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  1. WillardK

    Fantoma is back!

    This is great news that many will be glad to hear I'm sure. Why Does Herr K. Run Amok? is now due at the end of this month. Also back on track are Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street and the Kenneth Anger set... as well as more Masumura and a continuation of the Educational Archives series.
  2. WillardK

    FS: 300+ amray cases for shipping cost

    I have finally gathered all of my discarded amray cases and am offering them up to anyone who can use them. about 330 singles (black standard) + 5 or 6 color singles + 18 double black (2 or 3 are triple) + a few slim clear I'd be happy to not just throw these away. All I'm asking is...
  3. WillardK

    Weekend (Godard)

    This finally arrived the other day and I watched it last night. It's the first time I've seen it in it's proper framing since college days. Anyone interested in the nature and possibilities of film including it's role as an entertainment needs to see this. The Mike Figgis interview extra is...
  4. WillardK

    Pennies From Heaven

    I'm a little surprised to see so few reviews of the Pennies From Heaven dvd set with barely a mention here. It's up there with I, Claudius and Berlin Alexanderplatz as a mini-series that pushes the limits of the medium far beyond what you'd normally expect from it. Undeservedly overshadowed by...
  5. WillardK

    Fantoma website back up

    Finally, the revised Fantoma website is up. I'm still searching through it, but it looks as if Fassbinder's Herr K. and the Kenneth Anger set are no longer listed (very disappointing). The only new release I've noticed so far is a documentary on Samuel Fuller with Jim Jarmusch about a Fuller...
  6. WillardK

    Inkwell Images' Out of the Inkwell vol 2

    Inkwell Images has released a second disc of Fleischer Koko the Clown animations. I hesitate in posting this because Inkwell is a small company doing specialized work that some of us are especially appreciative of... but, they made an unfortunate decision with this release. For economic...
  7. WillardK

    Lucertola con la pela di donna (Lizard with a Woman's Skin)

    It's a Franco vampire film (with a great Morricone score) that was supposed to be released on R1 dvd last month but was cancelled. Does anyone know what's happened to this?
  8. WillardK

    Fassbinder BRD Trilogy (Criterion)

    Comments? Complaints? Reviews? I know there are at least two or three other fans out there and this is a fairly major release of his work on dvd. I still have half the Lola commentary and the supplement dvd to go through, but I'm pleased with it. Lola in particular is a candy colored visual...
  9. WillardK

    Holy Flagpole... Fantoma does it again!

    Ooooooo.... In August Fantoma continues it's Educational Archives series with two more discs: Patriotism and Religion!!!! Oh.. oh.. oh.. I can't WAIT for these! :)
  10. WillardK

    Fear of Fear - disc defect

    Has anybody else noticed a 'stall and sputter' defect 17 minutes into Wellspring's Fear of Fear DVD? I'm wondering whether to return this to the retailer or contact the manufacturer.
  11. WillardK

    Hooray for Bollywood on TCM!

    Wow! I was flipping channels last night and when a Bollywood film showed up on TCM I did a double take. Bombay was quite good but the real treat came afterwards with 1977's Amar Akbar Anthony. I've seen only a few handsful of Bollywood films and especially like the style done in the 60's and...
  12. WillardK


    What a great disc. It looks wonderful and even sounds better than I expected with the bass nicely enhanced during the songs. And the film... so many ideas in this (with more than one approachable angle to view it from). Imperfect (in good and bad ways I suppose), but seems oddly improved with...
  13. WillardK

    2 Bunuel dvd's for sale

    Hello... first post in trade/sales: I so wanted to make certain I got copies of these Bunuel films for myself that I ended up with an extra set! I'm selling them at cost including shipping anywhere in the US for $35 each. 1 - Los Olvidados / Las Hurdes 2 - El / Ensayo de un Crimen...