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  1. Pamela

    Time Shift Radio on Your iPod!

    iGriffin has developed software, iFill, which will allow you to download internet radio streams to your iPod. It will let you record multiple broadcasts at once and will only save the streams to your iPod, not your hard drive. The now playing info (song and artist) will be shown on the screen...
  2. Pamela

    What to charge for video editing?

    Recently, as a favor, I edited a wedding video for some friends. What started as a simple project of dumping the raw tape to DVD became a full blown production, complete with soundtrack, trimming the clips, still photos, etc. Authored the DVD in iDVD, with chapters, etc, for the full effect. It...
  3. Pamela

    Repair Question: Dryer Vent

    My dryer vent on the outside of my garage is coming off. It was held on by four screws, three of which have now come out and the fourth one is ready to come out. The garage is old—constructed with wood, and stucco on the outside. The stucco has crumbled where the screws were. I called the...
  4. Pamela

    Need help deciphering job description

    I was just contacted by a large entertainment company regarding a position they are looking to fill (they came across my resume online). I am trying to figure out just what the heck they are looking for. I am unfamiliar with some of the jargon they are using. Hopefully, some of you can...
  5. Pamela

    Editing Home Movies-Mac-Questions

    I'm doing a favor for some friends and editing some home movies for them. They were recorded on a Sony Hi-8 cam. Via S-Video, I dumped the movies onto my DVD recorder and burned a DVD. Now that it's on my Mac, I wanted to convert them to DV so that I could open them up in iMovie and edit them...
  6. Pamela

    Single Channel vs. Dual Channel RAM

    This past weekend I put two sticks of 1GB RAM in my computer. This RAM (Geil) was packaged as dual channel. The packaging said it was optimized for dual channel machines, which mine is. I notice they sell single channel sticks, which are cheaper, but seem to have the same specs. 2GBs dual...
  7. Pamela

    Power Mac G5 users: How much RAM?

    Well, I've finally decided to bite the bullet and get a new Mac. My current model is a beige G3 (upgraded to a G4 500). I've kept it going for quite a while, but it's time for a new one. I'm vacillating between the dual 1.8 and dual 2.0 (although the 2.0 is winning). Since neither comes with...
  8. Pamela

    Another free iTunes Sampler (Atlantic/Lava)

    Here's another free sampler from iTunes. 16 songs—all Atlantic/Lava artists.
  9. Pamela

    Need financial wizards: GGA VS. 403(b)

    I currently contribute to an optional 403(b) account at work. My employer matches 50%. They now have a Guaranteed Growth Account, which they will also match 50%. I have been reading over the material, but I still don't know if I should switch. I am soooo confused! Any financial wizards...
  10. Pamela

    Free iTunes Music Sampler

    You can dowload this music sampler free from the iTunes store.
  11. Pamela

    Need Gift Ideas for "Adopt-A-Family"

    I know there have been a lot of posts requesting ideas for holiday gifts, but this one is with a twist. I would be so grateful for some gift advice. At work, we have an Adopt-A-Family program during the holidays. Each department pitches in money for an area family who is disadvantaged. We are...
  12. Pamela

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Questions

    Well, my carpet is a year old. I take good care of it—vacuum it regularly, spot clean it with a Bissel (Cat with furball problems. Need I say more?). I would like to get it professionally cleaned. First, how do you pick the company? Go with a known name like Sears, or Stanley Steemer? Or go...
  13. Pamela

    Question re: Receiver runs hot!

    I have an Onkyo 898, which I use as a pre/pro. My separate amp (Parasound Halo A52) runs hot, which I expect. However, I noticed that the receiver also gets very hot. I assumed that when I switched to a separate amp, the receiver wouldn't produce as much heat. Is this normal?
  14. Pamela

    Question on re-grouting tile floor

    I've looked all over and can't seem to get a definitive answer, so I'll pose the question to all of you handy HTF folks. I recently repaired part of the grout on my bathroom's tile floor. I've decided to re-grout the rest of the floor so it all matches. The problem is, I only have one...
  15. Pamela

    Plumbing Question

    The last couple of days, when I take a shower the water runs hot then cold. This is for the duration of the shower. My landlord is in Europe, so I can't call him. Could this be a problem with the water heater? Any ideas? Thanks!
  16. Pamela

    Need help fixing-up surface of workbench!

    I figured, if anyone would know what material to use in fixing-up my old workbench, someone from the HTF would! The workbench in my garage is very old (circa 1933). I'm going to sand and paint the front. The top is cobbled together with corrugated metal, wood, and vinyl. As a result, it not...
  17. Pamela

    ATNN: Green thumbs! need Plant suggestions

    I have a large patio which is in desperate need of greenery. The problem is, I am a plant killer. Yes, I admit it. I have slaughtered countless innocent varieties of vegetation. I do not have a green thumb [hangs head in shame]. My money tree is dying a slow death of white spots. My snow bush...
  18. Pamela

    Need tips on patching holes in plaster wall!

    I need to move some pictures around, which will expose the holes from the anchors and screws. I would like to patch and paint them. The holes are fairly small, although the plaster has crumbled a little around a few of them. So . . . what's the best way to do it? These walls were put up in 1933...
  19. Pamela

    Need Grammar Help!

    Hello, all you grammar gurus and word mavens. I need some clarification on word usage. Background: We have a new VP who is on our case about typos. A doctor came into his office today, complaining about a typo on the front of an old Breast Center brochure. He says there's a typo in the headline...
  20. Pamela

    Stick a fork in it. Looks like Ed's done.

    Just caught a promo for Ed. It said, "after all these years, the final three episodes of Ed remain." And, "the last three episodes of Ed." The writing was on the wall. But still, I really loved that show. :frowning:
  21. Pamela

    Charcoal or Gas Grill?

    Looking for a grill for the patio. I was all set to buy an gas grill, when a friend who's in a BBQ club, suggested the Weber kettle grill. Now I don't know what to get. I hate the idea of messing with charcoal, but I hear that charcoal gives the food a better flavor. What's the consensus? Thanks!
  22. Pamela

    Thanks for the advice. I've moved!

    Just wanted to thank all of you who replied to my threads about moving advice. The tips were extremely helpful and helped to make my move an easier one. I moved my electronics with the help of a friend, lovingly wrapped in t-shirts and sweatshirts. Not a scratch! And I found some great movers...
  23. Pamela

    Question about running speaker wire

    Not sure which forum this goes in... I moved all of my HT equipment to the house today. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to set it up. The house was built in 1933—not HT friendly at all. The position of the rear speakers requires me to run the speaker wires over the doors. Not...
  24. Pamela

    What's the best way to pack electronics?

    I'm gathering boxes to pack up my HT stuff, in anticipation of moving in 2 weeks. How should I pad the gear? I don't think packing peanuts would be very good. Will stuffing the boxes with newspaper be sufficient? Is bubble wrap the way to go? Thanks!
  25. Pamela

    Question on Auto Lease Warranty

    I leased a car in April of 2001. I was told by my salesman (who is no longer there) I had a standard 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. My lease contract states, "standard manufacturer warranty." I took my car in for servicing and a major repair this weekend and was informed by the service...
  26. Pamela

    I'm moving. Have questions!

    I will be moving the second week of September. It's a local move, only 16 miles away. I have some questions, as I have never made a big move before. I did move from Pennsylvania to California, but I didn't own anything back then! I have lived in my current apartment for 14 long years. The amount...
  27. Pamela

    Anyone using Quark 6?

    Well, I finally got my upgrade for Quark 6. I was very excited, as I could now dump OS 9. NOT!!!! I installed it on my desktop computer and all was fine. Then I discovered it was only backward compatible with version 5. Not happy about that. Then, I installed it on my laptop. Well, leave it to...
  28. Pamela

    TiVo HMO Rebate

    From TiVo: Between now and July 31, 2003, take advantage of a limited-time offer to buy the Home Media Option premium feature package for just $59*. That's a $40 savings off the regular one-time fee of $99 Read about it here. I'm going to finally take the plunge.
  29. Pamela

    Question on speeding ticket

    I am a licensed California driver. Today, I received a speeding ticket in the state of Delaware. Does that count as points against my CA license? Will my insurance company have access to this info? Thanks for any answers.
  30. Pamela

    OS X users: have you dumped 9?

    I have the new Quark 6 and Acrobat 6 on the way. About the only thing I use OS 9 for is Quark. I have actually come to despise OS 9. It seems so archaic. I would like to take it off, but I'm kind of nervous. Trying to think why I would still need to keep it. Some of my clients do send me .sea...