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  1. JoeDoakes

    Vintage Television Soundtrack Corner

    I'd go for Gilligan
  2. JoeDoakes

    A Question For Robert Harris

    My understanding is that Disney has done a wonderful job at preserving their film elements despite screwing up some home video releases to make them look more modern or something.
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    Blu-ray Review Laurel & Hardy – The Definitive Restorations Blu-ray Review

    Honestly, I'm fairly happy with my prior dvd set. If this set were dramatically better, I would probably get it. This doesn't seem to be worth it. Maybe someday Criterion will do a Sons of the Desert that is more than slightly better than the DVD.
  4. JoeDoakes

    Blu-ray Review Laurel & Hardy – The Definitive Restorations Blu-ray Review

    What was the problem in the other thread? Everything i saw looked on topic
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    Bing Crosby's Missing Mack Sennett Shorts

    Well, I've been working on this thread for seven years and now I see that another missing short, One More Chance, has shown up on youtube. Now, the only remaining missing short is Just and Echo, which like Please was made for Paramount. According to Gary Giddings biograph, Bing didn't like...
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    It Takes A Thief: The Complete Series DVD Review

    It's oop and that's never going to happen. If you can find the set, there are more practical cases you can easily buy that will hold the discs if that's what you want.
  7. JoeDoakes

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Laurel & Hardy: The Definitive Restorations - in Blu-ray

    Mr. Harris. I, like many here, previously purchased this set , which was the best prior presentation of the L&H's work and had the bonus of being largely complete for sound recordings. Any idea whether it is worth it to upgrade from DVD?
  8. JoeDoakes

    Mr. Ed -- The Complete Series

    I guess you're joking. Mr. Ed has fairly limited appeal. I find it hard to believe that it would be a particularly lucrative target for a bootlegger or worth it to do a detailed reproduction of the original packaging.
  9. JoeDoakes

    Shazam! (1974-77) gets restoration

    Yes, that would be great, although I would also like more of the Famous Classic Tales and a dvd release of Mouse on the Mayflower.
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    Mr. Ed -- The Complete Series

    Is there any way to tell if the Complete Series set is a bootleg by looking at it? Why would someone go to the trouble to bootleg Mr. Ed in a way that's not immediately obvious?
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    Pre-Order Tony Curtis Collection (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    where's black shield of falworth?
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    I watched it recently and enjoyed it. I didn't know how new it was. Good to know
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    UHD Review A few words about…™ Color Out of Space - in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    Sounds like value for your money to me! As for Lovecraft, I'll stick with Haunted Palace.
  14. JoeDoakes

    Death on the Nile (2020)

    Maybe someone can change the date on this thread? It's inaccurate and confusing.
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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Romance on the High Seas – in Blu-ray

    Never thought I’d see a Doris Day compared to Joan Davis!
  16. JoeDoakes

    Press Release TWILIGHT TIME MOVIES PRESS RELEASE: It's Twilight Time For Us! Our "Goodbye" & "Gratitude" Sale

    Wow! I guess I waited too long and most of what I wanted went to screen archives. So there I go.
  17. JoeDoakes

    Press Release TWILIGHT TIME MOVIES PRESS RELEASE: It's Twilight Time For Us! Our "Goodbye" & "Gratitude" Sale

    Not unexpected, but I am sorry. I will be ordering in the sale.
  18. JoeDoakes

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ To Catch a Thief (redux) – in Blu-ray

    Sounds like they found the experts who did the first blu of My Fair Lady for this.
  19. JoeDoakes

    Kino Lorber Insider (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    The Fu Manchu titles were restored. At one time, I read that Hugh Hefner had paid for the restoration and may have been a hold up on the release as he wanted to get back his money, but I am not sure if that still applies or if his estate would care.
  20. JoeDoakes

    Kino Lorber Insider (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    As you have put out some Universal owned Paramount horrors like Supernatural, could you release the two Warner Oland Fu Manchu films, The Mysterious and The Return of? They were restored by UCLA some years ago.
  21. JoeDoakes

    Pre-Order The Last Valley (1971) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    So we need an extremely rich person who spends money uncontrollably without any possibility of return? Paging Mike Bloomberg . . .
  22. JoeDoakes

    Pre-Order Beau Geste (1939) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    the Stranger is a pd title and not necessarily indicative
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    Press Release BREAKING NEWS: Paramount Pictures Launches "Paramount Presents" Label

    In case no one mentioned it, a new 4K of Chinatown, and from my long running wish list, The Parallax View.
  24. JoeDoakes

    Press Release Scream Factory Press Release: Universal Horror Collection Volume 5 (Blu-ray)

    The Acquanetta completist is finally satisfied!
  25. JoeDoakes

    Dragnet 1967

    That didn't happen. The script was written by Richard L. Breen, who wrote the 1954 Dragnet movie and many other films. he wrote it because he hated .22 rife for Christmas and felt it was inappropriate. Jack Webb greatly admired his writing and loved the script. It was originally performed on...