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    sony single DVD vs changer

    Is there feature $20 more expensive sony changer is worse than its single disk cousin? How about de-interlacing circuitry? Circuit City guy said that it's better to use Sony TV's instead anyway. Is he talking with his ass? Then where is the point for progressive scan DVD? Or, even with...
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    Does it have to be HDTV ready to do progressive scan?

    Does TV have to be HDTV ready to do progressive scan? How'bout 3D comb filter thing? I'm trying to get 20~27 cheapest progressive scan TV. Thanks.
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    progressive scan vs DRC

    Isn't progressive scan DVD doing the same thing as Sony TV's DRC circuit? Then, which is better? If DRC is better, there is no point of progressive scan feature, isn't it? Thanks.
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    Enter the Matrix, who's buying?

    This game screams ET for Atari 2600. (even the publisher's same, after all) So, if you want to get this game, wait another 6 months and you'll see some at dumping yards, just like ET.
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    DOA : XVB - It's Here!

    Eric, are you willing to share an unlockable stuff to (1) show that you actually spent 80 hours on this game, (2) help others to get to know the game more, (3)little revenge to the company that screw you by ruining their secret? :) Since, whichever that is, you've found it just trying for long...
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    DOA : XVB - It's Here!

    Eric C. Mylonas wrote:
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    DOA : XVB - It's Here!

    This is a kind of game that either you love it or hate it. Those who hates it usually made up their mind before or as late as 10 second after seeing the game. On the flip side, those who love it will give unconditional love.
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    B&W speakers matching with other series?

    When I used to audition 603 & 604, they were quite boomy compared to NT range, and that's exactly what I fear if I decide to go with 601 instead of 1NT...
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    B&W speakers matching with other series?

    I have B&W 7NT and CNT for the front line powered by Rotel 1066/1075 combo. So, when the time comes I'm thinking of upgrading my rear speakers to 1NT. However, since 1NT costs ~$1400 with its stands, I'm having a second thought; what if I get B&W 600 which's less than half the price and add...
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    Panzer Dragoon Orta

    And that new gameplay elements helped Sega sold Shenmue more than 100 copies in US, huh? :P Bottom line is being new gameplay or not, if it's fun it's gonna have a better chance of good sales than being JUST DIFFERENT.
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    METROID PRIME Review - 9.8 from IGN!

    A game with messed up cannot get 9+ rating. How would you justify not being able to aim up/down while walking around? That's a basic feature in first person game. It shows Nintendo is a novice when it comes to first person game. And, what's up with all those scanning to get 100% rating? An enemy...
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    Xbox Fighting Game -- get DOA3 now or wait for Mortal Kombat: DA?

    Another vote for DOA3. Its style's closer to Tekken than VF, but I like it better than Tekken (have problem with Tekken's character design and stiff/unrealistic animation) It's quite fun to play DOA3, and easy to get started, yet, you can beat button smasher any time once you master a character...
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    Ikaruga DC impressions

    The game is really really tough to the point of impossible... But, if you're patient enough to put 7~8 hours into the game, (yes, it counts hours of play and slowly compensate for your efforts), you'll get unlimited continues. To me, that's only way to beat the game, since there are so many...
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    Animal Crossing

    BTW the game is all about collecting stuffs (fruits, fishes, fossils, furnitures, bugs ...) Once you pay off your first home, you'll want bigger better house which will cost your blood. If your friend shows you that he's got a rare item in his house (not to mention, a NES game that you don't...