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  1. BillGallagher

    CRT Connections - Advice Needed

    Here's my situation: 1) Video Sources: a) Denon 1920 (480i or 480p), S-Video, Component, HDMI out, b) X-Box (480i), Component out, c) HDTV tuner (720p or 1080i - yet to get tuner), assuming component out. 2) Receiver: Denon 3806 (S-Video, Component, HDMI in/out) 3) Projector: Sony...
  2. BillGallagher

    Swan Surrounds

    Is there any reason why the Swan surrounds are 4-ohm instead of 8-ohm? I have a Denon 3803; would there be any issues with the 8-ohm fronts (5.2), 8-ohm center (C3), and the 4-ohm surrounds (R3)of which to be aware?
  3. BillGallagher

    Paradigm vs. Klipsch

    After weeks of searching and auditioning, I have finally narrowed down my speaker choices to the following: Paradigm- Front: Monitor 7 (~$749) Center: CC-370 (~$379) Surround&Rear: ADP-370 (~$1,460) Sub: PS-1200 (~$650) Total Price: ~$3,236 (before negotiating) Klipsch- Front...
  4. BillGallagher

    Comparing Sensitivities

    When comparing speaker sensitivity, what's the difference between "Sensitivity," "SPL in Room," and "Anechoic SPL?" Thanks...
  5. BillGallagher

    Help please! - Too many speaker choices!

    Hello, I am just beginning to build my home theater (14' x 12') and I really need some help. I've just purchased the following equiment: CRT Projector - Sony VPH 1272Q Receiver - Denon 3803 DVD - Sony DVP-CX985V Video Processor - Lumagen Vision (yet to be purchased) And now I'm...