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  1. Matt_Wizall

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Felicity: The Complete First Season

    Thanks for the review, Ron. I caught all of the third season and really liked it. Like many other males of my age, I didn't watch it voluntarily ;) My gf talked me into it and was pleasantly surprised.
  2. Matt_Wizall

    The consolidated "I want to see HEAT get a special edition" thread

    Yea, I agree. This film needs a better version, badly. I think they should try to get Sizemore and Kilmer to do a commentary together. Apparently they hate each other; maybe we'd get some fireworks and end up with a spicy little track ;) .
  3. Matt_Wizall

    Just saw Moulin Rouge...

    I just watched it tonight, actually. As a story, I thought it was enjoyable, but probably not worth owning. The acting was fabulous (Jim Broadbent is amazing) and the choreography was impressive, but the story itself seemed been-there, done-that. I guess I can appreciate the filmmaking, but I...
  4. Matt_Wizall

    HTF REVIEW: "Amelie" (Highly Recommended) (with screenshots)

    This is easily my most anticipated release, even above the FotR set in November. I can't wait. I saw this twice in the theaters and it gets me every time. Even my wallpaper on this PC is of the film :). Anyways, thanks for the review....
  5. Matt_Wizall

    "The Mission" in R2? Plus R1 Rehash

    Any news on this yet? I'd really like to add this to my collection. I have the sound track and listen to it frequently. Aweinspiring is a good adjective.
  6. Matt_Wizall

    HTF REVIEW: "A Beautiful Mind" <HIGHLY RECOMMENDED> (with screenshots)

    I never did catch this in the theaters unfortunately (too busy catching up on old stuff), but I can tell this will be an obvious blind buy for me.
  7. Matt_Wizall

    Footloose Cover Art Here-

    Thanks, Spero. I'll be getting this for sure, but at the same time, I don't really dig the cover art. I mean it should be something truely artistic, deep and meaningful, something that shows the true social and human statements the film is making.... Oh, wait, it's Footloose. Party on!
  8. Matt_Wizall

    Cartoons you want on DVD

    Dexter's Lab. Cow and Chicken Powerpuff Girls Samurai Jack (I think this is still too cool for TV) There are a grip o' others but they've mostly been mentioned. Mostly, though, Thundercats "Sword of Omens, grant me sight beyond sight!"
  9. Matt_Wizall

    HTF REVIEW: "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Season Two (with screenshots)

    Peter, Good point. I probably would say the season "finale" was pretty bad, maybe more-so than Okono, but Joe Piscopo on TNG. It. Just. Doesn't. Compute. Hmm, I guess I'd have to flip for it.
  10. Matt_Wizall

    Willamette Valley, Oregon Meet

    I don't know a whole lot about the hardware of this whole deal, but I love great films. If anyone is in the area (Eugene, specifically) and would love to brag about their setup I would be more than willing to listen :) I'm sure to be in awe.
  11. Matt_Wizall

    "The Others" chapter menu warning

    Thank you, Luc. I haven't seen the film but was certainly thinking about buying it anyways. I need a "spooky" film in my collection and it seems to be getting rave reviews. I'll avoid those chapter selections :)
  12. Matt_Wizall

    Great Live Albums

    I don't think anyone mentioned this. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Live Art What these guys do in concert...
  13. Matt_Wizall

    HTF REVIEW: "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Season Two (with screenshots)

    Excellent review, Ron. I still have to pick up Season 1, though. Season 2 is interesting as there are some great Eps, but at the same time, I think THE worst episode of the series. The Outrageous Okono It guest stars the one and only Joe Piscopo. God help us. I'm glad they decided to...
  14. Matt_Wizall

    Should I add Ghost World and The Man Who Wasn't There to my collection?

    Well, dang it, I think I'm gonna have to jump in for a negative comment about Ghost World ;) I liked most of the characters, but I found the film ultimately unsatisfying. I was expecting some really funny bits with two girls that rip on the more mainstream aspects of society. (You won't find...
  15. Matt_Wizall

    Das Boot Uncut -- Is it just me or...

    Ya know, that's a good point. I rented this from Netflicks and recall the dialogue volume being pretty quiet. It didn't occur to me to try the dub track though. Strange.
  16. Matt_Wizall

    1st DVD's

    The double pack of A Time to Kill and Shawshank Redemption from Costco. Would really like to see an SE for both.
  17. Matt_Wizall

    Waking Life

    I thought this was a cool little flick. I saw it at a little theater down the street on Friday. Looks like some decent specs. That commentary is a must have, I'd say.
  18. Matt_Wizall

    HTF REVIEW: "Heist" (with screenshots)

    Excellent review. I've heard similiar things from people who saw this, especially about over-the-top dialogue. I'll be adding this to my Netflicks rental queue. -matt
  19. Matt_Wizall

    HTF REVIEW: "The Usual Suspects - Special Edition" (with screenshots)

    argh...this looks like it will be my first double dip...