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    Win a copy of The Ten Commandments Special Edition Blu-ray Digibook

    I’d love to win this expansive version of the film! Please and thank you!!!
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    Macintosh: Most recommended software list?

    Just wanted to recommend Deja Vu, an alternative to Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper: Déjà Vu I have used Deja Vu for years, and I prefer how it is a part of System Preferences as opposed to a standalone app. It's extremely easy too. Just pick the folder/ disk you want to back up, and then...
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    Cool OSX Tips - Share Your Favorites

    Found a word in a website you don't know the meaning of? In Safari, highlight the word and then press and hold Apple (or Command)+Control+D Voila! Instant dictionary on the fly! (If memory serves me correctly, I think you may only have to hover over the word and press the key combo to...
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    DVD scratched right out of case- not what you'd expect

    Thank you all for the informative replies. I just wanted to add some closure to the thread: I had a lazy afternoon today so I decided to just see if I could exchange it at Wal-Mart. Sure enough, they let me trade without any problem, and I now have brand new discs without any defects! :)
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    Anyone have a fixed 'Never Say Never Again'?

    I checked mine last night after reading this thread and thankfully, I have a fixed copy. Great movie by the way, even if it isn't part of the 007 canon.
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    DVD scratched right out of case- not what you'd expect

    I received the Band Of Brothers series on DVD this past Christmas, and just recently got the opportunity to sit down and watch them all, and I noticed a problem. When I first opened the DVD set, a few discs were stuck to the plastic casing they were in. It took a little bit of extra force to...
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    4 year old RCA CRT makes "pop" discharge-like noise

    It's a fairly loud electrical pop. Can someone please explain arcing to me, and what I could possibly do about it?
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    4 year old RCA CRT makes "pop" discharge-like noise

    Hey all, My 27-inch RCA Flat Screen has begun exhibiting problems. Occasionally, when on, the television will make an electrical "pop" sound while simultaneously visually popping a type of "electrical interference line" on the screen. This issue lasts all of about a half second, but its...
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    Sony 8" Subwoofer?

    I currently find myself with a "Panasonic SC-AK66 Dolby Pro Logic Home Theater Compact Stereo System ", found here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...lance&n=172282 I am pretty budget conscious, so I stumbled upon the proceeding subwoofer by Sony...
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    PS3: November $499 & $599 Configurations

    Yeah, I think that Sony is well solidified with established A-List titles. I wouldn't be so fast to discredit them in favor of Microsoft. Microsoft may have all the money in the game, but history proves that Sony has all the experience. This will be why I will pick up a PS3 come November, and...
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    Acct. 101 Test Questions (due Mon, 7-25-2005)

    Ok, obviously, this thread has become pointless. Yes, I would presume that these are pretty basic questions. Unfortunately, my book is not much a help in determining these questions because these questions have been created by teachers (other than my own), rather than the book's key. Surely even...
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    Acct. 101 Test Questions (due Mon, 7-25-2005)

    Ok, I didn't post these questions to get berated by the school police. I am a person of good character and would not post such a thread full knowing that it was wrong in doing so. "Working them out through our own methods" was simply my phraseology in explaining that it was ok to ask for outside...
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    Acct. 101 Test Questions (due Mon, 7-25-2005)

    Yes, that is my understanding. Our previous tests have been 2 hour in-class sessions. For our final test (not the exam), we were allowed to take it home and work them out through our own methods. Thanks for the time conscious reply!
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    Acct. 101 Test Questions (due Mon, 7-25-2005)

    Hey all, for our final we were given a take-home test for my Accounting 101 class. There are several questions that have stumped me however. If you could lend a helping hand I would be much appreciative. Thanks so much! (This exam is due early tomorrow morning (Monday, 8:00AM 7-25-05) Q1...
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    CyberHome CH-DVD 500- Comments?

    Yeah, I've thought about S-Video- I have my PS2 hooked up via components, so I guess thats the image I'm hoping to get from my DVD Player. Although, I wonder, since I've grown used to my PS2 on component cables, am I just expecting too much from my cheap player, and would be better off just...