Crossovers?

    Anyone have experience with Behringer crossovers? What are your thoughts? SUPER-X PRO CX2310 SUPER-X PRO CX3400 ULTRADRIVE PRO DCX2496 is what I am talking about thanks in advance
  14. DanielGM

    Paradigm X-30

    I have posted a thread on this general subject before but not quite this specific. I have a 2 channel system that I am planning to use with a passive subwoofer (read: no plate amp) and so I would need an outboard crossover, such as the X-30. My question is whether the paradigm is a good...
  15. DanielGM

    Anyone know where Chad Kuypers is?

    moderator close thread please
  16. DanielGM

    XO for 2.1 system

    I'm going to be using a passive diy sub powered by an external amp with my 2 channel system. My preamp has dual outputs, the XLR's are going to my main amp and so there are a pair of RCA's I can use to run the sub. (this is how I was running the system with my Infinity IL120s which has a built...
  17. DanielGM

    Carver C-1 pre- and M-500t amp

    These are in outstanding condition for their age, conservatively 8/10 condtion on audiogon scale. The M-500t is perhaps the best sounding Carver amp of this era, believe me, I have owned almost all of them. It makes 250 wpc into 8 ohms, 350 into 4. It can be bridged into 8 ohms for 700 watts...
  18. DanielGM

    Any Charitable woodworkers in the DC Metro area?

    Hey guys. I'm a college student, which means I lack three things, 1)tools 2)money, and 3)loads of free time during the current exam period.. I am interested in DIY however for the value and the customizability. I've got 2 12" drivers which I plan to use in a push-pull arrangement in a 4 cu...
  19. DanielGM

    newb wants advice on Revel SUB-15 clone

    hey guys, I'd like to think I know a good deal about audio, but this will be my first DIY attempt, unless you count a pair of flexy speaker stands and a flexy component rack :D I was originally thinking of going with building my own enclosure to mimic the Stryke Power 15.6 (2 15" drivers...
  20. DanielGM

    H/K Signature 2.0 pre/pro and Carver M-1.0t amp

    I've got a few items I have listed on Ebay at the moment but I would be happy to end the auctions for any interested buyers that do not want to go through the auction process. Harman Kardon Signature 2.0 pre/pro with DD and DTS deconding. It also comes with the Harman Kardon TC1000 backlit...
  21. DanielGM

    Rotel RB-1090 vs. Parasound HCA-3500

    Ok so I have been looking at the specs for both of these amplifiers and having some problems choosing. It seems they are nearly identical, with the only significant difference I could find is that the Parasound uses two power cords in true dual mono style. Otherwise almost all of the specs are...
  22. DanielGM

    FS: Fosgate Audionics SD180 Surround, for SERIOUS theaters

    Well, these are on ebay with no reserve starting at 10 bucks. I can't link you because of forum rules, but if you are looking for a great deal on surrounds just search for them. I have for sale a pair of Fosgate Audionics SD 180 bipole/dipole surround speakers. These are massive, probably...