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  1. Jeffrey_S

    Tivo based video surveillace system.

    Hi all. I just read a thread called "Video Surveillance" where BrianW outlined his home video surveillance system. (Brian, thanks for sharing this great idea!) He used a combination of a modified Tivo, cameras, motion sensors and a video distribution system. I was just wondering if any one else...
  2. Jeffrey_S

    Am I just getting old or what???

    Hi all, I thought I'd relay a recent experience. As some of you might know, I have been shopping for a pre/pro for the past few months. In the quest for an excellent unit that would handle both music and hometheater I have auditioned and researched recievers and pre/pros quite a bit. Through...
  3. Jeffrey_S

    Help with Isolated Ground Dedicated 20Amp Circuits.

    Hi all, I've decided to add two isolated ground dedicated circuits to my home theater. From what I've read, the correct way to do this is to use metal conduit connected to the service panel and to a metal outlet box at the other end. For my basement theater, both circuits will be approx...
  4. Jeffrey_S

    Flagship Receiver vs the Outlaw 950???

    Hi, Since many of us, including myself, decided to move to separates as a result of the now lower cost of admission, wouldn't it be interesting if someone with a 950 and a 7 channel amp could test it against a Denon 5803, B&K AVR307 or the Pioneer 49TX? The cost of an Outlaw and a 7 channel...
  5. Jeffrey_S

    Can you help me with my DIY Speaker dilemma?

    Hi, Here is my problem. As I've become more educated about this hobby of ours, I've come to realize that I need timber matched speakers. I've already built ACI Saphire III's a few years ago, which I love. I have also, over the last few months, built a center channel based on the...
  6. Jeffrey_S

    Do I need a BFD based on this graph?

    Hi, I finished my DIY Adire Alignment vented Tempest sub a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd plot out my room response to it using a Radio Shack meter (with adjusted values) and some sine wave frequencies. What do you all think? I know I have some minor peaks and a general downward trend to...
  7. Jeffrey_S

    My completed Tempest sub with pics.

    Well, I'm finally done! This sub sounds great! It does lows without any effort at all. It gives that added punch to explosions and other effects in movies. It's tight and sounds great with music as well. It only took me about 2 1/2 weeks to build. Here are some pics of the final result...
  8. Jeffrey_S

    PE Plate Amp - Rumble Filter.

    Hi all, On the PE 300-794 plate amp, is it necessary to activate the bass boost and rumble filter by swapping out resistors? My Tempest sub is tuned to around 16hz and I don't seem to have any bottoming out issues as yet. Is activating the rumble filter protective of the driver? Thanks, Jeff
  9. Jeffrey_S

    My conventional Tempest sub is up and running!

    Hi all, I've had this baby up and running for about a day. I've learned never to evaluate a driver until it's broken in. Even though this sub isn't totally broken in, it sounds great! When it's fully broken in I'll give a more complete review. It moves alot more air than my ACI Titan, which...
  10. Jeffrey_S

    How to use Acousta-Stuff polyfill material. Please help.

    I'm putting my Tempest sub together today and I was wondering if I need to glue this polyfill material to the cabinet walls or can I just let it lay freely in the sub? The sub is down firing and has a built in plate amp. Thanks for the help! Jeff
  11. Jeffrey_S

    Finishing Advice Please.

    Hi all, As some of you know from my other thread (I finally started my Twin Tempest Project!), I'm now applying a finish to my first of two conventional subs. The sub will be black with wood trim: http://www.extremepages.com/Sub Finish.jpg I'm having a problem getting a nice uniform finish...
  12. Jeffrey_S

    I finally started my Twin Tempest Project!

    Hi all, Well, after much planning, deliberation and many helpful comments from you all, I started cutting Baltic Birch plywood today. Some of you may remember that I had originally planned to make a dual Tempest sonosub. I planned it out in detail. Right before I went to get the sonotube...
  13. Jeffrey_S

    Which Wire to use???

    Hi all, I'm getting all my materials together to build a Tempest Adire Alignment sub. The one thing I don't have, however, is wire to wire the voice coils of the Tempest in parallel. What wire and connectors would you guys suggest for this? Thanks, Jeff
  14. Jeffrey_S

    The Placement of Subwoofers

    OK, Like I have posted in other threads, I have my Tempest drivers (two of them) and although I thought I was building a dual Tempest sonosub, I might have to go with twin conventional Adire Alignment vented subs due to SAF. I will know by the end of the week which way this will go. If I do...
  15. Jeffrey_S

    Rosewood Veneer

    Does anyone know where to get a quality Rosewood veneer online? I realize it might be expensive but I just love this look! If you could point me to a web address and an approximate cost for a 4' x 8' sheet, that would be great. Thanks, Jeff
  16. Jeffrey_S

    Which DIY side / surround speakers?

    Hi again, OK, now that I've nailed down my sonosub details (dual Tempest sub), the only speakers I'll still need to decide on will be side or surround speakers. I'm pretty confused on whether or not I should look into bipole speakers or just plain bookshelf ones. Let me itemize how my...
  17. Jeffrey_S

    Two Tempest Sonosubs Or One Dual Tempest Sonosub

    Hi everyone, OK, I've got my two Tempest drivers. I'm about to pick up my sonotube. I'm upgrading to separate components and I think I'm going to end up with a pre/pro that has two sub-outs. This got me thinking again about the advantages/disadvantages of a single dual Tempest sonosub...
  18. Jeffrey_S


    OK, I had pretty much decided to get a Monster Power HTS2000 power conditioning power strip to solve a ground loop problem I was having with my satelite TV installation and to also protect my equipment against surges. I went to the store only to find that the 2000 has been replaced by the...
  19. Jeffrey_S

    Grounding a Satellite Dish Installation

    Hi all, I've got a problem that I'm hoping you guys can help me with. I installed my own DSS system about two years ago and grounded it to a cold water pipe in my house. For the most part, everything has been fine, with the exception of some minor annoyances: 1. Although my picture is...
  20. Jeffrey_S

    Which Amp to buy????

    Hi all, I need some advice. I'm torn between the Parasound 2205 and the Rotel 1095. I can get the Rotel for $200 less than the parasound. Also, the Rotel fits my rack more easily. But I've heard such good things about the 2205. I think the Rotel also has a 5 year warrantee while the...
  21. Jeffrey_S

    Where should I buy my Tempest drivers from?

    Hi all, I noticed that Ampman.com includes shipping on the purchase of Tempest drivers at no charge. They also give a $25 gift certificate with the purchase of two Tempests. Has anyone bought from them? How well do they pack drivers for shipping? Any down side from ordering from them as...
  22. Jeffrey_S

    Outlaw 950 Amp strategy???

    Thanks to everyone for input into my B&K AVR307 vs separates dilema from my last thread! OK, I think I'm going to give separates a try. As I will mainly use this setup for hometheater (about 70% movies/30% music), should I go for the Outlaw 770 amp as a package deal with the 950, or should...
  23. Jeffrey_S

    B&K AVR307 or separates?

    Hi all, I'm about to get a B&K AVR307 integrated receiver. For what it will cost, about $3,000.00, would I be better off going with separates? It will mainly be used for hometheater, but music is important to me as well. I have seen on this forum that the Outlaw 950 will be available soon...
  24. Jeffrey_S

    Based on these diagrams, which sub would you build?

    Hi all, As a follow-up to my last thread, I’m down to the following choice. Should I make the following: My only hesitation with this beast is that it will stand about 83” tall. The following is a cost estimation: 2 Tempest drivers$300 HS500 Amp$500 BFD$130 Sonotube$ 75 MDF$ 30...
  25. Jeffrey_S

    Which Drivers To Use???

    Hi all, OK, just when I thought I had settled on a dual Tempest sonosub, I started thinking about Blueprint drivers. More specifically, a single 1803 vs dual Tempests. I'm going to use this sub for about 70% hometheater / 30% music. I'm most concerned about sonic punch during hometheater...
  26. Jeffrey_S

    Too Much Subwoofer?

    Hi all, A couple of days ago, I posted that I was going to build a dual Tempest sonosub. I am still intent upon doing this but a question has occurred to me. Is it possible to have too much subwoofer. I currently have a diy built 12" ACI Titan and like it for music, but it seems to lack...
  27. Jeffrey_S

    Sonosub or traditional?

    Hi all, I'm about to start a new sub project to replace my ACI Titan. The Titan is great for music, but for hometheater applications it doesn't have the punch I'm looking for. So I've decided to do a Tempest sub. I'm torn between a dual Tempest sonosub or a pair of single traditional...