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  1. Mysto

    TCM - Laurel & Hardy

    Forgive me if this has already been covered but TCM is showing Laurel & Hardy on Mondays this month. Today's offering starting at about noon is a series of the silent comedies.
  2. Mysto

    Lightning Strike Protection

    I live in lightning alley. Here in the I4 corridor, we are the lightning capital of the US. I get strikes on my cable line all the time. Last night it took out all my TV hdmi ports. Over the last few years, I have also taken out 2 routers, 1 modem and both boards in my TV as well as several...
  3. Mysto

    Movies Bigger than the Big Screen - Cultural Phenoms

    The other day a few of my friends were discussing things in the past that were monsters. Everyone was talking about them. Most are now forgotten. The original discussion started with Al Capp and the things he created in Lil Abner that became culture. Well the thought moved to TV and Movies of...
  4. Mysto

    Hot Dogs & Coney Island (Chili) Dogs

    I've been kinda busy recently and haven't been posting much but reading Josh's Thread on his exploration into all sodas Cherry convinced me to share my experience with Hot Dogs. I'm from Michigan. We love our hot dogs, especially, chili dogs (we call them Coney Island although they have nothing...
  5. Mysto

    What's your favorite "Feel Good" movie?

    The other night we were watching Cool Runnings and my bride mentioned that she really enjoyed a "feel good" movie. She is an expert being the Queen of Hallmark movie channel. But she is right (always) - sometimes it is good to watch a film that may not be great art but gives you that uplift of...
  6. Mysto

    Movies about Movies

    Last night we were watching the BBC special Paul Merton's Weird and Wonderful World of Early Cinema. A fascinating look at very early (think the start in the late 1800's) movies. The best part is that this view is from England and shows more of the work of European pioneers that we seldom hear...
  7. Mysto

    Think Your Screen is too Small?

    Recently I discovered Harrison's Reports on archive.org. The movie reviews from the late 20's into the early 60's are great but it's the articles that are really fun. Take a look at what they were seeing on TV in 1938. August 1938 Harrison’s Reports "TELEVISION NOT AN ENEMY BUT A FRIEND For...
  8. Mysto

    What is your favorite commentary?

    I know a lot of you on the forum love the commentaries of the films. I would like to know what is your favorite(s). It may not be your favorite movie but the commentary was insightful, or thought provoking, or entertaining or ????? A commentary that stuck with you. And please let us know why...
  9. Mysto

    Nero Wolfe 2001 Widescreen?

    My understanding is that in Europe the Nero Wolfe series was shown in 16:9 format except for the pilot. The only US released episode in widescreen was Silent Speaker. Now I read in one site that some of the episodes in the Dutch released Peason/Fremantle dvds are in widescreen - but another...
  10. Mysto

    Destination Moon 1950

    I'm probably the only one that doesn't know this but... A friend just directed me to a very nice Destination Moon clip on YouTube. Destination Moon:On the Set with George Pal 1949. Real live TV (what production value?) but a chance to see George Pal - Robert Heinlein - Director Irving Pichel...
  11. Mysto

    Suggestions needed Portable Theater Seats

    I finally have my own projection home theater. Yea. The problem is that the room is also the guest room - used about 4-6 weeks total a year. Our current solution was to use a high quality futon and a foam topper. This gave us seating when it was a theater that could be converted to a bed for...
  12. Mysto

    Mystery & Crime Series 30's & 40's

    I thought I would start a thread for one of my favorite things - those great 1930's and 40's mystery and crime series. These mostly B movies were churned out on a regular basis, mostly by the smaller producers. Some are cohesive series and some are only superficially linked. Some have a...
  13. Mysto

    Favorite Character Actors

    We were watching A Date with the Falcon last night and I started thinking about all the great character actors that I have enjoyed over the years. In this case it was Allen Jenkins the perennial sidekick. I've always enjoyed his tough guy NY persona. I probably first saw him on tv shows when...
  14. Mysto

    Musicals Filmed from Stage

    We were watching Phantom of the Opera Live at Royal Albert Hall this weekend (IMHO much superior to the movie version). Really enjoyed watching the STAGE version. This got me wondering what musicals have been filmed as a stage production. I know Top Banana was one. Any others?
  15. Mysto

    Movies You've Watched More Than 10 Times

    Everybody has favorites. Those goto movies that we can watch again and again. What movie(s) have you watched at least 10 times? Special award if it's over 25 times. I'll tip mine later.
  16. Mysto

    Clip On Active 3D Glasses Review

    As promised here is a short review on the Clip On Active 3D glasses I purchased, I had never seen a post about active clip ons and I've always had trouble wearing glasses over glasses. Mine came yesterday and I'm very happy. They are light - stay with my glasses and work well. They are a...
  17. Mysto

    Blackout EZ window covers

    After 73 years, I finally have a home theater. I wanted BIG and I now watch movies on a 140” 16:9 screen but to do it I had to build the “Super Compromise” home theater. But that’s another story.:rolleyes: For those of us that can’t have a dedicated home theater room – light control can be a...
  18. Mysto

    Shows that changed over the seasons.

    Was reading the discussion about the Andy Griffith Show and Rodney commented on the change from Season 1 where Andy was a real "hick" and he and Barney were cousins. Later in the series Andy became a little wiser and no longer was related to Barney. That's what most people remember. I...
  19. Mysto

    Clip On Active 3D Glasses

    I hope this is OK in this forum. I ran across these last night and dropped a whole $15 to give them a try. I have never heard of them before. I always have problems wearing glasses over glasses but my passive clip on works well with my LG tv so I'm hoping these work with my Optima projector...
  20. Mysto

    Where are all the Vintage Mystery Series?

    Finally, after over 70 years, I have my own Home Theater. I'm loving it. My 4:3 screen (124") is as big as I can make it (I ran out of ceiling height). I picked up a Sherlock Holmes in Blu Ray and was knocked out. This is something like what it must have been like to watch them at the...