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  1. Frank_S

    Most Insane Tweaks Thread

    It's a waste of time rebutting any of Chu's statements. I have learned from reading his posts over the years that he is always right(in his mind at least) and that no-one else can post an opinion differing from his without receiving his always humerous rant. And dribble, not drivel is what I...
  2. Frank_S

    Most Insane Tweaks Thread

    I haven't been on this forum in a while but it seems nothing has changed. Chu is still posting his own arrogant dribble on this forum. :thumbsdown:
  3. Frank_S

    *** Official STAR WARS DVD Glitch Thread

    Can a moderator(or anyone for that matter) please summarize the MAIN glitches reported on this thread? I 've read most of the posts but it is really hard to figure out what glitches are actually glitches relating to the DVD's. Please help, I do not own these discs yet because of what I am...
  4. Frank_S

    What kind of separates do you have?

    Pre/Pro-Classe SSP-25 Amplifiers-Aragon 8008BB(200wt. x 2),Aragon 8008 x 3(200wt. x 3) 2 channel system- EAR 864 preamp(tube) EAR 534 amp.(tube)
  5. Frank_S

    I'm a believer! Lp's really do sound better!

    FWIW, I saw Stevie Nicks on Leno last year and Jay actually asked her what format she preferred, CD or Vinyl. She said emphatically Vinyl. :)
  6. Frank_S

    Marathon viewing sessions

    Put a little anti-freeze in the bugger! :)
  7. Frank_S

    B&W Speakers

    Chip, IMO, the Arcam is a far superior piece of gear. I've owned 3 different Yamaha receivers, in fact I had an RXV-793 powering B&W 603's 4 years ago. I never liked the way music sounded with this setup, sounded really bright. I traded in the 603's for 7NT's, much better image and soundstage...
  8. Frank_S

    Cable HDTV Ugh! - Comcast and Motorola

    I've been on the fence for 3 long years considering either Comcast(for just the past year) or DirecTv for HD programming. I've had my Toshiba DST-3000 for 3 years now and enjoying OTA programming(for free of course)but I want ESPN HD and Cuban's HDNET channel. I also get pixelazation on my SD...
  9. Frank_S

    best sounding dvd-a or sacd?

    I'll throw in 1 of Steve Hoffman's ReMastering efforts on SACD. Donovan-Storyteller,sells for a mere $14.99 and is a sonic masterpiece, if you like Donovan. pick this one up!;) http://www.musictap.net/Reviews/Dono...ellerSACD.html
  10. Frank_S

    Free SACD with Nov. 21st Rolling Stone Magazine!

    I picked one up a couple of weeks ago, played, no problem on my Philips 963SA player. The only thing I would point out is that the sound quality of the SACD tracks on this disc are not of the same quality as the original disc, IOW, Pinball Wizard sounds better on the "Tommy" disc than the...
  11. Frank_S

    Good Phono Cartridge Under $50

  12. Frank_S

    Turntable newbie needs alittle advice

    Christopher, make sure you have a phono section(stage) in your receiver. If not, you can pick an inexpensive one up from Radioshack, the little rat for $25. There are others you can get for under $100 too.EDIT: Yeah, the Crutchfield unit will work. If you're not familiar with TT setup, buy...
  13. Frank_S

    I'm a believer! Lp's really do sound better!

    Very nice post Scott.:emoji_thumbsup: BTW, what TT/cart. do you have.?
  14. Frank_S

    Female Singer with the Most Beautiful Voice?

    Eva Cassidy! :)
  15. Frank_S

    Put on your shades: Check out this turntable!

    If you have the movie "Tomb Raider", the Master Reference table is shown briefly spinning a record, near the beginning of the film, check it out :) The Master Reference sells for about $12k with the Souther arm, very affordable for movie stars. :laugh:
  16. Frank_S

    I need a DVD player with excellent video....

    I don't care about the open/close feature but could you explain the "Glitchy" issue, that bothers me. :)
  17. Frank_S

    I need a DVD player with excellent video....

    I'm considering the Philips 963SA, I would rather have SACD than DVD-Audio. The downside to the Philips is that the transport "clicks" fairly loud, although I have'nt had the chance to check 1 out yet for myself yet. I also read that the "Tomorrow Never Dies" DVD causes the Philips to show the...
  18. Frank_S

    I need a DVD player with excellent video....

    I want to buy a DVD player that has excellent video, I don't want or need DVD-Audio or SACD, just a solid DVD player with the best video reproduction. I currently have a Toshiba SD-5109(1st generation)and Toshiba TW40x81 RPTV. What player would you recommend? I am only interested in buying a...
  19. Frank_S

    vinyl enthusiasts: turntable information request

    Kevin, when the time comes I would look for a used Rega P3. The Rega arms are a bargain and are used on many expensive TT's. They are plug and play and sound excellent. I also recommend either a Dynavector MC cart or Clearaudio Aurum Beta-s cart with the money you would save buying a used TT...
  20. Frank_S

    Turntable Physics

    Pocket rocket, no doubt!:):):)
  21. Frank_S

    DVA-A = DVD-Annoying

    Ten point two, I better get a move on and find a new house with a room big enough for them speakers. Holy S***, what will it be next? Me, Well I'm stuck in MONO! :D
  22. Frank_S

    What's the deal with vinyl?

    A huge reason I am such a vinyl advocate is that I am a major fan of The Beatles and their LP's from the 60's kick butt over any CD you will ever own. I am speaking solely of the UK Yellow & Black Parlophone records, not the crappy US Capitol LP's. If you want to hear how good the Beatles sound...