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  1. Dane Marvin

    Is a Pioneer HTZ-830DV worth $200?

    ^ I figure it's a quick fix. My band is making a $9k record, so a sound system is not really in the budget right now. But I don't want to pass it up if it's a good deal.
  2. Dane Marvin

    Is a Pioneer HTZ-830DV worth $200?

    Hi! I will never be an aficionado as far as these things go, but a friend of a friend of a friend is going to jail and his mom is selling all his belongings off. He has a barely used Pioneer HTZ-830DV system for $200. I'm just wondering if this is considered a good investment. I know that...
  3. Dane Marvin

    The Archive of Incomplete TV DVDs - Buyers Beware! (Updated 3/27/05)

    Hi, I'm back. It will take more time than you think! ;) It took a long time back when I made this and were a controllable number of incomplete TV show sets. Now it's way out of control... I thought TVShowsOnDVD.com was going to be the way to go on this, but it looks like they're not...
  4. Dane Marvin

    FS: A few DVDs

    Is Thundercats Vol 1 the whole first season set?
  5. Dane Marvin

    FS: A few DVDs

    Is Thundercats Vol 1 the whole first season set?
  6. Dane Marvin

    Various DVDs 4 Sale

    Very impressed, Bill! These were Fed Ex'ed to my house in a lightning quick turnaround!
  7. Dane Marvin

    Various DVDs 4 Sale

    ygm RE: The Rock: CC Royal Tenenbaums: CC Amadeus 2-disc Punch Drunk Love 2-disc Pirates of the Caribbean
  8. Dane Marvin

    Various DVDs 4 Sale

    Do these all have the cases and original art too? And are they all mint condition? $6 seems very low for a 2-disc Criterion like the Rock. But if it's true, I will take it. And I'm potentially interested in several other titles. Please e-mail me: [email protected] Thanks!
  9. Dane Marvin

    THE WONDER YEARS (Consolidated Thread; No New Ones, Please!)

    Wow, if we don't get it here then this may be the final push I need to finally get a region-free DVD player. This and Blake's 7 on DVD are the only two shows left that I MUST OWN!
  10. Dane Marvin

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Cinderella Man (RECOMMENDED)

    Steve, my biopic won't be coming out until next year. ;) All kidding aside, another great review. I picked up the CE and just haven't had the time to pop it in the player yet, but I enjoy reading about the extras especially. It's always hard to tell exactly what's on the DVDs extras-wise...
  11. Dane Marvin

    Cinderella Man gift set recalled?

    There seemed to plenty on hand at the BB in Omaha that I frequent. Glad I got mine!
  12. Dane Marvin

    Cinderella Man gift set recalled?

    Damn it. That's the one I wanted. Don't want to have to wait until after awards season to get it.
  13. Dane Marvin

    Lumet S.E's in Feb 06

    Network is an all-time favorite. Hopefully the PQ is vastly improved on this new edition. Great special features will be nice to have as well. Can't wait!
  14. Dane Marvin

    "Leave It To Beaver: Season 1" -- A Personal Review

    The humor in this show will simply never grow old. I just don't get how did they did that, but they did. It's mind-boggling. Leave it to Beaver and The Twilight Zone will always be the two pre-70's shows that time will never forget.
  15. Dane Marvin

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: King Kong - Two Disc Collector's Edition (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    I'm confused about this. How is this going to be packaged if they are fitting the tin in there along with the other Kong films? NEVER MIND; I found the big thread about this on pg 2 of HTF. :)
  16. Dane Marvin

    Feb 14th - I want Charles in Charge of me...

    I will get it for the theme song along, assuming they are able to clear the rights to it. ;)
  17. Dane Marvin

    Weekly RoundUp 11-22-2005

    Hmm. After the DDD sale, I really shouldn't shell out $100+ more for just the bare essentials of what I NEED this week (Leave it to Beaver, King Kong CE & both Seinfeld seasons). I guess I will have to go with just a couple of them this week (I can wait for the Seinfeld sets, I guess).
  18. Dane Marvin

    Tarzan Boxset On Sale At Walmart

    Where the heck did you find the Looney Tunes sets for $26 each? Please let me know if that's a national deal that's still going on. Thanks.
  19. Dane Marvin

    Weekly RoundUp 11-15-2005

    The only title I'll be getting from a B&M this week is Scrubs S2. I can't wait for DDD to ship it, plus I want the Best Buy Exclusive disc. The rest of what I'll be purchasing this week (new release-wise and otherwise) is from DDD (Home Movies S3, The Sound of Music, and lots of other junk).
  20. Dane Marvin

    Weekly RoundUp 11-8-2005

    Just MST3K this week. I'm sure there will be a better version of "...Chocolate Factory" someday. The extras sound pretty thin on the 2-disc for whatever reason.
  21. Dane Marvin

    Flash Gordon re-release is coming.....

    Everytime this thread gets bumped, I almost trick myself into believing it's because an announcement has been made. *sigh* I'm holding off for the 4-disc CE.
  22. Dane Marvin

    Weekly RoundUp 11-1-2005 - Revenge of the Sith Edition

    Brady Bunch Season 4 and War of the Worlds (1953) for me this week. And maybe... maybe... Star Wars: ROTS. Maybe.
  23. Dane Marvin

    War of the Worlds SCE (George Pal)

    Argh! Halloween night. Too bad they didn't anticipate that people would want to watch this on that very night and release it the week before so they could! Ah well. I live next to a major retail chain that keeps putting everything out about 3 days early (first The Fly & Fly II SE & Hitchcock...
  24. Dane Marvin

    What was the 1st movie released on DVD?

    I remember my uncle getting his DVD player in 1997 and having to order the DVDs from a store in California. The first one he had was Blade Runner.
  25. Dane Marvin

    Weekly RoundUp 10-25-2005

    Titanic & Oz 3-Disc this week. Probably a couple of the other titles a little later down the road.
  26. Dane Marvin

    He-Man Season 1 Volume 1 DEFECTIVE!

    I had one very minor scratch on one disc. I generally tend to get lucky with DVDs I buy being in good condition. I feel bad for others and I feel bad for BCI if they are going to lose their asses over this. I hope it doesn't become a major setback because they have a good thing going. The...
  27. Dane Marvin

    The Twilight Zone Season Four: What to expect?

    One episode is one episode, regardless of length. Duh, but it's not like there are tons of episodes to go around in season 4. There are 18 compared to over 30 for most of the other seasons. So if you don't like one of the season 4 episodes -- it would in fact be, in terms of production time &...
  28. Dane Marvin

    The Twilight Zone Season Four: What to expect?

    The good news is this, Ron: One of the episodes contained in this set is one of the finest hours of television ever produced. "On Thursday We Leave for Home" could be the most well-written piece TZ ever did. There are no gimmicks in this one; it pulls no punches. It relies on beyond solid...