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  1. Mike_Mig

    I'm looking for some advice on improving my hard drive setup

    To start with this computer is close to 4 years old but suits my needs perfectly, put it together myself. So it's not the newest thing. A year or so ago I wanted to add a hard drive to my computer that was running windows XP pro. My original 20 gig HD had been converted from fat32 to NTFS when I...
  2. Mike_Mig

    Another Yeti Pingu game (out today)

    Albatros Overload http://www.yetisports.net/e_index.php# My high total is about 4000 and about 1450 for one flight
  3. Mike_Mig

    FS: Denon AVR-4800

    Like the topic says I have a Denon AVR-4800 for sale. It is just over 2 years old. I just upgraded and have no place for it. I would like to get $850, but will take offers. It still looks brand new and works great. Here are the specs. DENON AVR 4800 THX Ultra Surround EX A/V Receiver...
  4. Mike_Mig

    Just got new Sunfire Cinema Grand Sig

    I got a flier in the paper from Ultimate electronics and I saw they advertised Sunfire amps. I had been looking for a little while and the Sunfire was on my list so I figured I would go listen. I got there and all they had was one Cinema Grand Signature series 2. I figured they normally go for...
  5. Mike_Mig

    Should I get into HTPC with current setup?

    I was looking for some advice regarding my current setup and whether or not to do a little work with my computer. First let me list my setup. Monitor: Mits Ws-65819 DVD Player: Panny RP-91 DSS: Standard DirecTV, no HD Computer specs: Asus A7V motherboard AMD Thunderbird 900Mhz Western...
  6. Mike_Mig

    Buying new amp, concerned about speaker max input power

    I think I have decided that I want a Sunfire Cinema Grand which is rated at 200 Wx5 with all channels driven. I have Paradigm studio series speakers, 100's, 20's, and center. My concern is that the specs for the 20's say suitable amplifier range is 15-150w, and the center is 15-175w. There is...
  7. Mike_Mig

    Good match for Denon 4800 and Paradigm reference?

    Well, it sounds like all the threads got lost right about the time I wanted to start reading about amps. If there was any info before I guess it is gone. So I figured I would just ask. I have a denon 4800 and paradigm 100's, cc, and 20's, and a servo-15. I have been thinking for a little...
  8. Mike_Mig

    Life changes....for the beter

    Well my life has gone through some changes recently that I thought were going to be terrible. I had advance warning on some. First I was told I was going to have to work night shift, which is from 3:30pm till 4am if I work the whole shift. I am the boss so I can leave if I really need to but...
  9. Mike_Mig

    New member, but....(long)

    I have been coming here as a voyeur for almost a year now, mostly spending lots of time learning while putting together my theater. I figured I was here so much anyway, I might as well register and get involved. A little about me. I am 24 and moved to the St. Louis area almost 2 years ago...