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    Justice League (2017)

    Here is my take on the movie (Spoiler alert) Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were the best Steppenwolf was a good enemy, but not enough into who he was in terms of roots The movie look very rush at times
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    Magnum PI reboot

    Starsky and Hutch is also on tabs for a re-boot. Hollywood sure is running out of ideas!
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    Paramount+ Star Trek: Discovery - Official Thread

    Here is my take: The captain has no real personality. The captain reminds me of Bakula from Enterprise as he never really had a great personality when it came to either dealing with his crew or people from other planets The plot is to fixated on one character. There should be more focus on...
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    Immortal TV Series (1970s)

    Here is my quick critique of the set: The quality is very clear there are spots where it can be very grainy, but overall the quality is good! The episodes have lots of twist and turns as such many keep your captivated until the end The show is allot like the fugitive in terms the main...
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    The Magician - Bill Bixby

    Bill Bixby takes time to get used as the magician. I watch a few episodes as such the more that I watch Bill the more that I life him as the magician.
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    The Magician

    Rodney - The search engine needs to improve on this site. I stop using the site because it was very hard to find anything related to what I was looking for in terms of content!
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    The Magician

    I pickup the magician from Visual Entertainment as such I was really impressed with Bill Bixby's role as the magician.
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    Immortal TV Series (1970s)

    I have purchased the immortal and the series is amazing!!
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    CHiPs S6

    It appears that S6 of CHiPs is coming out in June 2017.
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    Mike Connors has passed away at 91!

    The other night I watched an episode from Mannix. It was weird feeling came through me as I watched the episode.
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    Mary Tyler Moore Passes Away at 80 years old!

    I have Mary Tyler Moore show on my DVD to buy list. I was hoping for complete set package. I am guessing that we may just see that now including additional interviews and behind the scenes escapades.
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    Digitally available old TV shows in HD: Will they come on Bluray?

    I am not sure there is much of an appetite for old shows. The focus now seems to be on new shows.
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    RIP Van Williams - Green Hornet Surfside 6

    2016 end cannot come soon enough as we have lost so many entertainers in 2016. RIP Van!
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    The Star Trek TOS - The Roddenberry Vault coming to blu-ray

    I am bit disappointed with Roddenberry file as I have bought TOS (re-mastered as well as the TOS dvds). I spent allot of money on Star Trek and then find out years later they planned to released 50th anniversary with additional footage.
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    Stargate - Atlantis

    Hi all, I purchased Stargate Atlantis on blue-ray as a blind buy. I have thoroughly enjoyed the show. In fact I find it a cross between Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica.