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  1. Brianruns10

    Orei BDP-M2 Region Free blu-ray player won't play my region B disc

    Hey All, I live in the States, and I just bought an Orei BDP-M2 player to play an MoC blu-ray I bought. It is advertised on Amazon as playing region A B C, and many reviews stated the same. The box even has a sticker that says, "Region Free." Yet on my player, when I attempt to play my MoC...
  2. Brianruns10


    My initial reaction was: Yay! My second was, " How many d*cks did Kino have to suck to wrest those titles away from Criterion?"
  3. Brianruns10

    Submitting blu-ray for review

    Hey All, Some of you may know me from my posts here, but may not know I work for a production company in KC, as a writer, researcher and sometimes producer. We specialize in documentaries focusing on American history, and we're about to roll out our first two blu-ray titles. We're excited by our...
  4. Brianruns10

    Submitting a DVD for review by the forum?

    Hi All, I work for a production company, which recently completed work on a new documentary about the Battle of Wilson's Creek, the 2nd major battle of the Civil War. We're keen on sending out copies for review, and I was wondering if anyone (the mods perhaps) could advise on how to best go...
  5. Brianruns10

    What's up with Warner DVD?

    Does anyone else get the feeling that the last year has not been the best for Warner DVD, at least as far as classics go? Roughly a year ago they put out that wonderful Jazz Singer set packed with documentaries and Vitaphone shorts. Yet this years seems to have been lackluster. The much...