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    Pioneer 49TX/Etronics/Extended Warranty???/

    I ordered one from etronics and it came next day in great shape. I don't know about warranty, but if I have a problem, I'm taking it to a local dealer and saying I got it as a gift. That should work - I've heard of other doing this just fine.
  2. Wolf Jenkins

    VSX-49TX Help!

    Bob- Thanks a TON! I was freaking out thinking that the last thing I wanted to do was box that bad boy up! I'll try switching the input to the 480p input on the mitsubishi and then configure it THEN move it back for usage. That will work for me. I searched the Spot, but will post there...
  3. Wolf Jenkins

    VSX-49TX Help!

    Hmm. I'll look. I didn't see anything in the manual nor in the quick troublehsooting area. I think the mits will take 480i in that input - in fact, it has to - I've got a old Panasonic A310 hooked into that port now and it's 1080i. I assume it could be broken, but everything else seems to work.1
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    VSX-49TX Help!

    Help! I am in the long process of re-wiring my HT and setting up my new baby, the VSX-49TX. I haven't even gotten all the speakers wired or my new rack in, but since I've had this since Monday just sitting on the floor, who can blame me for diving in and setting up my system in a temporary...
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    Dell Inspiron 3500 laptop (P2-400/128MB/10GB)

    Posting for my girlfriend - she really needs the money due to an unexpected expense and doesn't have the time to wait for a proper eBay auction. FS: Dell Inspiron 3500 Pentium II 400 mhz 128 MB RAM 14.1" XVGA 10 GB HD (formats to 9.35 GB) Floppy 24x CDRom I think there is software...
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    PS2-gameshark for playing R2 DVDs

    I know DVD RegionX for the PS2 will do this trick. If anyone knows of one shipping for the Xbox, line forms to the right... I've seen notice of the one coming (amazon Uk has a listing) but don't know of anyone who has one.
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    Are there any problems putting a laser disc player on top of my T.V. ?

    If this helps, I went to a commercial glass place and had a custom piece of glass cut so that it distributed the weight of my center channel (a beefy Boston Acoustics VR-12) on the top of my RPTV. YMMV - perhaps something you can try if you are concerned aobut it.
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    Xbox Getting MGS Killer

    huh uh huh... You said Sphincter Cell. huh uh huh... Sorry, couldn't resist. "Tom Clancy's Sphincter cell - not buying that!"
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    Why is ps2 selling so cheap on ebay?

    Well, it seems the best/cheapest way to buy a PS2 is to buy one from gamestop - they've been running specials with the console, memory card, DVD remote, MGS2 & GTA3 (one of the one's I've seen) for $250 or so. And yes, I've got an Xbox, but I do want a PS2. So, I don't _think_ the fanboy...
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    Those with 7.1 setups, I need advice.

    How high are your rear center's above the listening position? level? I read HT Mag's THX Ultra 2 article and they suggested 7' behind, 2' above the listener and position both side by side. I think I can do side by side and 2' above, but don't think i can do 7'. I can maybe do 3' - I...
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    Can Xbox be connected to wireless LAN?

    You could set up a wireless bridiging setup - the cheap linksys wap11 will do that - but you'll need 2 of them. I believe linksys is supposed to come out with a wireless adapter that basically plugs into the ethernet port on the Xbox - I seem to recall reading this in a magazine, but have yet...
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    Might and Magic IX

    not surprised by that review. i hate to say it, but M & m is past its prime. I'd love to give them $50 for a great game, but alas, it ain't MMIX. I think I'll save my money and just get ready for Warcraft III.
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    Might and Magic IX

    Did they use the _same_ f*cking engine AGAIN? I am a big fan, but really hate 3DO after running the series into the ground. They put basically the same graphical engine in 6-8 and it was crappy looking when they released 6 (I remember reading some BS about that they didn't need to use hardware...