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  1. Dane Marvin

    Is a Pioneer HTZ-830DV worth $200?

    Hi! I will never be an aficionado as far as these things go, but a friend of a friend of a friend is going to jail and his mom is selling all his belongings off. He has a barely used Pioneer HTZ-830DV system for $200. I'm just wondering if this is considered a good investment. I know that...
  2. Dane Marvin

    Meet the Feebles DVD owners...

    Does your copy have an insert? I got my copy from the secondary market a couple years ago, and didn't think about it until now, but mine does not have one.
  3. Dane Marvin

    Would anyone like to see Oliver Beene on DVD?

    I would. I only remember watching one episode in its entirety, but it was quite good. Seems like another in a long line of shows with great potential that Fox just couldn't do anything with. I am an absolute sucker for period shows about growing up (The Wonder Years, Freaks & Geeks, and American...
  4. Dane Marvin

    Anyone recommend "The Most Dangerous Game" Criterion DVD?

    Well, it's been almost 20 years since I last saw "King Kong", but I really do remember -- even at just the age of 4 -- seeing Kong batting at the planes as he clung to the side of a skyscraper. Needless to say, the upcoming DVD with the restoration and a ton of bonuses is going to be a hell of a...
  5. Dane Marvin

    Most Fully-Loaded Horror DVDs of All-Time?

    Hey, guys! My DVD Collection is sorely lacking in the horror department. As you can see by my current DVD collection, bare bones titles are not my game. Anyway, I've got a couple of the must-haves (Twilight Zone Definitive seasons, Carnival of Souls, The Blob & Hitchcock Criterions), but need...
  6. Dane Marvin

    Welcome Back Kotter: Television Favorites

    I actually saw about 15 copies of Welcome Back Kotter from the Television Favorites line in the store today. There are indeed 6 episodes and it was $14.99 -- I didn't buy it. That seems too expensive to me considering a full season would probably run about $29.99 (twice the price) and give you...
  7. Dane Marvin

    Anyone have the complete specs for Twilight Zone season 2 yet?

    I mean the complete specs, disc-by-disc. Last time around, someone got a hold of the season 1 set a couple days early and gave us the complete breakdown of which episodes had interviews, lectures, commentaries, scores and radio dramas attached to them. I saw season 1 on the shelf myself at a...
  8. Dane Marvin

    Technicolor Criterion releases?

    Anyone know of a list of Technicolor films that have Criterion DVD releases? I've got a couple coming to me in the mail (Spartacus & Richard III), but anyone know of any others?
  9. Dane Marvin

    Any reviews for American Dreams Season One EME?

    I caught one small glimpse of a season two episode and that's all I've seen of this show. I realize that many of the songs chosen as Bandstand performances actually happened sometimes a few years after the timeframe in which the episode is supposed to take place, but that doesn't really bother...
  10. Dane Marvin

    Blake's 7 - Is it ever going to happen?

    Excellent BBC sci-fi show from (I believe) the late 70s and early 80s. Created by Terry Nation (of The Daleks fame) and driven by fantastic acting and dialogue (especially from Paul Darrow as Avon). Of course there was plenty of cheese in the special effects department, but the show was always...
  11. Dane Marvin

    The Archive of Incomplete TV DVDs - Buyers Beware! (Updated 3/27/05)

    THIS LIST IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED. GO TO THE NEW ALTERATIONS LIST @ TVShowsOnDvd.com: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/alterations.cfm I deleted all the content of the old list. The thread can still be used to discuss (in-depth, if you like) certain alterations made to TV shows on DVD.
  12. Dane Marvin

    List of MST3K Episodes Likely to Never See DVD?

    I tried searching the archives here but couldn't find anything. I recall one time seeing a detailed list someone had made up that listed all the studios/companies/estates that owned the films riffed on in the history of MST3K. From this list, they whittled down those that were likely to never...
  13. Dane Marvin

    Anyone recommend My So-Called Life?

    I'm currently obsessing over Freaks & Geeks, which I hadn't seen until purchasing it on DVD. Now that I have it, it's definitely a Top 5 all-time favorite show of mine. Another show in my Top 5 is The Wonder Years. Given this information, do you think I would enjoy My So-Called Life? I have...
  14. Dane Marvin

    Columbia's New TV on DVD Poll - What Show Will You Pick?

    Columbia TriStar has another poll going on which should directly impact what kind of product gets released on DVD in the near future (if it's anything like their last poll, that is). This time around, you pick only one show from the list. Additionally, you can only take the poll once. So the...
  15. Dane Marvin

    What do you think of the Punky Brewster Season One announcement?

    I was very surprised to read (at http://www.tvshowsondvd.com) that this is not just rumored but confirmed for June 1st. The entire 23-episode first season plus four episodes from the animated series! It will even feature some cast/creator interviews (no Frye, surprisingly, since her frequent...
  16. Dane Marvin

    June is shaping up to be the biggest TV on DVD month ever!

    It's true! Since my memory isn't so great, I'm not sure what competition it would have, but September 2003 was pretty good, if I remember correctly. Still, June 2004 is shaping up to the best month ever for our beloved TV on DVD: --Another season of The Simpsons should finally arrive! For...
  17. Dane Marvin

    FS: Simpsons S1-S3, Sid&Nancy CC

    Sold everything. Thanks!
  18. Dane Marvin

    My Mom, Who is as Low-Tech as it Gets, Buys TV on DVD

    I just got off the phone with my mom (it's her 50th birthday today) and we actually had a lengthy discussion about TV on DVD and why we love it. Did I mention this is my mother? And that she's 50?? She told me she just dropped $50 on the Agatha Christie "Miss Marple" boxset and that she wants...
  19. Dane Marvin

    Wisconsin Death Trip - Has Anyone Purchased It?

    Just released on Tuesday, 2/24, the 2000 documentary "Wisconsin Death Trip", narrated by Ian Holm (The Lord of the Rings, The Sweet Hereafter) was released: This film adaptation of Michael Lesy's 1973 book takes a look at the sordid and disturbing underside of life in a small Wisconsin...
  20. Dane Marvin

    FT: Like new Platinum GameCube w/2 Controllers

    Please see my thread in the Software For Sale/Trade forum, as I am looking to trade this for DVDs on my want list. Might also take a cash offer. Thanks! http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...hreadid=185993
  21. Dane Marvin

    Want to Buy: MST3K, Warner 2-Disc SEs, TV boxes, etc.

    Below is a list of DVDs I am looking to purchase in used but mint condition, widescreen when applicable & R1 only. Have PayPal account. Please e-mail ([email protected]) or post below any items you have on this list you'd be willing to sell. I also have a 2-month old (used about 5...
  22. Dane Marvin

    FT or FS: All 5 Image Twilight Zone Collections

    I have to trade: each of the five Twilight Zone collection box sets (Image Entertainment Region 1 releases). Each set contains 9 thinpak cases. Each of the 9 volumes contained in each collection has either 3 or 4 episodes (the volumes with 3 episodes contain an hour-long episode, so about 2...
  23. Dane Marvin

    Best Buy 4-Day Sale (Feb. 13th-16th)

    I just received some coupons in the mail. BEST BUY FOUR-DAY SALES EVENT: --- One coupon is for 10% off any regularly-priced movies, music, video games and computer software. You are limited to 5 items with this coupon (and only one coupon like this was included in my packet) and also...
  24. Dane Marvin

    FT: Lost in Space - Complete 1st Season

    Looking to trade away an opened but mint condition copy of Fox's Lost in Space season 1 (8-disc set). So new that the last 4 discs have yet to be removed from the cases. I will trade this straight across for either of the sets on my want list, provided your discs are in excellent condition as...
  25. Dane Marvin

    To Kill a Mockingbird - worth buying?

    I'm a little hesitant these days to purchase anything Universal, but the price seems pretty good for this title. It appears to be OAR and includes a commentary track and featurette. Bottom Line: Is this the most definitive version we are likely to get and is it worth picking up?
  26. Dane Marvin

    Question for Godzilla fans...

    Can someone give me the names of the best 2 or 3 Godzilla DVDs out there? I've always wanted to seriously watch them. I'm most interested in the best of the best, in terms of the film itself and the DVD quality (extra features are always a plus). Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
  27. Dane Marvin

    Any good non-fiction paranormal/occult/ghost DVDs?

    I'm having a little get together at my place and I was wondering if anyone had seen any good DVDs out there relating to ghosts, hauntings, paranormal activity (such as spontaneous combustion, etc.), or occult-related things. The best result I've seen so far is a DVD called "America's Most...
  28. Dane Marvin

    Can someone fill me in on the Muppet Show DVDs?

    I just need some info because I loved this show when I was really little and I'd love to own it on DVD. First, precisely how much of the series is available on DVD, both through retail and through Time/Life? If the entire series is not available, is there any indication that the remainder...
  29. Dane Marvin

    Anyone excited for Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie?

    According to tvshowsondvd.com both are slated to be released by Columbia-TriStar in 2005 to tie in with the new films. I never really got into either of these shows, but DVD releases would be just the thing to get me into them. I think I'd like Bewitched more. Anyone planning to buy either?