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  1. BrentPollard

    Tarantino's Brief Comments on 'Kill Bill' DVD's

    What I find myself doing more and more is rent, then wait a few months for news on SE's . If nothing worthy is down the pipe I then buy a "previewed" copy cheap. I will do that with Kill Bill.
  2. BrentPollard

    Audio setting on Pioneer DV-563A

    Check your menu, I think there is a setting for D-mix. If I can I will have a look today.
  3. BrentPollard

    Rotel stereo Pre-amps

    I don't know what the 1090 or 1070 cost and aside from whatever spec diffs there are the 1090 has balanced XLR outs, but why not look at the RSP 1066 or 1068. Although they are HT processors I own the 1066 and it has fantastic stereo reproduction. As a matter of fact I listen to more stereo...
  4. BrentPollard

    *** Official WALKING TALL Discussion Thread

    That name fits him better.
  5. BrentPollard

    Thunderbirds, not sure this one will work for me. (Merged)

    Man the music for the trailer sounds familiar. A lot like Gladiator and Pirates of the Carribean. I'm with Ricardo, what's with the kids.
  6. BrentPollard

    Showgirls V.I.P. Special Edition due July 27th! Ha!

    Cool they even include something for the girl friend.
  7. BrentPollard

    Audio setting on Pioneer DV-563A

    Well don't I feel silly you can indeed pass DD & DTS thru the Analogue out.:b Now that I have been set straight I did a very quick test on the diff between analogue and digital and as far as volume goes the analogue was quieter but not that much. However I have set the speaker volume in the...
  8. BrentPollard

    Audio setting on Pioneer DV-563A

    I did not know that DD and DTS wopuld pass thru the 5.1 Analogue. I will gogive it a try shortly and get back with the results..
  9. BrentPollard

    *** Official WALKING TALL Discussion Thread

    So was his name Buford. I can't imagine "The Rock" with a name like Buford.
  10. BrentPollard

    Reciever problems.

    I no absolutely nothing about this receiver so here's what I think. Are you using the remote to turn on the power, or the power button on the amp. Here is why I ask, my Rotel RSP 1066 has a standby mode and when setup I must turn on the power from the remote. If I use the power button on the...
  11. BrentPollard

    Audio setting on Pioneer DV-563A

    The 5.1 analogue outs are used for the hi-rez layers of DVD-Audio or hybrid SACD's or single layer SACD. You will not get DD or DTS out of those outputs. To get DD and DTS you will have to use the Digital coax out on the DV563-A to a coax in on the Yamaha. I also found as you did that the 5.1...
  12. BrentPollard

    Lord Of The Rings, The: The Motion Picture Trilogy (MERGED THREAD)

    Try this: I have a feeling that the documentary may just be a compilation of stuff from the EE's
  13. BrentPollard

    Lord Of The Rings, The: The Motion Picture Trilogy (MERGED THREAD)

    QUOTE: "There is a 4hr documentary "Lord Of The Rings: The Journey" coming to dvd as well. If it has all new footage I would imagine that there would be not much left other than bloopers to release." Really? I haven't heard about this. I haven't looked in a few days now but there was...
  14. BrentPollard

    TOY STORY 3 (merged thread)

    What are the chances that TS3 would use a completely new set of characters?
  15. BrentPollard

    Lord Of The Rings, The: The Motion Picture Trilogy (MERGED THREAD)

    There is a 4hr documentary "Lord Of The Rings: The Journey" coming to dvd as well. If it has all new footage I would imagine that there would be not much left other than bloopers to release.
  16. BrentPollard

    Which DVD Players can display Component AND Composite at the same time?

    Have you tried doing this yet? I may be wrong, but I think you can do this with any player,the thing you cannot do is run the component or composite and S-Video from the same player to the same TV. If I am wrong, I 'm sure someone will correct me.
  17. BrentPollard

    DVD Player playback problem

    Try using an S-video cable or a composite cable to see if there is a problam with your component cables. Also if you have more than one component in on the TV try another component input.
  18. BrentPollard

    DVD's Have they Lost their Luster?

    I still enjoy the thrill of DVD's. Iv'e been collecting things for more than 35 years, comics, hard cover books, vinyl records, cd's, VHS, laser dics and now DVD. What I promised myself after moving from Ld to DVD was that I would only purchase a DVD that I would watch a minimum of twice per...
  19. BrentPollard

    DVD-Audio ?

    Forgive me if this sounds elementary but are you listening to both the Multi channel and the 2 channel in Hi-Rez or thru the digital cable. I ask this because the way I read your post is that these sound better when using Neo or 5 channel stereo which are DSP modes. If you are listening thru the...
  20. BrentPollard

    Surround sound hookup

    The only thing you can do is to set your single rear centered in the rear. You could also run the two surrounds in either series or parallel then you would get the right surround out of both speakers. This may however put a strain on the reciever. Lastly if the reciever has pre ins and outs you...
  21. BrentPollard

    The Crime of Bi-Lingual DVD Cover Art?

    Dreamworks "Sinbad" has a reversable cover.
  22. BrentPollard

    general SACD question

    Therein lies the problem. If it is indeed a "New and Improved" mix as apposed to a "New and Butchered" remix, which seems to happen quite regularly now.
  23. BrentPollard

    general SACD question

    It would sound the same. A difference would be noted if the two CD layers were mastered differently or if the sacd used a lower generation tape.
  24. BrentPollard

    Did downloads kill the video star?

    I'm not sure what killed the video star I'm just glad something did.
  25. BrentPollard

    Pink Floyd Remasters on Sept. 23rd?!?

    A polish wow!
  26. BrentPollard

    How do you watch TV?

    That sounds about right. As there are so many qualities of broadcast signal picking just one is not going to work very well. For me DPL II cinema works for most brodcasts but I don't have TV logic so I have no Idea what that would sound like.
  27. BrentPollard


    "Quote" The Criterion DVD blows their LD out of the water Does that mean you have a copy? Could you give us a bit of a review?
  28. BrentPollard

    Akira Kurosawa's Kagemusha???

    So any updated news about the release of this title.
  29. BrentPollard

    Led Zeppelin backwards satanic message?

    It is all coincidence and nothing more. If you get different people singing or speaking the same lines you will not likely get the same results. For Zep or the Beatles to get a particular sentence to sound a certain way when played backwards would have taken waay too much time and effort. Now...
  30. BrentPollard

    Will modern vinyl releases sound better than their CD counterpart?

    Concerning the White Stripes Elephant album I would guess (I don't have it yet) that the vinyl will probably sound better than cd as it was recorded and mixed using vintage analogue equipment. Having said that the cd will probably sound very good as well for the same reason.