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  1. Chad Sunderland

    Vista Premium, DVI & 50" Plasma TV

    Hi, I have just purchased a Philips 50" plasma, and a new HP Vista Premiuim PC with DVI output. With my PC set at a 1366 x 768 screen resolution, my image on the screen looks good and fills the monitor properly. The problem is, that the text is so small that I am unable to read webpages from...
  2. Chad Sunderland

    Need suggestions for Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo device

    I am using this keyboard & mouse from NewEgg.com it was $53, and is 2.4Ghz. I has been working great for me! SpecResearch 01027 Black 86 Normal Keys 13 Function Keys USB RF Wireless Mini Keyboard with Optical Trackball Mouse
  3. Chad Sunderland

    Vista vs. XP in a new computer

    Hi, I have just bought a Vista PC to run my home theater. I am networking with 2 XP PC's with no problems. So far, I really like Vista and have had no problems with software compatibility, but I am not using any of the programs you are.
  4. Chad Sunderland

    Problem with Dayton (300-630) Tiny Mighty

    Hi, I have a Dayton first-revision DLS (300-630)Tiny Mighty 10" subwoofer. I've had this sub for about 3 years now, and till now it has been trouble free. Recently, the sub has a "scratchy" and "loose" sound to it. It is very apparent on loud, heavy bass. On quieter bass, you have to listen...
  5. Chad Sunderland

    Harman Kardon AVR-525 for sale

    Photos are now posted at http://fatalitees.com/ebay/hk/ Sorry I did not get them up earlier! Please let me know ASAP if you have interest, as I am posting it to eBay later today if there is no interest on the board. Thanks!
  6. Chad Sunderland

    Axiom VP-150 and M22ti's for sale

    Photos are now posted at http://fatalitees.com/ebay/axiom/ Sorry I did not get them up earlier! Please let me know ASAP if you have interest, as I am posting them to eBay later today if there is no interest on the board. Thanks!
  7. Chad Sunderland

    Harman Kardon AVR-525 for sale

    I am letting this receiver go as I have just purchased a Plasma, and I would like to take advantage of HDMI. Receiver is in excellent conditon, with no problems. Comes with both remotes, and will ship in the factory box. I unfortuantely have misplaced the manual, but it can be downloaded...
  8. Chad Sunderland

    Axiom VP-150 and M22ti's for sale

    Well, after some negotiations with wife, and due to the fact that we now have a 6 month old starting to crawl around, she has *allowed* me to get a 50" Plasma in exchange for getting rid of my 53" RPTV, but also in the negotiations I agreed to sell off my "big ugly speakers" and go with wall...
  9. Chad Sunderland

    How do I get my PC signal to my TV?

    Hi, I just ordered myself a new computer that is going to be hooked up to my home theater system exclusively. The PC is an HP a1750y running Vista Home Premium. The video card is a 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 7500LE which has VGA, DVI & S-Video outs. My TV is a Pansonic 53WX42 53" RPTV. The TV does...
  10. Chad Sunderland

    Just bought a Panasonic XR25, can't program the remote!

    Anyone??? I've tried emailing Panasonic, no replies
  11. Chad Sunderland

    Just bought a Panasonic XR25, can't program the remote!

    I just got a XR25 yesterday, nice receiver, but I would like to use the remote to control my TV and DVD player also. The receiver came with no instructions telling me how to program it! I can also not find this model remote on the Panasonic web page. It is model EUR7622KA0. Can anyone help me...
  12. Chad Sunderland

    Hum when using a DC power supply

    Hi, I just set up a super budget surround sound set-up in our new garage. Just something to give me some sound while I'm working on the cars... I have a Panasonic XR25 receiver, and for a sub, I used a DC power inverter, a JBL car amp, and a pair of Pioneer 12" subs in a car box. I...
  13. Chad Sunderland

    I want a DVD player that is good with MP3 discs

    Hi, we have just built a new garage, and I am setting up a cheap surround sound system in it. What I am wanting, is a DVD player that is very good at playing MP3 CD's. An On-screen playlist would be VERY nice. DVD video playback is totally secondary here, we will hardly ever watch DVD's...
  14. Chad Sunderland

    Need help with cheap "garage" subwoofer setup

    Hi, I am in the process of building a new garage...and I want a decent sound system in it. I want to do this as cheaply as possible, and use mostly components I already have. I'm also going to be hooking up a TV and a DVD player in there. So far, I have the wires ran for the 4 surround...
  15. Chad Sunderland

    I have burn in! :(

    Hi, I have burn in on my Panasonic PT-53WX42. This is my first RPTV, and it was my own fault, I left the TV on Fox News for most of the war, and now I have a yellowish square right where the Fox News station logo was. Now...what is the best course of action to take. I'm a little confused as to...
  16. Chad Sunderland

    What's Your Opinion - $400-$600 receivers???

    Not sure if you are looking at H/K, but I just picked up a refurbed AVR-525 from One Call for $499. It replaces my Yamaha HTR-5490, and I am very please with it so far. CHad
  17. Chad Sunderland

    7.1 newbie needs help with Axiom setup

    Hi, I just ordered a H/K 525 and I want to take advantage of it's 7.1 capability. Right now I am running an Axiom 5.1 setup consisting of a VP150 center, M22 fronts, and QS4 rears. I've never really experienced a 7.1 system, so I don't know the "proper" way it should be setup. My options...
  18. Chad Sunderland

    It's back...South Park for $9.99! (deal is now dead)

    I still have yet to recieve anything. It looks like they just decided to ignore my order. That will be the last time I will purchase, or attempt to purchase anything from MediaPlay. Chad
  19. Chad Sunderland

    Marantz 7300 or Yamaha RX-V1300?

    Congrats...I'm looking to make the very same receiver descision as you as soo as funds free up a little. :D I'm also leaning towards Marants before hearing, I like the added inputs of the Yammie, but my current Yammie htr-5460 just doesn't give me what I want out of my music. It is a great HT...
  20. Chad Sunderland

    It's back...South Park for $9.99! (deal is now dead)

    I did order the set for $9.99 this morning. But...I have yet to get any kind of E-mail confirmation about placing the order. Is this normal? Usually anytime you place an order on line they send you a confirmation E-mail. To check your order status, you need your order #, and I didn't write it...
  21. Chad Sunderland

    Hooking PC to reciever through digital output

    Hi, I have a SoundBlaster Live 5.1 sound card in my PC, and I also have my whole CD collection of over 800 albums archived in MP3 format on the hard drive. My PC and my reciever are in the same room, so I like the convenience of listening to my MP3 instead of digging through all of my CDs. Right...
  22. Chad Sunderland

    Help me choose between these receivers

    Thanks for the help, AND for making me feel like an idiot :D . The inputs I was overlooking are on the front of the units! I just didn't even look there...to busy searching the backs! Having both units at the same time is definately good advice, I may see if I can pull this off. The HK will give...
  23. Chad Sunderland

    Help me choose between these receivers

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my Yamaha HTR-5460 for something that has more digital inputs, and Dolby Pro-Logic II capability. The receivers I am looking at are the Marantz SR-7300, the HK AVR-525, and the Yamaha RX-V1300. My current Yammie is my first receiver, and was leaning heavily towards...
  24. Chad Sunderland

    I am a full-fledged XM Radio addict! This is my story!

    Great post! I've been very close to pulling the trigger on XM...but just can't go through with it. I'm a big car audio guy, and I also have 2 vehicles. I have both of my vehicles fitted with the Alpine 7894 that Ron chose (excellent choice BTW). I also listen to a lot of music at home. My...
  25. Chad Sunderland

    Going with Axiom speakers...but wich set?

    Hi, I was left with almost the exact descision as you when it came to choosing my speakers. My room measures 15x12 also, I was planning on going with M40's, QS8's, and a VP150. Well...after a lot of thinking I emailed Axiom to see what there opinion was on this setup in my size of room. They...
  26. Chad Sunderland

    Are there any budget in-wall speakers that don't sound awful???

    Hi, I need to find some budget in-wall speakers, that don't sound terrible! The situation is this...for Christmas I bought my parents a cheap reciever, and gave them my hand-me-down Cerwin Vega 5.1 speaker system. Well...after everything is hooked up, it sounds pretty nice, but my Mom is...
  27. Chad Sunderland

    Raising a sub off the floor...does it work?

    Hi, I just got a Dayton DLS 10" powered sub from Parts Express to replace my old Cerwin Vega 10" powered sub. This setup is in my bedroom, so space is kinda tight. Right now I have the CV wedged between my desk and the wall, and it fits pretty nice. The problem is, the DLS is a few inches wider...
  28. Chad Sunderland

    Panasonic - bad speaker maker?

    Check out a BestBuy store, I know my local BestBuy has several of the 5-speaker systems, and "Home Theater In A Box" systems set up for listening. Although I'm not shopping for a system, I was in BestBuy this weekend and played around with several of the HT in a box setups, and I actually...
  29. Chad Sunderland

    Help me replace the drivers in my 3-way bookshelf speakers

    I know I can't just throw speakers in and go, but I'm not looking for perfection out of this setup either. It's just that I bought these speakers for such a great price that I figured it would be worth it for just the enclosures. The box has .8 cu ft of internal volume. That looked like a...