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  1. Geraldine/F/M

    Diet Update...

    Great!;) Way to go! What century are YOU from?
  2. Geraldine/F/M

    NCAA Football 2004

    Whoa! Ok, big fella, deep breath. Inhale, exhale. Go to your happy place. (probably where you're killing Zook) :D
  3. Geraldine/F/M

    Vacation in NY city

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. As for narrowing it down, I love museums, music in the park situations. I love out of the way places verses the tourist traps. (I've lived in FL my whole life and hate touristy places!) Orlando, I would go to the Statue of liberty, but have problems walking...
  4. Geraldine/F/M

    Vacation in NY city

    I'll be taking a short vacation in New York City the last week of October. Any suggestions about activities and places to visit? I haven't been there since I was a teenager. (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) Thanks:)
  5. Geraldine/F/M

    PIP Setup question?

    try this: cable from wall to splitter coax from splitter to hd box component & audio cables from hd box to tv coax from splitter to tv (channels 2 to 99) audio cables from tv to recv good luck:)
  6. Geraldine/F/M

    Creepy Commercial

    Very scary. Kind of reminds me of my ex. ;)
  7. Geraldine/F/M

    Here is a REAL couch potato!

    Very sad and scary. Imagine, her neighbors didn't even know she lived there. Yikes!!
  8. Geraldine/F/M

    How do you cope? parent with cancer.

    I'm so very sorry. My thoughts are with you and your family. It sounds like you and your sisters have a good grasp of what's important. Remembering the great things helps more than anything else. Sometimes my sisters and I do "remember when..." stories. Remember when Mike taught your to hang...
  9. Geraldine/F/M

    The Eternal Misunderstanding Between the Genders

    I hate women who do this. I makes us look like manipulative airheads. Jeff, you have my sympathy and relief you got away. Sometimes, as we grow older, some women do give up the games. Usually, we just get too tired.;) As far as the woman in this scenario, definitely verbalize her...
  10. Geraldine/F/M

    Puppy shoots man

    People like this guy make me so glad to be a Floridian! What a jerk. Unfortunately, people like this are all too common. They can't be responsible enough to spay/neuter their pets. They "just can't" find anyone to take them and, oh no, they couldn't take them to the animal shelter. So that...
  11. Geraldine/F/M

    Which TV?

    I like the new Samsung DLPs. They have improved drastically over the last 2 years. The noise of the color wheel is not apparent in the new models but time will tell. Also, look at the new JVC, HD-52Z575. It has simular technology to the Sony and Toshiba. The term JVC uses is HD-ILA, a...
  12. Geraldine/F/M

    Best picture I can get?

    What kind of signal do you have? If you have HD satellite, hook up your receiver via dvi cable or component cable. Same with the hd cable box, although I don't think it compares as well. Factory settings are just that. Companies set the tvs to lab specs. Depending on your lighting, it will make...
  13. Geraldine/F/M

    How do you cope? parent with cancer.

    I lost my brother to cancer(liver/spleen) in 1985. I was so angry at everything and everyone. My bro, Mike (Michiko) was 15yrs older and just the coolest guy for a little girl to have. He had cerebral palsy and was slightly mentally retarded. But he could draw great animal pics. I still have a...
  14. Geraldine/F/M

    Hurricane Frances

    I went out on the porch. The wind has not pick up yet. We're waiting for this slow moving thing. The concern in Lakeland is not wind damage but rain. Because of Charley, land is already flooded. For those of you who are going "Where is Lakeland." It is between Tampa and Orlando. Until recently...
  15. Geraldine/F/M

    Exorcist in 30 secs, enacted by bunnies

    Yeah! (sounds of applause) We loved it!;) :D ;)
  16. Geraldine/F/M

    Today, I picked up the keys to...

    Good luck, Brain. Don't forget, lift with your legs. :D
  17. Geraldine/F/M

    people are stupid and selfish - here's proof

    What you're describing is nothing new to ANYONE who has driven in Florida. This is the land of perpetual road construction. What roads/highways not bordered by lakes, canals, sewers and open water, are in braille. For those of us who live here year-round, the worst traffic is only 2x a year...
  18. Geraldine/F/M

    Need some serious advice here (yet another dating thread).

    July 1st Your move in date, Brian! Good luck. Don' forget, lift with your legs. :D
  19. Geraldine/F/M

    Please help me undertand projectors

    Rob, Contrast ratio is the measurement of the difference in light intensity between white and black. It will make a difference. The higher the number the better. The numbers are are not written in stone, at least not in HT. However, my computer geek (their term) friends tell me these are...
  20. Geraldine/F/M

    Should I apply for work at Best Buy?

    I've worked in retail for 18 years, so here is my advice: Run! Run like the wind! :) Seriously though, if you're working part-time, Best Buy is pretty good. They do NOT have good training on the equipment itself but do train you on customer service issues. Learn basics on the stuff in the...
  21. Geraldine/F/M

    I've fallen in love with a pit bull

    It sounds like you have a lot of good advice. My friends have a red nosed pit bull named Camelot. Cammy is a sweet, loving dog. She is stubborn and will "try" people. And like the dog you want to adopt, she has slight behavioral problems. But pit bulls, with training and common sense are...
  22. Geraldine/F/M

    Need some serious advice here (yet another dating thread).

    Hi Brian, First, congratulations on the new apartment! It's great to have your own space. Second, be at peace. Don't let "finding" someone stress you so much. Focus on yourself for right now. Do things for you. Losing weight was a fabulous step. Now, develop other interest: dancing...
  23. Geraldine/F/M

    re: Mitsubishi Silver vs. Gold/Platinum/Diamond etc

    Mark, I suggest a Gold series in the Mitsubishi. They are HDTV's, so they are capable of receiving off the air hdtv signals (with a set top box). The gold series WSxx513 are still available. At Sears, the ws65513 is 2599.99. As for the old tv, it is the devil and the deep blue see. You...
  24. Geraldine/F/M

    LCD for Parents

    Hi Chaz, There are several LCD to consider. I like the Sharp Aquos tv's. They range from 22" to 37". The largest the AN-37AG2 is a 37" with a/v box. It has 1366x768 and 170 horizontal and vertical viewing angles. Check the Sharp site for more information. Make sure whichever LCD you choose...
  25. Geraldine/F/M

    Smaller HDTV sets?

    I like the Samsung HDTV monitors. The 26" is still available and will work well. If you can wait, the 30" wide screen will be out soon. There is one now, however, it will be replaced. The 2005 line of tv's should include a few more smaller hdtv monitors.
  26. Geraldine/F/M

    Getting a new DVD player (maybe DVD Audio)

    Adam, The dvd players you're considering are all good. Be aware of a few things. The Panasonic's will support dvd-ram. However, I THINK they playback dvd-r formats. Check with the Panasonic site. Also, they have DTS decoders. Sometimes those interfere with home theater receivers. The...
  27. Geraldine/F/M

    Question on LCD RPTV

    It depends on your sources. If you have a satelitte, the weather may be effecting the reception. How do you have the source set up? As for the dvd player, is it a progressive scan or analog? How old is it. Sometimes with older dvd players, they "hang up" with newer dvd. Try a couple of...
  28. Geraldine/F/M

    Digital Signal

    If you don't watch movies, and want HD in broadcast, buy an ATSC set top box and a GOOD HD antenna. You'll be able to receive programs broadcast in HD. ER is one. Also, I think are about a dozen others. You can still keep your cable and use the set top box. To get HD on cable, you'll need a...
  29. Geraldine/F/M

    HDTV recommendations?

    In your price range, the selection is quite good. Most pjtv's under 47" are usually "tabletops" and will need a stand of entertainment furniture. Sony and Hitachi have 51" one piece pjtv's which are quite nice. They are HD monitors and will need an HD source. Samsung has a good 48" one piece...
  30. Geraldine/F/M

    30" or 32"?

    My advice is to go for the 30". Since dvd and hdtv is headed for 16:9, the format will be much better. As for the 4:3 aspect, the Sony 30" has an aspect ratio button. True it will distort the picture a bit, but you won't contend with the side bars. Please buy a good stand. From the picture...