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  1. Kevin_W

    2.1 turntable setup: SVS bookshelf monitor vs Elac tower

    Only a 2 year veteran in vinyl collecting. Looking for a little advice from folks that have put together a budget 2.1 system for 90% vinyl listening. Some background: I am currently running a Project Debut III turntable through a pair of Definitive Technology BP8 towers and a pair of SVS...
  2. Kevin_W

    Pop-up Campers - any advice?

    We are in the "heavily considering" stage of buying a pop-up camper, but there are several manufactures to choose from and they all appear to be the same with the exception of cosmetics and floorplans. The shortlist so far: Jayco Fleetwood Starcraft Viking We are shopping for the...
  3. Kevin_W

    Do you use a hitch mounted bike rack...

    ... that you would recommend? And that can clear the spare tire mounted to the back of a Jeep Wrangler? I have a 2" receiver hitch on my Jeep and I need something that will accommodate three bikes.... Two mountain and one that is a young girls 20" bike. Something that tilts is a plus but...
  4. Kevin_W

    Conan O'Brian w/ Brian Williams - Thur Night

    I finally got around to watching Thursday night's show and I have a dumb question for whoever might have caught that show.... Is Williams really that big of an ass or was it just shtick? At some point you'd expect his put downs to Conan and the show to subside but he was relentless and Conan...
  5. Kevin_W

    Help needed identifying this hawk

    ...at least I think hawk... red tailed hawk perhaps? Imagine your surprise when your 7 year old daughter yells out, "Daddy there's a huge eagle in the tree!" As I take a look out the window, my jaw about hit the floor. Down the stairs I fly and grab my digital camera. Slowly opening the front...
  6. Kevin_W

    Someone stole my saw...

    :angry: Just venting... Apparently when I left for work this morning I forgot to close the garage door. Didn't think much of it when I got home until I noticed on my workbench my miter saw is GONE! WTF! Man I am so pissed (at myself). I just bought it last fall to re-do the deck this summer...
  7. Kevin_W

    Where to aim a port

    Hi, I have what I am sure is an easy question. I am building a ported enclosure for my car but due to space limitations its going to be rather long and narrow. Can I use a PVC elbow so that the port opening is on the same side as the driver, or does this not matter? In other words can the...
  8. Kevin_W

    Looking for a little game someone posted...

    ...here several months ago. It's basically a little slider game where you are trying to move blocks of different sizes around to get one block in particular out a hole. Each level you go up increases the difficulty and amount of the moves you have to do to get that one block out. Thats the...
  9. Kevin_W

    Roof pitch question

    I have a 2 story colonial with a 7:12 pitch roof which I plan to have reshingled next year hopefully (complete tearoff). I know that since its second story roof that commands a higher labor cost for replacement, but is 7:12 considered a steep roof which will also increase the quote? Thanks...
  10. Kevin_W

    Does Tiger Woods 2004 have Live! support?

    I could have sworn earlier in the year it was mentioned that TW 2K4 would be Live enabled, but Xbox.com doesnt mention anything about it. I have been waiting forever for a golf game that supports Live. Kevin
  11. Kevin_W

    When is too late to lay sod?

    A summer yard project has gone into extra innings and has left me with timeline of Sept 6th as the earliest weekend I can lay sod. Given the time sod needs to take hold, am I cutting it too close to the cold weather? I really want to get it in this year if its ok, but can wait until spring if...
  12. Kevin_W

    Get your Windows 2000/XP patched up

    I know this would be better categorized under the Computers Area, but seems important enough that an exception be made. The first major worm utilizing the RPC hole Microsoft brought to light on July 16th has reared up today infecting thousands of PC's already and I am sure it's going to get...
  13. Kevin_W

    Miter saw advice

    I've been in the market for a miter saw for some time now. I haven't really pulled the trigger yet since there are so many to choose from and the slider versions are so expensive. I happened to be strolling through Home Depot today and out of the corner of my eye I noticed this: It...
  14. Kevin_W

    Hanging Def Tech BP2 surrounds - need advice

    Grettings, I've got a pair of BP2's and they've been on stands for a few years now and its time I get them mounted to the wall. I just checked with a stud finder today and found no stud in the area that they need to mounted... just drywall. Each speaker weighs 11 pounds according to their...
  15. Kevin_W

    WTB: Power Washer... but am a PSI newbie

    Greetings, I have an average sized deck... ~350sq ft. I've decided that I'd like to own my own power washer but prices seem to change drastically going from 2000psi to 2600psi to 3400psi. I plan I'll use it once a year with the occasional loaning out to family. Sears is selling a...
  16. Kevin_W

    Contemplating renting a power rake for the lawn

    Every year I pay my local lawn care company $50 to come out and aerate the lawn. While I'm sure it does a lawn good I can't get over the amount of dead grass I have embedded in the lawn and I even bag every mow. My local Home Depot rents power rakes and I was wondering what experiences others...
  17. Kevin_W

    Inexpensive sub crossovers

    Hoping someone might have some suggestions. In the basement I have a small 2 channel setup used only for music and games consoles. Powering it all is an old Pioneer that is a workhorse of a receiver. I am currently running a small Infinity BU-2 powered sub that has its own built in low pass...
  18. Kevin_W

    Anyone else with frequent disconnects in Ghost Recon?

    I have a very XBOX friendly internet connection... Comcast PRO which means its 3.5mb download and 384k upload. It has its own public IP addy and all the connection tests via the XBOX come back good as far as UL/DL speeds and ping times. I cannot seem to stay connected to someone's game for...
  19. Kevin_W

    WTB: Xbox Amped

    Hi, looking for a new or used copy of Amped. If used, it has to be scratch free and include the original case and literature. Will pay promptly with PayPal. Offers? Please email me at [email protected] Thanks for looking. Kevin
  20. Kevin_W

    FS: 7' Canare Component cable

    Hello, I am selling my 7' Canare component cable due to the fact it is now too short since reorganizing the component rack. This cable was built by HTT and HTF's own Chris White using Canare brand strippers and crimp die so you're assured good build quality. Cable is less than two years old...
  21. Kevin_W

    Adapter needed: component video (F) to DB15 VGA (M)

    I have a buddy who has one of those Philips 55" 55PP9352 RPTV's. On the back they have two inputs capable of 480p/1080i however one of these inputs is a DB15 VGA port. Philips says just toggle an option on the menu and get an adapter. Well, he's got the option set so its ready to accept a...
  22. Kevin_W

    Comcast cable HD - how is the picture and channel changing speed?

    I am in SE Michigan and I am scheduled to get it later this month, but the wait feels like an eternity. I am curious as to what you think of the HD picture? It's probably not as good as something OTA, but would you consider it better than your best DVD picture? Also, as a digital cable...
  23. Kevin_W

    Netflix: are they OAR safe?

    Just want to make sure as I am filling in my rental queue that I am safe in that all the movies are widescreen. I didn't know if I should be looking at every movie's description to make sure it says enhanced for 16x9, or perhaps they've adopted a widescreen only policy. Thanks in advance. Kevin
  24. Kevin_W

    Any recommendations for webcams?

    Budget is ~$100. Looking for something that has really good image quality. Doesn't necessarily need to excel as a digital camera, just good webcam quality w/microphone. Thanks in advance! Kevin
  25. Kevin_W

    Question about a laserdisc player's audio connections

    I hope someone can help me understand something about laserdisc players... Browsing through EBAY for players there seem to be older players that have only an RF out and some newer ones with a coaxial digital outs (sometimes optical too). Can someone explain what each of the connections offers...
  26. Kevin_W

    Fidek fan noise fix

    Since I've noticed Fidek popping up in a couple threads here and the for sale section lately, I thought I would pass this thread along for the benefit of the Fidek users that are concerned about the fan noise. I emailed Mike Knapp to find this little gem and wanted to share the wealth... thanks...
  27. Kevin_W

    motocross type games for xbox

    Is MX 2002 the only motocross type game out now for the XBOX? I rented it the other day and have really begun to get into it, but before I plunk down the cash to buy it, I wanted to make sure that 1) its the only one out now that I can try 2) there aren't any more coming out in the near future...
  28. Kevin_W

    XBOX snowboarding game - need opinions

    Of: SSX Tricky Amped Dark Summit ESPN: Xgames Snowboarding or maybe one I missed, which would you recommend? I really want a snowboarding game, just too many to choose from. Thanks in advance Kevin
  29. Kevin_W

    Are there extention cables for XBOX controllers?

    either Microsoft or third party brand will do. Couldn't seem to track any down on ebay... If not, is something in the works or is it just one of those things where you just wait and see. Thanks Kevin
  30. Kevin_W

    FS: Samson S700 - Fidek FPA-3002 - SVS CS Drivers

    *** Fidek FPA-3002 - 300w x 2 @4ohms *** This is a the sub amp SVS used to sell prior to going with the quieter Samson. Approx 2 years old and absolutely perfect working order, excellent condition, and a hellova workhorse. I replaced it with the S700 I have for sale with the intentions of...