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  1. Michael St. Clair

    ever put mattes on a plasma

    I'd like to keep the grey side bars or dynamic grey side graphics in order to reduce the chance of an permanent image retention when watching 4:3 material. But buy, I sure don't like looking at them. My concern is heat. The front glass of plasmas can get a bit warm and I have to wonder if...
  2. Michael St. Clair

    The 40-Year Old Virgin (review)

    Last night, I was fortunate enough to get an invite to a press screening of 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin'. I had not seen any trailers or ads (blame Tivo) for this film, so I didn't have too high of expectations. OK, I did have some expectations, as contributors like Judd Apatow (Freaks and Geeks...
  3. Michael St. Clair

    Wanted: Old non-THX letterboxed SW Trilogy LDs

    You know the ones, the old CBS/FOX letterboxed discs that sold for $70 originally. Send me a PM if you have a set for cheap.
  4. Michael St. Clair

    Opie and Anthony back on terrestrial radio

    news They are playing on WAQX, a day delayed and censored. More stations to come?
  5. Michael St. Clair

    Ben Browder joins Stargate SG-1

    http://www.gateworld.net/news/2004/1...argatesg.shtml Well, the shooting schedule is seven months long and starts this summer, so I don't see more Farscape starting up in the next year. Farscape boards are reporting that Claudia Black will be back for a 5-episode arc.
  6. Michael St. Clair

    New SIRIUS deal: FREE XACT stream jockey with car kit

    https://home.sirius.com/webDUWI/HomePage.aspx Enter code 070. Add a home kit for $50 if you would like. 1 yr service activation required.
  7. Michael St. Clair

    Sony Music wants to do DVD-A, Sony corp. says NO!?

    http://www.stereophile.com/news/080904dualdisc/ Here's hoping to a successful launch. Let's face it, mainstream success will mean more titles. I'll settle for a niche if I have to, but I'm tired of looking at my CD rack and realizing that over 95% of those discs have never been released in...
  8. Michael St. Clair

    Comic book geeks make their own Spider-Man movie?

    Boy, these comic book geeks (I'm a bit of a comic geek myself) are mad as heck: http://www.secretspidermanmovie.com/main.php Get a life, guys. Things change when you adapt them, regardless of whether the source is a comic, a novel, or an epic poem. What works in one medium sometimes...
  9. Michael St. Clair

    Sony blows it with new portable music player

    Sony challenges Apple with new 20GB music player No native MP3 support? You have got to be kidding me. I wasn't surprised when Hi-MD didn't support MP3, but now they've finally got a hard-drive player and MP3 has to have another lossy conversion to ATRAC if you want to play it on this...
  10. Michael St. Clair

    ran over a kitten today...GET YOUR CATS FIXED!

    Today, backing out of my driveway, I ran over a stray kitten and killed it. Even worse for the cat it took a couple of minutes to die, and it was a horrific scene. It will take a few days for me to get this awful sight out of my mind. By all appearances this cat was a stray...it had no...
  11. Michael St. Clair

    Yes, I am indeed going to be at NEARFest...anyone else?

    I forgot to mention a while back that my friend and I did get tickets (but we could only get balcony and only off to the side...grrr). If anybody from here is going to be there, I'd love to meet for a beer or dinner some evening.
  12. Michael St. Clair

    DVD-A has 5X the market share of SACD, despite fewer titles

    http://www.highfidelityreview.com/ne...umber=18483611 The RIAA survey concludes that DVD-Audio sales in 2003 were over five times the level of competing high-resolution audio disc formats, with a 2.7% market share – up from 1.3% in 2002 – in comparison to SACD’s 0.5%. I've always believed...
  13. Michael St. Clair

    Is the Karma the ONLY MP3 hard drive player without gaps?

    I'm getting closer and closer to buying an MP3 portable...in fact, I may buy one this week. One of my main criteria for a player is that it absolutely cannot have gaps between songs when playing back. I listen to lots of music that segues, from Pink Floyd to Zappa and Crimson, and lots of...
  14. Michael St. Clair

    $249 iPod Mini guts = $479 hard drive for your camera

    http://www.studio2f.com/archives/000438.php Yep, the hard drive is a regular old CF microdrive...you can yank it out, format it to FAT on your PC using a card reader/writer, then stick it in your Nikon for zillions of pictures (4GB drive). You can also stick a regular CF flash card in your...
  15. Michael St. Clair

    Nearfest 2004 (plus The Musical Box)

    So who here is planning on going? A friend and I are going to try to get tickets, and also attend the Musical Box (Genesis tribute) show Friday night. Lineup: Strawbs Univers Zero Mike Keneally Band (yeah!) Planet X Pallas Metamorfosi Yezda Urfa Hidria Spacefolk Richard Pinhas...
  16. Michael St. Clair

    Space Ghost C2C eps missing from DVD get re-air

    I have some good news. http://forums.toonzone.net/showthread.php?t=62126 On February 15th, Adult Swim will air four of the episodes that are missing from the chronology of the first set. 11:30/2:30 - SGC2C - #9501: President's Day Nightmare 12:00/3:00 - SGC2C - #9506: Le Livre D'...
  17. Michael St. Clair

    World Poker Tour: Hollywood Home Game

    I think this looks like the best celebrity poker yet. The first of four episodes starts tonight, 1/25, on the Travel Channel. I think we'll see some halfway decent competition, and hopefully have a few good laughs. Up first: Jack Black, Drew Carey, Fred Savage, Steve Harris, Mimi Rogers...
  18. Michael St. Clair

    Radiohead only sells full album online, fan enraged

    http://www.patandkat.com/pat/weblog/.../19/003750.php I take Radiohead's side on this one...while they obviously can't control how you listen, they should certainly have a say in how their music is sold.
  19. Michael St. Clair

    LEGEND with Richard Dean Anderson and John DeLancie

    I only saw a couple of episodes of this fledgling UPN show before it was canceled. I sure wish I started watching from the beginning and had taped all the shows. Anybody else have any memories of this? I doubt we'll ever see this show again.
  20. Michael St. Clair

    iTunes, Apple ultimately in trouble?

    Fast Company thinks they might be. http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/78/jobs.html Interesting quotes: Personally, I'm still suspect of the whole 99-cent DRM-limited lossy-encoded download model in general (not just Apple's flavor). I think for album buyers it offers lousy value...
  21. Michael St. Clair

    Court: RIAA can't have names of downloaders

    (I meant to say alleged downloaders) http://apnews.myway.com/article/20031219/D7VHHPHO0.html This is a victory for both consumers and technology providers, in my opinion.
  22. Michael St. Clair

    Robert Fripp says downloads too expensive AND artists shafted

    Robert Fripp, musician and record label owner (and who has worked for and with 'the man' extensively), has the following to say about downloading (my emphasis added):
  23. Michael St. Clair

    the most successful way to market high-res

    If you really want mainstream listeners to try high-res...(I'm not sure if I want to)... Put ads, clips, maybe even full videos in the movie theaters...you know, before the trailers...with the Pepsi, Monday Night Football, and 350Z commercials? Use the same surround mix as the released discs...
  24. Michael St. Clair

    MTV axes 'Tom Green' talk show

    http://www.tvguide.com/news/entertainment/ I thought it was a good show. Hope somebody else picks it up.
  25. Michael St. Clair

    Nintendo sales flagging, price cuts soon, consumers reject $149

    http://money.cnn.com/2003/08/05/comm...ming/index.htm One analyst doubts that Nintendo would actually make profit on $99 Gamecubes, but it looks like the price may end up there in September. Retailers are (allegedly) threatening Nintendo with a reduction in shelf space if Iwata and company...
  26. Michael St. Clair

    Shot of P. Molyneux trying Yak's new Gamecube game

    http://www.olpin.net/llama/LionheadPartyCrew.JPG (not sure if he was playing the game proper or the 'light machine' mode). Lots of discussion over at the forums at Llamasoft.co.uk, but it seems like the game is being well received thus far (development continues) and the parties involved seem...
  27. Michael St. Clair

    Are Taiwan Jet Set Radio / JSRF soundtrack CDs bootlegs?

    I see that tons of anime retailers now stock JSR and JSRF soundtrack CDs for a reasonable price. I looked for these discs many, many months ago and found nothing easily available. Are these (taiwan) discs bootlegs?
  28. Michael St. Clair

    Spong reports Vice City for XBox this year?

    http://www.spong.com/index.asp?art=5247 I have to say I just can't imagine using semantics and titles to do an end-around on Sony's lawyers...it will be interesting to learn the truth and see what happens.
  29. Michael St. Clair

    Nintendo says consumers not ready for online gaming

  30. Michael St. Clair

    What happened to the MotoGP2 Live players?

    It's strange, I saw HTF members playing the first one online a lot longer than the second one. Do you not like the second one as much? (I never picked up the second one, and was mediocre at the first one)